Who were the Satan's Angels of Bellefontaine Ohio

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I can help a wee bit.........Satan's Angels were one of mid-wests powerful senior corps in their time (pre 60's) .......They folded in 1960 from what I have been told, due in part to the fact that man

And some more history regarding the Angels and Marion merger: My Jr. Corps from Mt. Carmel Ohio (Black Shields of Sparta) got most of the angels uniforms. The remaining Angels uniforms were worn along

Only corps Posts I have ever been in are Hanover and Linglestown. Hanover has some nice pics upstairs and bric a brac in the basement. Linglestown has absolutely nothing from the years they sponsored

>>That places you with Ray Eyler then? :cool:<<

Only in that we were probably in the same building a few times ... I'm several pay grades lower than he is ... what a sweet sop he played when with Archie ... one of the icons of the bugle world ...

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What I found was the Cootie Parade was the Goofy fun parade usually held a night or two before the regular parade. Paraders dressed in offbeat non-military ways as was a ay to blow off steam (37th Regiment in farmer shirts shall we say?). And Cooties were what the lice in the WWI trenches were called hence the name. Think I found that looking for initials that ended up meaning Order Of The Cootie of something like that. Dug that up in a corps listing but can't remember where.

Edit MOC - Military Order of The Cootie might be what I found... I just goggled it.

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On 11/1/2004 at 3:55 PM, dljones said:

I can help a wee bit.........Satan's Angels were one of mid-wests powerful senior corps in their time (pre 60's) .......They folded in 1960 from what I have been told, due in part to the fact that many members of the corps wanted to go to what I believe was Legion Nationals in Miami but the powers to be did not want to........I do believe that particular year their were some corps that went to Miami that the corps had beaten.......As for the competitions in Bellefontaine, I can remember my buddy telling me in 1959 that he went and in competition to name a few were, Reilly Raiders, Archer-Epler Muskateers, Kewanee Black Knights and a few other reknowned corps I know I'm forgetting.......In fact, rumour has it that Reilly and Archie were up to their old tricks.....I believe it was Reilly who told Archie to go on with their best 40 horns and they would do the same....Again, rumour has it Archie did BUT Reilly took the field with like 60 horns...Again, that is rumour.......In 1964, Mr Bill Ellis of Satan's Angels fame, started a junior corps in Bellefontaine Ohio called 'Angels of Ohio' of which I was a member from 1966 until their demise in early 1969......That's when they merged with the Marion Cadets and had quite a corps for several years.......From the years 1966 thru 1968 we had the best of the best on our instructional staff, with the likes of Tru Crawford on brass arranging and Larry McCormick on drums........In the early 70's our horn instructor and former Satan's Angels lead soprano, Mr Dick Sloan, went to and instructed the Racine Kilties for a few years........With him went a few of the junior corps horn players who had the privilage of marching with the Kilts for those few years......I am currently trying to collect as much info on the Angels junior corps as possible.....To my knowledge there was only one professional recording made, which I do have, and that was done in 1968, Woodstock Illinois by Ken Kobalt......I am currently trying to collect scores from some of the contests we were in, already succeeding in obtaining American Legion and VFW state competition scores.....Have talked to Bud Parker and Mike Pease who have ran the Michigan City Indiana competition for years......We had competed there I know at least 2 if not all 3 years I marched with the corps........Since Mr Ellis and Mr Sloan are boh deceased, and former members that I have talked to haven't any information at all, I'm trying to accumulate what I can........Any questions or any information anyone has, feel free to e-mail me......Thanks......

Dan Jones



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