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    1st: Cabs Alumni; 2nd: Cabs; Tie 3rd: All DCA/Alumni
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  1. Signed up for Cabs with Amazon Smiles today...... I'm sorry I didn't find out sooner. Cabs fan since 1956..... first time I heard Cabs.....they were lined up in parade configuration on Gould Ave (South Paterson), between Main St. and Pacific Ave for a dedication ceremony of a new triangle intersection park near old Firehouse #7. Most of us there were from South Paterson..... my dad and I walked a few blocks to get there. They wanted the music to attract more visitors to the ceremony, so the Mayor asked the Cabs to start playing. Four beats on a bass drum, a 16-count street beat and that famous roll-off into the first notes of "Cherry Pink." Twelve years old and hooked on "that sound" in less than 30 seconds ! Joe Dz in South Paterson
  2. What if ??????? What if the finals awards show had only two corps break 90? What if fully half of the corps had penalties? What if the fans registered their disapproval of the scores? What if the awards show was hosted by a game show host? Go to YouTube and search for the 1976 awards show and then the 1975 awards show..... it wasn't all that long ago......oh wait.....yes it was !!! Enjoy.
  3. In my opinion, the best use of props goes to BD Felliniesque.
  4. ....except for a one-time pass on "......Drum CORPSE International is proud to present......"
  5. Ironically last week was when Major League Baseball went to expanded rosters..... not that MLB is a model for anything........ just noting.e
  6. Not a LIKE problem ....... click on "quote," type "LIKE".......and submit reply LIKE LIKE LIKE !!!!!
  7. My most intense years of weekends (2, sometimes 3 contests) were the 1965 and 1966 years in New Jersey. Boston appeared in 16 contests in each year, but only one each in New Jersey. My father and I saw them at VFW Nationals in Jersey City, the best top to bottom contest I've EVER seen. Loved them.....but I wish they came to New Jersey more often.
  8. Yes..... I was tempted to include Boston.....but I just didn't see them at enough contests in New Jersey......... I would probably include Bridgeport PAL and even Troop 12 BSA before I would falsely claim that I recognize the sound of BC.... seemed St. Kevin's was always at The Dream....BC not so much. I also recognize Hurricanes sound from mid 60s.
  9. This is true for most top drum & bugle corps since the beginning. Play ANY recording (even songs not generally associated with the corps) from the 1955-1967 Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights, Garfield Cadets, St. Lucy's Cadets, St. Kevin's Emerald Knights, Chicago Royal Airs, Chicago Cavaliers, Casper Troopers, Hawthorne Caballeros, and New York Skyliners and I (and most others my age) will identify the corps from their sound. I feel I can recognize Blue Devils 1978 -1983 and Blue Devils 2013 - 2017....... but I don't know other current DCI or DCA well enough to do the same....
  10. It's when judges scores are relatively the same week-to-week that we wonder why, also.....
  11. Tomorrow's (tonight's) scores will probably be tighter due to upward pressure from the lower corps, squeezing the gaps. There are too many outstanding shows to allow for wide gaps.
  12. Looks like a US Senate confirmation hearing.......
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