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Judging 101 - The Recap Score Sheet Repost

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Previously, I made a private request to a member of this forum for this info but my request was either ignored or it was lost. I tend to believe the latter.

Searching for information on DCI's judging sheets led me back to an old post here in the Drum Corps Planet forums.

The original post:
Judging system/score sheets 
By JustinDMoore, June 17, 2014 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions

JustinDMoore was looking for info detailing How the final score is calculated on the Recap sheets.

Thanks to jjeffeory It's Just "Jeff",  jjeffeory Posted on June 20, 2014 the following link:

Maybe some of this?


This is a "flip" 34 page docuument outline the judging criteria for the Recap captions. While it is from 2014, it is still useful for those who want to better understand the judges scoring.

You should be able to do a screen capture or "print screens" if you desire to save this info.

Thankyou to jjeffeory for posting this.

If anyone has any current detailed info to add, please add to this post.

I think this is useful to everyone who wants to understand The Recap Score Sheet.

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One change that has been made since then (circa 2015, I think) is that General Effect is no longer divided into Visual and Music. Both judges evaluate both aspects of G.E. However, DCI usually still assigns a judge with a visual background to G.E. 1 and a judge with a music background to G.E. 2.

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