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  1. I was barely alive. One of Phantom's best shows of all time if not their absolute best. This show is absolutely amazing and probably the biggest standout of 1989. VK also had a fun show but not as memorable as 87,88,92. I really enjoy SCV and think this show is a classic. A do-over would never fly today though, let alone win.
  2. Nice review! This is my 2nd favorite show of the decade from the Cavaliers far behind Mad World but far ahead of Propaganda. Their strong brass performance and full line of 16 contras are what definitely won me over. Otherwise it was a pleasant accessible show from a fan standpoint. Their encore in Buffalo was a can't miss experience and I probably enjoyed their show reveal more than any other corps- but I was expecting a real boxcar after that reveal. I do agree that the Cavaliers (and Boston) have a lot of potential to move up over the next few years. Cavalier
  3. McArthur Park Madison 1975 Channel One Suite BD 1976 Don't think there is anything more B@da$$ than those
  4. They DID blow down the stands in 2019. It seems that design isn't current with the score sheet. If adding female members makes those current MMs and staff members more enthusiastic about the organization then they will do better. Besides...please...Madison and the Cavaliers aren't the only loud corps on the field from 1971-2019. (Not directed at you but some other comments on here).
  5. Got my tickets! (For semis) My mom likes to sit in 640. 138-140 are extremely picked over probably with the 3 package presales
  6. I have been wondering the same thing myself as there is no way I can do the super 3 or Friends of DCI and I am putting in for PTO this week. I bought semi finals tickets the past 3 years (and got pretty good seats) a lot earlier than this time of year.
  7. Part of the reason why I am wondering if him attending/supporting a local show that is now ALWAYS early season. I haven't been to a live early season show but the tour opener in the theater usually has a lot of cringeworthy AV issues to work out. I would imagine the added AV effects are a very hot mess at this time with a lot of bugs to work out. It adds a lot more timing, equipment, and skill factors that weren't in shows 10 years ago. Generally(not in the case of CC 2017 with the micd soloist) by finals week all the bugs have been ironed out and everything sounds/looks great in LOS
  8. For those of you who have been around a long time... Do the electronics/props add more to the "dirt" of an early season show/performance? I know early season shows have a long way to go before finals but the extra props/amps/visuals seem to add a lot more factors to clean. These "new style" shows are mind blowing come finals week but I would imagine they have a lot of bugs and kinks out west. Is this more of a case where the "best" shows since 09 have been from Allentown to Indy and he just hasn't seen the final product? Not that I am a particular fan of over the top
  9. Seconded. A list of the 00s without the Cavaliers is pure blasphemy but 2010 was the only great Cavaliers show. And there are a lot of other great 2nd place shows.
  10. I did the appropriate 1:1 vote. 4th place. Rach Star in. I wouldn't be opposed to the 1:1 2nd place. Inferno in either....but I loved both aforementioned 2nd place shows. I would take Inferno over Rach Star but it doesn't make sense to eliminate 4th place. On another note...great list and thanks for putting this together. My personal favorite won 4/12 times but I have a strongly favorable opinion of 10/12 winners.
  11. I cited 2 shows that I thought SHOULD have won and many others that COULD have won. I never said the other corps didn't deserve their ring. Plus I said (also in the case of these 2 years) that there are often more than one championship caliber show in a season. ...then I went on to say, which applies to 2019 in particular, that I am a little salty because being not as knowledgeable and/or more careless about visual aspects of the show I heard and felt that the Bluecoats were better (but not in Percussion). But I didn't necessarily SEE which corps was better and visuals are a huge factor
  12. Nah. It's all in fun. There are a lot of years where there was simply more than 1 great performance/show. Plus many of us are more knowledgeable in one area (i.e. brass or percussion for music majors/minors or those that work in music education) than another (I know nothing about color guard) so when a show that we feel is stronger in our more knowledgeable area doesn't win we might get a little salty. BUT there may have actually been robbing, rioting and pillaging in 2012 if this call wasn't reversed.
  13. I was going to start another thread but title it "in an alternate universe" Not to claim the judges "got it all wrong" but, when appropriate I will list another show I feel had the chops to win but didn't. There are a few that I think there was no contest with the champ and I will list those as well. 1987. Santa Clara Vanguard- beautiful, powerful, accessible show. I didn't do a frame by frame with the Cadets but I feel like this show is championship quality. 1989. Phantom Regiment- SCV did a rehash a year later. Come On. 1996. Phantom Regiment (alone)- one of the best mus
  14. It's all good. I wasn't trying to call anyone out and I honestly thought I read it multiple times.