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  1. Garfield and Blessed Sacrament ... 1961 or 1962 ... rock solid competition between the two, trading wins over each other all season long
  2. Couldn't be "some" members over the sideline ... each one would have been assessed a one point penalty ...
  3. It would be interesting to know what other towns put in a bid ...
  4. I'm surprised the lease was approved with no insurance in place ... unless someone put up a personal marker
  5. That would be my understanding ... I lease my cars now because it allows me to drive what I need, for the length of time I need it, at a more reasonable monthly rate than a straight purchase ... The unfortunate vandalism scenario you mentioned was most likely due to poor insurance planning, I would guess ...
  6. Doing fine ... Lovin' life in FL now ... Moved here five years ago ... Became a grandpa two months ago ... Only visit dcp on occasion ... Segued over to FB a few years ago ... More Sky guys on there that I stay in touch with ... Hope all is well with you ...
  7. Pretty sure Carman was Director of St. Rita's, New Image, LI Sound and maybe St Ignatius at some point in time ...
  8. Brian ... was Drum Beauty an actual show? ... the 61 record is a composite of various times by Chicago, Garfield, Madison and others ... could there be a connection to these pins?
  9. There was a Fleetwood album in 1961 titled Drum Beauty ... could there be a link?
  10. Wonder if they'll send video equipment to some of the Alumni Corps ...
  11. Yes ... I know ... the first US Open was in 1968 ... great addition to the National competitions ... right in the middle of my Golden Age ... I think St Lucy's won the Prelims and Blue Rock the Finals ... maybe someone could post the scores ... 🙂
  12. I guess each one of us has their own Golden Age ... mine happens to be around 1962 to the mid-70's ... all depends on ones perspective ...
  13. Jones set the prototype for the touring corps ... and his leadership spawned the likes of Emmonds, Meehan and Sanford to travel further West to define the future of corps like Santa Clara and the Blue Devil's ... all paying it forward ...
  14. Major Costa who molded Our Lady of My Carmel from Brooklyn passing his leadership skills to Joe Genero, Carman Cluna, Sonny Calvagna, Al Koch and more, who then led Our Lady of Loretta, St. Rocco's, St. Joe's Patrons/St Rita's Brassmen and on and on all the way up to the NY Skyliners and CT Hurricanes ... hard to match what he propogated throughout the drum corps lineage that followed him ...
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