Refinishing hardware / shell on snare drum.

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On 3/24/2006 at 4:39 AM, Jumpin2drums said:

I do not have a lot to add myself to this, as the only complete overhaul of a drum I ever did myself was an old 1940 Ludwig snare with wooden hoops I have, which came out beautiful without sanding needed.

There is a fellow on our snare line however that bought 10 old beaten up drums one by one off eBay, and went a bit beyond restoration, which we use for our group, as seen in the pic below. He's taken TDR's totally restored them, including recovering as discussed above, as well as restoring all the hardware, replacing it where necessary, and added a Ludwig HV-model twist to them, as well as to our rudimental bass drums, and the snares and basses sound awesome, though my opinion is slightly slanted toward the sound of the older drums. Not to go off in a tangent, in my opinion, all highly cranked high-tension drums now sound like a piece of wood, instead of an acoustical percussion instrument. I'm sure you can get all the answers you need here from what I've read, but if you need questions answered from this guy, his userID is vschaff on our forum accessible via our site,, though he is not always actively accessing the forum, but I can get in touch with him if you need.

Here's the pic of the restored drums, I just have to share with y'all.

GNODCA (Echoes Drum & Bugle Corps) Mardi Gras 2006

As jordanjames decided to somehow give this thread a second life I have a few words to say as well

this comment above is correct whereas this

On 1/27/2021 at 1:51 AM, jordanjames said:

All you have to do is paint it, then cure it with a heat gun for every layer, then put a layer of clear coat and cure that is well. It will not come off easily. 

is not


you don't just paint it and cure with a heat gun unless you want to have a third-rate old grandpa's snare from BC era.

The procedure of restoration is much more complex than that 

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