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  1. Yeah. Guys, remind me to explain the concept of "sarcasm" to you later. Much later.
  2. 1982 rolls on. Capitolaires: Pioneer Container: Scouts. Ice Castles. Loudness. Phantom. They should do Spartacus again. It might really work out well for them. Alliance of Greater WEIRD: Phantom Cadets, Hanson Park Stadium, Chicago. In the back stands are the joliet Kingsmen after doing the first show in the history of the corps. My brothers and me, doing (badly) the Spirit of Atlanta three-man salute.
  3. Ahem. *cracks knuckles, drinks G1* Valley Femur: Imperial Guard: Veekers: I don't know who this is, or what song this is. Little help? Seattle Imperials.
  4. No, those are all 1981. 27 and Blue Stars didn't look like that in 1982. (Blue Stars REALLY didn't look like that in 82.)
  5. 27: Blue Stars: Who wants to see a crapload of 1982 photos on one page? HAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Pride. Not quite so bright though, I guess. Not compared to AG:
  7. Call me insane, but I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a modern iteration of that as a Crossmen uniform today.
  8. My last year I was DM and it was my unofficial duty to be up ahead of everyone, so I set my alarm accordingly. Nationals week in KC I woke the corps up with the opening organ blast from "Phantom of the Opera." Yeah, they loved me. But it worked with the line about "a little illumination! Gentlemen?" Lights. Organ. It's a new day.
  9. No, don't all rush to the phone at once! Don't all...rush to... Never mind.
  10. Does the guy who pushes the bass amp up and down the 50 deserve a finalist's medal? Do babies fly whenever Madison's finished? Is playing West Side Story at any time in the next 50 years...a bad idea? Whaddya, live in Texas? Are Pepe Notaro, Gail Royer, George Zingali, and Jim Ott looking down and saying "Told you so"?
  11. I beg your pardon! I live in Chicago, and my life is most definitely NOT choppy!
  12. Didn't a bunch of corps do theme type shows in the early 70s? Garfield did No More War, Cavaliers did the circus show, Madison did Alice in Wonderland...
  13. "Through the Eyes of Love" is Film score. ("Ice Castles") And "New Country" would be more Jazz than anything else. But good work. And Jeff and NR_Ohio are both right.
  14. "Music that is closely related to it." That's the point to me. If we're going to discuss whether Asphalt Cocktail and Nixon in China belong on the same page as Procession of the Nobles or Bartok's Conceeto for Orchestra, we can't avoid analysis paralysis. But if we put them on the same page, yes, you're correct. That seems to be what the judges want to hear these days. And I peg it around 1990.
  15. And there you go. Look at Guradsmen from 1980-a film chart, a jazz chart, a piece for percussion ensemble, incidental music for an English version of Aristophanes (OK, it's also an orchestral suite), and a folksong. SCV is also as varied, with three classical pieces, a vocal jazz drum solo, and a Broadway (by way of London) concert. This is the kind of discussoin that might be fun in the abstract, but almost hopeless in concrete form, kind of like "What kind of Broadway musical is this?"
  16. Diane Brady, at least in 80 and 81. Marcia Hansen may have been the first sole female field commander. Jill Moyer and Diane Brady, for instance, were parts of a duo (Bret Mascarro for the Xmen and Jim Jordan at Bayonne). Marcia was it for Phantom. And she was sensational. I saw her in rehearsal several times as well as in performance.
  17. Those parameters are somewhat narrow. What is "classical" anymore? Is music from "The Bucket List" (for instance) classical? It's a film score, and I don't see that on the chart. And is the left hand number of compositions?
  18. Anybody who would blame another corps (the kids, anyway) is lame. I will believe until my dying day we should have finished 9th or 8th in 1983 and had we done that, out fortunes may have been reversed. But I certainly don't blame 27 or Cavaliers or Freelancers etc. Despite my opinions, the opinions of others were different, and to blame the other units for, as was said, doing their job is just dumb. I think former marchers and fans alike can agree on that.
  19. Spartacus was actually 1981 and 1982. And I'm surprised you didn't give any love to the fact that prior to 89, the only major caption they won at a Finals was M&M in 1980. That drill is so clean it's almost unreal.
  20. I would imagine Guardsmen in 1980 surprised a lot of people, whether or not you believed in the Curse of the 7. They were pretty dirty from an execution standpoint all year in M&M and drums. The DCW reporter at Birmingham called it when he said they gave probably their best marching performance of the year, which allowed their horn spread to get them in. But for me it's Sky Ryders 1983. Sounds like sour grapes because The Knights didn't make it, but that show had a good low brass section. That's it. 83 was a pretty weak year.
  21. Nahhh. Never work. At best they'd get eighth, maybe ninth.
  22. So, can you answer those questions? Because I can't. Who are the great, non-living, non-male, non-white, non-Euro composers, besides Clara Wieck?