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    Poll: How Old Are You?

    I'm 2old4this
  2. Are you joking? Just watch the HNC mello line and listen to what they play while doing so. No one even remotely compares this year!
  3. 2old4this

    Marching While Playing

    Great work! Very interesting stuff. I think average BPM of the marching/playing would be a fun addition to your table (and very telling).
  4. 2old4this

    And the Winner Will Be…

    The years teach much which the days never knew. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Granny, I think you are way right on this one!!!!!!!!!!! This I believe......with all my heart....(and a door, of course)!
  5. 2old4this

    Dublin Diner

    If that were true, Cadets should have easily spanked Crown last year!
  6. 2old4this

    Who are you voting for?

    2000 - Cadets - Future 2007 - Cadets - dis I buweeb 2005 - Cadets - with a door 2007 Bluecoats - Criminal 2006 Cavaliers - Machine 2005 Cavaliers - My Kind of Town
  7. 2old4this

    San Diego Show

    I spoke to Kelly at DCI as well.......same story. NA at Esperanza's #. Note: far as I can tell, Crown has no housing info yet. I have tix and am flying the family in from NJ, spending the next few days sight seeing, then on to Pasadena. Things sure are looking a little weird as far as the San Diego show goes. b**bs