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  1. Yeah ... I went to HS in Bpt with Bob ... visited his museum in SC on our road to FL ... thanks for the suggestion ... 🙂
  2. Do you still have any albums? Cliff Richmond said the recaps were on the back of the 65 WO record ...
  3. I need the recaps from the 1965 WO held in Bridgeport CT ... Prelims and/or Finals ... anything would be appreciated ... do not know if they were published in DCN ... Northern Thunder ... can you help?
  4. Hopping over the GW Bridge from da Bronx to NJ, let's give our just do to Newark Schools Stadium, which played host to a show just about every weekend ... many Penn-Jersey, Garden State and GNYC shows ...
  5. Since we're touring the burroughs, I must pay homage to Gaelic Park in the Bronx ... host to a myriad of GNYC & Open shows ...
  6. I mentioned it earlier along with Kennedy Stadium in Bpt
  7. Kennedy Stadium Bridgeport CT ... Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City ...
  8. Beyond Hawthorne's absence, I was disappointed that Archie, Baltimore, I-men and Hurricane's were absent ... but ... Make no mistake ... It was a GREAT two days of drum corps at its finest ...
  9. Bill was also a Charter Member of the Garbarina Skyliners ...
  10. Those were the two corps that I heard hooked up with Skokie to vault them into top flight in 65 ... the aforementioned Viscounts lasted through 67
  11. I always thought it was McHenry but someone corrected me and now I can't remember the Corps name ...
  12. What corps merged to turn the Skokie Vanguard into a powerhouse fro 65 on? I just can't remember ...