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  1. Whichever corps travels out to California gets to go on last. Like Boston, Cadets, Madison, Phantom, Crown. Just what they do for the California shows
  2. Rennick left first, he came to SCV in 2011. Shaw came over in 2012
  3. It's about time someone puts Yentil on the field! Either that or Funny Girl
  4. …I liked the show this year, it just felt stale. Like the Cadets weren't sure what story they wanted to tell. Why were the statues coming to life? Why did one push the other off the platform? Just felt really cloudy. I hope they can get a clear concept going next year. And maybe not a show concept that was done the year before by someone else Whatever happened to that Pearl Harbor idea George kicked around a couple years ago?
  5. Academy's show is proof positive why you need a great design staff to make finals. They put together a coherent, fun, easy to understand package that connected with audiences.
  6. I'm still wondering how Academy found two guard members that are both 5'3"? They're both really tiny people
  7. Jazzing up Whitacre? That's....definitely something, all right
  8. Now that's a good idea. The films of Miayazaki on the field. Wonder what the rights would cost for that?
  9. There's an actual dog show going on next door to the show every year, so it's the Dog Show Show.
  10. Good to know I wasn't the only person to notice that. That's definitely an Uh… Kind of moment from the Devils
  11. SCV had a conductor do both meters during one of their uses of it
  12. Or you can have the kids hop onto the busses with the AC running to get the same effect. Tune them on the bus, then go do the show.
  13. Well, yeah. Proper technique works. But tuning the horns can at least get you in the ballpark