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  1. ajlisko

    2018 Alumni Spectacular Lineup?

    Could you post it for the rest of us non loopers?
  2. ajlisko

    Boston Crusaders Pre-DCI

    Wins at CYO & WO ... 2nd in VFW Nats in 1970 - others can fill in the rest
  3. ajlisko

    Full Shows for Prelims

    That's what I remember Frankie - full shows at DCA prelims - the judging may have stopped early for time in motion but, I don't recall a shortened show - at least from 69-73
  4. ajlisko

    Top 3 Trivia

    If I recall correctly, the Gay Blades were some type of WWII squadron - you'll have to look it up on Wikipedia
  5. ajlisko

    Top 3 Trivia

    They were on the Northeast Championship record in 62 ... WO in 63 and Carnegie Hall in 64
  6. ajlisko

    Top 3 Trivia

    That parade clip was from 1959
  7. ajlisko

    DCA Livestream

    Is there any type of test I can run on my Smart TV to see if your product will work (LG 4K 75" - 2017 model) only months old
  8. ajlisko

    Been a Long Time....

    Yes, Shelton was solid - no one would have questioned them winning - Sky's horns were superb and the Rebels drum line really impressed me that night - but, Reading was truly " balance in blue" that night - disappointed that Archie was a no show - and NY wasn't the only corps to flub the Anthem - pretty sure Genero conducted it and made sure the Hurcs were front and center - overall, a great night for all of drum corps!
  9. ajlisko

    Been a Long Time....

    Shoreliners and maybe St Aeden's - no PAL or St Raphael's ... I was just a fan in the stands - great 1st Championship!
  10. ajlisko

    Been a Long Time....

    65 DCA was held in Milford CT - Reading, Hurcs, Sky, I-men, Rebels and Rockets ... 66 & 67 were in Bpt. :-)
  11. ajlisko

    Sad News Krista Fawber

    Truly stunning news - so sorry for your loss Jim
  12. ajlisko

    Corps Pond -ering

    Amazing - almost all of Hy's corps adopted them in 68 - he helped me tremendously in charting out PAL's parts that year - especially Hall of the Mountain King - wonderful arrangement
  13. ajlisko

    Corps Pond -ering

    Tymps - 1968 - Boston, Bpt PAL, Skyliners are three that I know of
  14. Hmmm ... if you're going that far, why not try out the Pro Football HOF in Canton? :-)
  15. Also the breakout year for several "on the rise" corps as they moved up the ladder beating the guns ... Selden beat Garfield ... St. Lucy's topped Kevin's, Sac and Garfield ... Bpt PAL knocked off Boston and Garfield ... Vasella topped Sac, Garfield ... Boston topped Chicago, Sac and Garfield ... and a lot of GNYC corps scared the b'Jesus out of the "guns" they were chasing ... 64 - 66 were pivotal years in drum corps ... the great "equalizer" years ... what a great time to be in the activity ... :-)