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A "Fan in the Stands" Take on Big Sounds

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Adding (or detracting....LOL)... to what Jeff has already posted about the Buccaneers' "Big Sounds in Motion" show in Reading, PA....

Brenda and I had a chance to be "just fans" for the day. (Something I can definitely get used to. :innocent:)  It was the first time since the 1980s that I've been at a show the weekend before Labor Day... just FYI for you folks who think I'm at three shows every weekend. :tongue:

Long story short, Brenda had won tickets to the show in a raffle drawing at the Bucs' indoor show in May, so here we were, watching Kidsgrove Scouts rehearse at the stadium in the afternoon, doing a bit of tailgating (Wawa sandwiches, chips, and iced tea), catching up a bit with a few friends,  and then just sitting back and enjoying the show.

So... some thoughts about our day.... just from a fan's perspective.  I'll let the judges deal with where the corps will eventually end up. That's none of my business.  LOL

Big crowd at this show. A sellout, or very close to it, from what I understand.  And a wonderful venue. Hats off to the Buccaneers' crew for a well-run event!!!

So cool to 1) see Kidsgrove rehearse, and 2) watch them perform at night.  For anyone who might think this corps has come all the way from England just to see the sights... well... you're in for a surprise. Solid corps, fun show, lots of energy, very entertaining. They have some work to do to clean things up/make a few tweaks (seemed like a few things worked better at rehearsal than they did in the show... I'll chalk that up to nerves/adrenaline) ... but they will be a factor at championships.

Carolina Gold was a pleasant surprise.  Horn line played with a nice, controlled sound... the way to go if your corps has what, 19 brass like they do. Good job. Color guard is always strong. Also, some cool visual staging at various times. Again, strictly from this one fan's perspective... I wish Gold would select a show that would engage/entertain the audience more. The corps seems to be heading in that direction with this year's product, and I hope they continue along that path. 

This is the best Bushwackers corps in recent memory. Solid all around... the horn line, in particular, has made major strides from where they started the season. The show is easy on the eyes and ears, with a lot of energy, and getting better each week. The staff is young and talented, and the corps' members are really working their tails off... and it shows.  A bright future for these guys!!!

I hadn't seen Fusion Core since the Clifton show in early July... and holy mackerel, what a difference!!!  Big improvement across the board, with DCA's best color guard heading into championship weekend. The guard adds so much to the Core's visual product. The horn line... John Molloy is doing a great job as caption head, with a young group of players performing beyond their years with a clean, confident sound.  I'm still not 100 percent sold on the theme, or how the music selections support the theme, but Fusion Core, overall, is getting it done, and like I said earlier.... things like support of show themes, etc., are a matter for the judges to sort out, not a Joe Schmoe like me.  LOL.

Cadets2 had issues with their electronics, and perhaps the delay in them starting their show because of those issues took some of the starch out of the corps. They seemed flat... not with the energy level of their performance the previous weekend in Woodbridge. Hey... stuff happens. Every corps has a day like this at one time or another. Still, some cool stuff going on in this show. One week to go, for the defending champs to work on moving up the ladder.

The White Sabers, for my money, are the story of the year in DCA. A huge move into the ranks of top contenders for them this summer, and they definitely belong there.  For one thing,  I think the new uniforms are wonderful... they 1) really sparkle under the lights, and 2) help sell the corps' "Waterways" show theme. No one caption stands out for me,  in a "we're carrying the corps" sort of way. Brass, percussion, and guard are all strong.

The Buccaneers.... from the first note to the big final power push, what's not to like?  The gold standard in DCA.  This production reminds me a lot of their 2012 "Dark Symphony" show, when the Bucs pretty much sent a message that they didn't really cotton to losing a DCA title, after falling short in 2011.  :tongue:  And also this year, they have Gino Cipriani back with them for the home stretch. IMO, he's the best in the business at maximizing a drum corps brass line's performance. I suppose we can never say never, and none us can predict the future with 100 percent certainty... but I am having a hard time envisioning a "Buccaneers lose a show" scenario this summer.  LOL
Overall, a very good night in Reading. Hey... I missed the opening day of college football season for this, so I'm glad we had a good time!!!  :lol:




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1 hour ago, Jeff Ream said:

wait you weren't at Kingston?


Sure.... I stopped there on my way from Bridgeport to Lewisburg!!!  LOL

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