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  1. Saw the show yesterday, I was trying to post a review but the comments tool wasn't working? If this gets posted I'll start typing one up. Edit: Hey it works finally, OK I'll edit this periodically. Edit 2: The corps director said many times that they really didn't want any video getting out until Thursday. I kinda worry I'm gonna #### people off writing this written review, so if anyone from Cadets wants me to stop, feel free to message. I don't like going over anyone's heads and you guys deserve to control stuff until Thursday. ___ Non Opinionated Review ___ I'm a lapsed d
  2. Saw them rehearse for a few hours the early part of this week. I am a lapsed drum corps fan, but they're in the area (and I'm a band director now) so I went to check out their rehearsal for observation's sake. I know people here are starved for content, but I'm gonna be vague since they haven't released anything publicly yet. I only saw what I'm guessing is the first half of the show. (Opening "Fanfare for the Women", "Just"/"Blueprint", most of "Estancia") - (The repertoire was already released so I don't feel like I'm spoiling anything there) Brief bulletpoints: * Man they're
  3. Hey all, not sure if this is the right way to do this, but I'm looking for a specific recording of BD playing "Legend". I'm not asking for a pirated copy. I just have no idea which performance I'm looking for and was hoping someone might know which recording I'm talking about so I can track it down and get it for myself. Plus, this is IMO the absolute best performance of "Legend" I've heard and you guys should check it out too once I figure out what it is. Every time I try and search for it I always find the wrong recordings so I'd figured I'd ask. Short story - I had a recording of what
  4. Um, why are you showing drum corps in a psychology class? Most people would not care about drum corps nor be able to appreciate what the show is trying to accomplish from an artistic standpoint. I could understand if you were showing it to an arts class (dance, theatre, music) but showing it to your Psych class seems a bit of a waste of time and you might just end up boring people unless you know 100% they understand and will be engaged by what you're doing. Seems a bit cringe-worthy. I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you know everyone in the class will be interested in watching 10 minutes
  5. Ok I'm obviously not explaining my view as well as would have liked. It's not nearly as literal as you're taking it. Let's try this a different way. Uniforms obviously aren't the only expense, or even the biggest. I'm just saying it's obviously got to be a symptom of a bigger problem if that sort of change occurs almost every season prior to a financial crisis. As to "paying Cesario and Salas for uniforms", here's what I mean. Look at it this way: If you bring in the top designers in DCI, you're going to be paying them all an absolute ton of money. Especially if they are important enough that
  6. Well considering all the financial troubles they were in during 06-07, was it really a deal? Or did they "pay" for the uniforms by paying Cesario and Salas? I honestly don't know. But I'd be extremely hesitant to say that they got those unis for "free" through a sponsorship deal. Someone was getting paid somewhere. That financial trouble didn't just appear out of thin air.
  7. Well first off every alum/fan is going to be different. But here's my thoughts: In terms of Mason's tenure, as a whole it felt much less like a Madison corps and more like a Star corps who was trying desperately to play to the fans. Like Star 92 every season. It was... ok, but nowhere near what I wanted. You look at shows like the past few Spirit corps that made finals or stuff like Crown 2007 and you wonder why Madison can't bring that same power. 2010 was probably my favorite out of all of them, mostly because it wasn't pretending to be bigger than it was. It was a show about the 2010 Madi
  8. It depends on what your interpretation of "expenses" are, but yes I feel like any sort of uniform addition year-to-year is going to cost you some amount of money. I suppose I'm also assuming they actually had to pay for them and it wasn't covered via sponsorship deal or something. Though it should be noted I'm fairly cheap and would probably keep the same uniforms for a long time before moving on, so these changes just seem unnecessary to me especially. 03 was brand new everything 04 had new gauntlets 05 had new jackets, gauntlets, and hats 06 had brand new everything So 2 brand new sets,
  9. I think they changed slightly year to year. Looking back it seems you're kinda right about them. They used the same jackets with different gauntlets. Strange how they made such a big difference in uniform in my memory though, especially for 03-04. 03 was mostly green with white gauntlets. 04 was the same jacket/pants combo with red accented gauntlets. 05 was new jackets, aussies, and guantlets with silver half fleurs. Regardless, that many changes just sticks out in my mind simply due to the amount of financial trouble Madison had to dig themselves out of from 07 onward. 06 especially was
  10. In 2000 and 2001 they started feeling the heat from not having a decent colorguard, visual program, or going after the "total package" GE design that Cavaliers led the way with. Scott Stewart's philosophy on the colorguard and overall design unfortunately was holding them back while other corps moved on. Their brass was still ridiculous, but visual and GE were still pretty dirty. Essentially performing an early 90s show in a new decade. They started dropping to the lower part of finals. 10th & 11th place compared to the 6th place 99 show. In 2002 they dropped out of finals. Getting beat b
  11. Please do not do Part Tres unless you've got championship caliber corps talent and screamers. I don't want to hear a mediocre "ending" to the trilogy. That said, if they get Taras Nahirniak back and do Pirates of Lake Mendota 2 or something I would be totally fine with that. Go all loosely-based-on-Of Sailors and Whales and have it about the cursed pirate king or something. Edit: On another note... he's at Western Michigan now? I figured he'd still be at M*chigan.
  12. Good news. Beddis is expensive and Sparling was doing a ton of work already. Rookie being promoted to the majors type of situation.
  13. WHAT brb arranging the entire Don Ellis catalog for jazz and marching band.