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  1. For me, the true start to the "new" season was Memorial Day ... the new show was set for the most part, and it was now time to unveil it to family and friends ... while standstills and I&E shows gained popularity in the Winter months of the 60's, they were merely a follow-on of the season's end in October ... it was at these shows where I made many life long friends from other corps and where the "little guy" had just as much right to victory as their counterparts in the "guns". ... Drum corps was a year round activity for this kid ... 😊
  2. Guess I totally missed the nature of your post ... my bad ... be well
  3. Yeah, I think Gabe from YR and Flowers were in also ... BTW ... did you see my post regarding your Free Again question?... Tommy Matts was the intro (low voice) soloist in 1970 ... straight from Bill Pusey's memory bank ...
  4. It would be interesting to find a roster of those members in 62 ... and other rosters as well ... I know a few but, not all the players.
  5. According to Bill Pusey, who played the high-note solo, Tommy Matts, played the intro (low solo) to Free Again in 70 ...
  6. Reach out to Gary Dinkelman ... He was in BS then and is active on some DC forums ... He also writes for DCW ...
  7. Pretty sure Bill Puessy (sp) was the hi-note soloist in 70 ... you might was to leave a note on BS's site to get an accurate account ... they may have rotated players during the year ... good luck with the project...
  8. Funny footnote to the Scranton show as told to me by Pepe ... NY and Hawthorne had been trading wins since the Barmun in 63, so they made a $500 wager at Scranton - the final time they would meet ... they were chiding each other all day, with each confident they had won that night ... then Reading is announced the winner and all hell breaks loose ... Sky claimed they should get the $500 for their 2nd place finish to the Cabs 3rd while Hawthorne said: no win ... no $$$ ... pretty funny when Pepe animated the story ...
  9. Humor on: ... a tally? ... A TALLY???? ... There's no TALLY in drum corps!!!! ... Sorry ... just got done watching A League of Their Own ... LOL
  10. Garfield and Blessed Sacrament ... 1961 or 1962 ... rock solid competition between the two, trading wins over each other all season long
  11. Couldn't be "some" members over the sideline ... each one would have been assessed a one point penalty ...
  12. It would be interesting to know what other towns put in a bid ...
  13. I'm surprised the lease was approved with no insurance in place ... unless someone put up a personal marker
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