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  1. Beyond Hawthorne's absence, I was disappointed that Archie, Baltimore, I-men and Hurricane's were absent ... but ... Make no mistake ... It was a GREAT two days of drum corps at its finest ...
  2. Bill was also a Charter Member of the Garbarina Skyliners ...
  3. Those were the two corps that I heard hooked up with Skokie to vault them into top flight in 65 ... the aforementioned Viscounts lasted through 67
  4. I always thought it was McHenry but someone corrected me and now I can't remember the Corps name ...
  5. What corps merged to turn the Skokie Vanguard into a powerhouse fro 65 on? I just can't remember ...
  6. From PA: Bracken Cavaliers Ridley Park Rangers Vasella Archie Rockets
  7. I know this is not a DCI request but, maybe Brian Tolzman (Northern Thunder) has these recap scores in his archives ... Thanks
  8. From the Penn-Jersey circuit: Lindenaires Haddon Heights Vagabonds Fairlawn Police Cadets OLPH St. Joe's Ironbound Cadets
  9. Regimental Cadets Statenaires Staten Island Lawmen Staten Island T-birds Tottenville PAL
  10. St Raphael's Bucs Bpt PAL Cadets Milford Shoreliners NDettes CT Royal Lancers
  11. Why not go with the original DCI members on the next milestone anniversary?
  12. Bpt PAL was typical of a Jr Corps born in the late 50's and lasting for a decade or so ... no less than 12 couples hitched up and got married, with the majority still together ... the Legion Post was a big part of our social scene ... can't go wrong with a built in bar, pool table, shuffleboard and roast beef sandwiches ...