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  1. If the corps name comes in just a second before the opening hit, I actually like it. It's a little over dramatic but it still gets me.
  2. To Tim K's point.... "Well what did you expect? A happy ending?"
  3. I would think we can all agree that there are plenty of examples in the world of unhealthy ways that love has been expressed. The "how" is the important part. I personally didn't find the show to be that far over the top but then I admittedly didn't like the show all that much. Different folks will view it different ways I suppose.
  4. Very good points raised. I think you're right as far as a value system in the current judging situation. My HOPE...HOPE...is that we will eventually swing the pendulum back to a balance of the two. I think in this world, as in so many things we've seen on the outside, the theatrics just get old after a while and lose their flavor.
  5. I think that's part of the key. You still support the activity even if you don't necessarily agree with the direction of all the moving parts. I can get behind that 100%. I don't absolutely LOVE the new show design in a lot of cases, but I did notice something. I have sat and watched many a show (including ones I marched in,) on youtube with Britt. I'm 48 and she's 29. What I can say as an absolute is this: She is MUCH more interested in the newer "format" of shows than she is in shows from the 80's and 90's. Today's design holds her interest more and she is the epitome of the casual fan that we are looking for to put butts in seats. She has no drum corps background...just some HS band. She can appreciate what we did but it just doesn't light the same fire as the modern concepts of design do. It's an interesting tug of war to be certain.
  6. I think that's a fair statement. I would certainly say that especially in the tick days, standing out of the formation like a 3rd nipple was a lot more damaging score wise than it is now. Scoring seems to be more "big picture" oriented. I would also say that when you get up into the top 3, there is more forgiveness for some fuzzy brass and percussion moments than there is in the bottom 1/2 of the top 12. But that's only my opinion. And I think we've talked before about the growth potential of a show point wise. There is a LOT of growth room design wise in many shows while at least to me, it's more difficult to grow a brass or percussion score by large numbers. Brass and percussion folks know what something SHOULD sound like I would think. It has to be harder to figure out the subtleties of a "show concept" design wise.
  7. You two are both too funny to get old so don't sweat it LOL.
  8. I'm tired enough that I actually thought about that for a second......
  9. Think of it like this man...we've all probably had worse nicknames in our lives, including you LOL. Mine was "Guido" for a number of years and to this day I still can't figure out exactly why.
  10. I have to look at home and see if I have the CD for 65' Royal Airs. I KNOW I've heard that show and I have a ton of stuff on vinyl that was converted over to CD. I would definitely have to agree with the other 3. Downside -Up is still my go to when marching band people say that their kids high school band is better than any DCI corps.
  11. I feel like when we have discussions about drum corps being a rich kids game, etc etc., this is really what we are thinking about. Even when I marched in the late 80's, it was still a "show up, work harder than anyone else and LISTEN, and you'll end up where you are supposed to be." I really believe now that the level of talent and the difficulty in design and what the MM's are having to execute 1. Makes it easier to be picky and 2. Makes it necessary to be picky. If someone wants to argue with me they can, but I would urge people to think about something first. Those who marched in 60's and 70's laid the foundation for us that marched in the 80's and 90's. We then laid new building blocks for those to follow in the 00's and through today. The progression in design, difficulty of drill, electronics etc etc etc is natural. We shouldn't be ashamed of what drum corps is today but rather embrace it and have pride that WE HELPED BUILD THIS. The young men and women are not more talented today than they were "BITD." They do the same things we did...work hard, trust their staff and push themselves to do things they didn't know they could do. I draw a parallel (as I usually do...and yes, I know it's annoying,) to billiards. I played at the pro level for 2 years...a miserable 2 whole years. But I can tell you this. The greats of the 60's through the 90's were no less talented stringing 8 or 9 racks together then the cats now are stringing 8 or 9 racks together. People say that today's top players would wipe the floor with 80's players. The technology has changed in the tools we use now. It's not a different level of talent it's just a slightly different game. The guys (and gals) who played on tour in 80's and 90's laid the foundation for the folks playing at that level today. Yeah we had bigger pockets in the 90's. We also had shafts that were made of this amazing stuff called wood which would deflect the ball off of it's target line. Now they have smaller pockets but shafts made of carbon fiber which don't deflect. Slightly different game...same talent level. I'll try not to digress anymore today but I can't promise anything because it's 8am and I'm at work..on a Sunday.
  12. I think a great example (that I can think of,) a corps playing the same piece back to back and getting it right the 2nd time. As a young fan and then an MM, I was not very amicable to it. As a much older fan, I can sit back without all of the emotion of "who I want to win / place" weighing on me. I would have to agree too that a hometown advantage is something that shouldn't be dismissed. 1991 was what...Dallas if I remember right? No one was going to beat Star that year IMHO regardless of the venue.
  13. I feel so much better when people say things like this LOL. Every time Britt asks says something like "I was negative 1 years old when you started college," I don't know whether to feel old or dirty...or both LOL.
  14. Very true. Though I truly believe that more parity would certainly bring the activity more eyes and a longer lasting fan base.
  15. There's a lot to be said for hard work and believing in the product you're selling for certain.
  16. Though that may not be a popular sentiment, I think it's completely valid and not just of Cadets. The tendency of any great organization can sometimes be to take a "If you build it, they will come" type of attitude. And I think an ego like that of GH could have certainly contributed to something along those lines happening. It might have ever been that way, but it certainly could easily have happened. I think Cadets are now on a much better track and wish them all the success in the world. We need more parity in the activity.
  17. Wasn't it 1990 Star when someone yelled something like 'Oh my God, the baby's burning!" My father told me about it but I was a little busy during that performance loading a truck LOLOLOLOL.
  18. Excellent point George. I just want a solid corps and a great learning opportunity for the MM's and staff. I think that long term success is FAR more important than a flash in the pan high finish. When it comes to greatness, Drum Corps is very much like any "sport" in that talent will only take you so far. Poor management has been the demise of many organizations with amazingly talented individuals.
  19. Probably not the most random thing I've heard shouted a drum corps show LOL. It is, in fact, pretty darn cute.
  20. Jim I think it was either you or BigW that I posted to and stated when they ask if the corps is ready, everyone should scream "Meh...we guess so.."
  21. Good question. And of course we still have the "what's good enough?" factor to look at at. Some people will break out in hives if Cadets don't finish above their 9th place from last year.
  22. I would give good money for someone to scream "Why you don't you just go HOME? That's your HOME! Are you too good for your HOME? ANSWER ME!” when someone misses a close putt though.
  23. Not a problem sir. It's a choral thing and mostly minor in the grand scheme of things. I LOVED quite of the bit of the Cavies in the 1990's. It was a great decade for Drum Corps.
  24. John Rutter is one of the most prolific and talented choral composers of the 21st century. I was lucky in my choral years to sing with a choir he conducted over a summer music program. Super nice man with a sort of genius for choral works that's very rare IMHO. I've said for a long time that choral music can translate very well to drum and bugle corps and 1990 is a good example of that. There are plenty of others as well. Just as an aside, I don't know that I would classify it as "church music" necessarily, though I do get your point. We generally classify choral into either sacred or secular and understandably enough, sacred music is only called that in terms of subject matter. The structure of the music itself doesn't really change. You can have some pieces that are very dark and heavy or bright and airy in both styles. If you want to hear a mix of style changes in the sacred range from Rutter, I would suggest listening to Rutters Requiem. Though the latin context is clearly sacred, the music itself moves through varying styles. I performed it in college...twice.