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Since its beginning, Drum Corps Planet and its affiliated sites (including Marching Band Planet and Color Guard Planet) have had specific prohibitions against displaying or linking to copyrighted materials. This includes audio and video files ... and the various video streaming sites - such as YouTube, Google, and others.

So there is no confusion or misunderstanding about our policy - let me restate it again: NO LINKS to audio or video recordings, other than those specifically provided for public viewing on a corps', guard's, drum line's, or sanctioning body's website, will be permitted on the Drum Corps Planet and affiliated sites' forums - including MBP and CGP. This restriction is due to the specific rights retained by the various parties that actually own the intellectual property involved with the creation and publication of photos and videos. Given the sheer number of 'amateur' videos floating around out there on the internet, it is extremely difficult to know which are sanctioned/authorized and those that are not. Our only manageable solution is to permit none of them to be displayed - either directly or via links from this site. Re-transmission or transcriptions of materials that are clearly copyrighted are never permitted on or via Color Guard Planet.

I know that this position will disappoint many - but federal copyright laws make it very clear that sites such as Color Guard Planet assume some measure of liability for copyright infringement if they know of the infringement and take no action to remove access to the copyrighted material. I simply cannot expose the site and community to that liability. Should the law change or the copyright interest-holders change their position on the use and distribution of audio and video recordings, I will be VERY happy to re-visit this issue and change our policy accordingly.

The discussion over what constitutes "copyrighted materials" and "fair use" has been going on for many years .... and it won't be solved here, without changes in legislation or case-law. If anything, the law appears to be strengthening in-favor of the copyright owners - which many would argue is a good thing, while a similar number wouldn't. My hope is that some sort of consistency of distribution policy and enforcement will be followed by the copyright owners. That said - I don't see that we have any lee-way in the decision and must respect the letter of the law.

Thank you for your understanding and support in this.


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In light of the fact that the marching arts like DCI, DCA, WGI and their member organizations have embraced YouTube as a resource for making video content available to the general public - we are amending our policy regarding links to YouTube videos.

Effective immediately, posting links to on Drum Corps Planet will be permitted. will continue to prohibit links to all other sites in-accordance with our long-standing policy on links to copyrighted materials.

DCI, DCA, WGI and their member organizations are solely responsible for ensuring that their content on YouTube is compliant with U.S. Copyright Law and for pursuing the removal of offending content from that site with YouTube's management. will not host un-authorized content on our servers and with this change, only provides a link to content that is otherwise available to the public on the YouTube site.

Content and discussion relating to posting of any videos must still conform to DCP Community Guidelines.

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Thank you for re-evaluating the policy! To save yourselves headache, it might be best to approve only links that lead to a group's official Youtube Channel. That way you get the official video released by the organization. Just a suggestion.

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