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  1. In Trumbull county. Looked like it was going to clear up and almost pulled the trigger on tickets. Glad I didn't but- man Elsas from phantom must have been something special live. I'm a little butthurt Crown isn't performing too. Happily watching flo as the rain comes on my house Let's go Bloo!
  2. Yeah BKs encore was nice. Bluecoats playing the boxer at their home show is amazing. I'd love to see a surf encore such a fun corps
  3. The XMen sure do move well. The flow of the show is a little choppy from a design standpoint but they look and sound good
  4. That's cool! Thanks! My favorite things about BK are how they are their show is programmatic and how emotional they are. Always cerebral.
  5. I understand your sentiment but your wording is quite abrasive.
  6. Atlanta- watched on Flo with my mom. Based on enjoyment only: Mom 1. PR 2. Bloo 3. Madison 4. Cavies 5. Troop 6. PC 7. Cadets 8. SOA 9. Boston 10. Crown 11. BD 12. MCDC 13. BK Mine 1. Boston 2. Crown 3. Phantom 4. Troop 5. Madison 6. SOA 7. Bloo 8. MCDC 9. PC 10. Cadets 11. BK 12. BD 13. Cavies
  7. Alright members or fans of the BK community- Explain unharnessed to me
  8. This show has that "special show" feeling to me. To me- it's the best top 5 show of the year and my favorite from the top 5 since Babylon.
  9. Yes. It's seeming like the blue Stars are making themselves a nice little 9th place island. I know the Colts are ahead of the 12th place battle but to me- it's chaos from 10-18
  10. Cadets over phantom in brass. Not sure how their H2H was this season so far...and the Cadets are really good but I still put phantoms hornline solidly in the top 5.
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