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  1. ThePlanets

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    I was watching BBC America Monday night and they interviewed a gothic music professor and she spoke on the cathedrals importance in music history. It WOULD be cool to here Phantom playing music that was written or played in that cathedral.
  2. I would agree that Hurt is definitely the most likely especially given the title. The Perfect Drug would make one heck of a percussion feature though. Who knows maybe they'll get kinky and use Closer
  3. How about Jersey Surf 04? Take the penalty!
  4. ThePlanets

    What is old is new again?

    I think some "old" concepts have been sprinkled into shows recently and it has been very successful. For example Inferno had no props except for a few banners, no use of singing or narration...etc. Very "old school" visually. It also utilized very old classical pieces. Yet it was so hugely popular that it won a best show of all time fan favorite poll last year. I know it was for the purpose of an anniversary show but BDs field entrance in 2017 was one of the coolest things visually on the field that year. MCDC in 2018 had a great field entrance too. Do I think shows will completely go back to early 00s Cavies for example? No. Because the emphasis of those shows was 100% visual...I do think that this type of drill could be incorporated into a new design even if only for a few moments of a show
  5. ThePlanets

    2019 Predictions!

    I haven't done the math myself and I definitely agree on Phantoms placement being volatile over many years but I am wondering what the Cadets volatility looks like from 01-15 and the Cavies from 96-11 each the year before they dropped. Very interesting on BK. It's easy to forget how consistent their finals placement is.
  6. ThePlanets

    2019 Predictions!

    Not so bold actually. Cavies won in 06- out of the top 6 in 2012. Phantom in 08 and out of the top 6 more regularly in 2014 Cadets in 11 out in 2017 Crown in 2013 out in ??? Did everyone think we would have a period of several years where the Cavies, Cadets, and Phantom were out of the top 6? (Not all at the same time but these are big names that have had down periods recently) The pattern of having a a new champion (maybe not first time but different than BD) has held true since the period of absolute BD dominance began in why wouldn't old blood falling out of favor while new blood gets hot hold ture too? I am going to be bold and say Boston gets 2nd and SCV doesn't medal too. Every new champion in this era of DCI hasn't medaled the next year AND a completely new corps has gotten 2nd place (well crown did 2nd twice). 09,12 then 14 bluecoats and 17 SCV. (Even Phantom got 2nd in 06). Following this established pattern you find 1. BD 2. Boston 3. Bluecoats 4/5 Cavies and SCV and 6/7 Crown and Cadets or Crown and some other surging corps. Although it been 12 years and its time for a new pattern.
  7. ThePlanets

    Blue Devils 2019

    So with this being almost April how much do you think the guitar player will be utilized?
  8. ThePlanets

    The Cavaliers top 12

    Alright I will do what I can. Keep in mind the Cavies were kings in my time so I will have all of those shows in here. 1. 2010- Mad World- It may not have won BUT it is their 5th highest score of all time. This is one of my favorite DCI shows of all time and one of the few shows that has it all- music, drill, theming, acting, entertaining color guard. 2. 2006- the machine. I was going into my senior year of college and I remember watching this on ESPN with some of my college band friends. I think this reigns supreme for best drill ever 3. 1995 The Planets- can't go wrong with Mars. 4. 2001- Four Courners- an overlooked Championship year for the Cavaliers. Entertaining music, great drill, and hey! They were all over the field! No other show in 01 came close to the Cavies IMO 5. 2004- 007. Mix the best drill of the year with James Bond. WINNING 6. 2000- Niagara falls- really cool name and really cool visuals. The first show in the legacy. 7. 2008- Samarui- This is a really cool and it getting bronze is a testament to how great of a year 08 was. 8. 2003- Spin Cycle- Dizzying really. This show really stands out as a show that absolutely puts visuals first. 9. 2002- Frameworks. The best performance and most well balanced of the Cavaliers shows of it's time. I just don't like it as much as the shows above. 10. 1992- Revolution and triumph- the championship show from one of my favorite DCI years. Good stuff. 11. 2016- Propaganda- a hot mess of a show at the beginning of the season with a killer message. By the end of the season they really pulled it off and a very powerful show that I think is helping pull the Cavies back up in the ranks. 12. 1985- a true space show
  9. ThePlanets

    Madison Scouts all time Top 12

    1. 1988- the opener might keep this from being my overall favorite DCI show of all time...but That's the best 5:15 in drum corps right there 2. 1975- classic. Guts and glory. 3. 2001- Hot Jazz Madison style. It got 11th place and is a completely overlooked and underrated show 4. 1995- for the fans. Oh I wish I was there. 5. 1997- who doesn't love a pirate adventure? 6. 1996- part 2 not as good as part 1 but still a heck of a show.
  10. ThePlanets

    March Madness DCI Style

    @OhioBoy_99 thanks for putting this together! I'm pretty excited as the final 2 shows are both from when I was in highschool and are defining gold standard DCI shows for me. They are both definitely similar style shows reflecting intense drill and visuals of the time. Also, in general the posters on this forum tend to favor the Cadets/Cavaliers...I am honestly not sure of that's national as I have only been to shows in PA, OH and IND. Something that I think will remain unsettled is whether these are 2 of the best shows all time or if it's a reflection of the low sample size and average age of people voting. I think it's a little of both. Oddly enough in my survey (which was purely within group) Cadets 11 and Cavaliers 06 were the winners. The big tourney last year on Facebook saw Crown 15 vs Phantom 08 and I think Crown 15 pulled it off. Younger overall crowd though.
  11. ThePlanets

    March Madness DCI Style

    Maybe the Cadets had the stronger victory in previous rounds?
  12. ThePlanets

    March Madness DCI Style

    Easy. Interesting how in both matches I didn't vote for the corps I generally prefer of the 2 respectively. You can meh the bracket all you like but the final 4 are all championship winning shows from the past 19 years that AREN'T the Blue Devils (8/20 championships recently). Also the Cadets who appear to be quite beloved on these boards have 2 of the final spots. Also I rarely see any controversy over any of these shows that made it so the final four make a nice average voter score. I'm personally pretty happy with 2 of the final 4 so voting was easy for me. I do think we need a 64 show bracket. So many great shows missing.
  13. ThePlanets

    March Madness DCI Style

    My prediction would have been SCV 18, Cadets 05, phantom 96, phantom 08 for the final 4. My personal preferencefinal 4 is Crown 15, cavaliers 02, phantom 96 (but 3 all time faves in that bracket), Bluecoats 14
  14. ThePlanets

    March Madness DCI Style

    So this round we have 3 of my top 5 all time shows in the classics bracket...I had to think for 5 min on Madison vs PR ...then we have Cadets 05 vs BD know the best DCI shows of all time 🤪