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  1. Ok, maybe someone here can help me .... anyone know of any audio/video/photos of 20th Maine Regiment from 1986 ?
  2. Man ... so weird to see the corps mentioned over and over again, and yet.... no photos ... no video ...no sound ... nothing. so very very sad.....
  3. 2 years, and this thread has been dead the whole time ? wow
  4. If you ever get a good answer to this question ... LET ME KNOW please !!!!
  5. A little background ... i marched with 20th Maine ... they were around from 84-86 as a class A/A-60 corps ... 86 by far the best year we had ... it's a shame there wasn't more coverage of them at that time .. that was my one and only year marching ... lots of "excuses" why i didn't march after that ... but it came down to what happened to us in 86 really made me hesitant to go thru it again . Currently living in AZ .. moving to CO soon... wish there was a Sr corps in that area ... i'd march in a heartbeat . To this day that is the best summer i EVER had. Dave
  6. yes !! that IS the 20th Maine ... 1986 A/A-60 prelims in Madison .. our opening formation nice to finally see a pic .. been lookin for YEARS ... THANK YOU !!!!!!
  7. hey Josh .... nice to meet you . I was a member of 20th in 86 and Craig is right .. it was a wild ride that year .. not sure who your mom is but it's possible she may know me ... i played baritone that year and got into the corps late.... we moved from outside of atlanta to maine early that summer .. i only had 2 weeks to learn the show and a new instrument before we went to NC for the next show ... what a blast that was . hope to hear back soon
  8. nice to see someone else who remembers 20th Maine... not a long history (3 years) but could have been big
  9. Nice to see such lively discussion of Arizona corps. I am new to the state, living in Phoenix now, and a veteran of one wonderful summer marching class a/a-60 (think I just aged myself) . In 86, I marched with the 20th Maine Regiment and played baritone. That summer is still the best one of my life. Hard to believe it's been over 20 years now.... so sad we had to fold in 87. The 20th is discussed at length in a few of the other forums, so i won't rehash it all here. I was wondering however, if anyone thinks a senior corps would be viable in the greater phoenix area ? or simply an alumni cirps or organization ? Has anyone thought about this subject ? I would love to get actively involved in corps again, even thought i'm a lot older and way more broken down. :P If anyone has any ideas or info on the subject. please feel free to respond. Thank you Dave Ham
  10. Okay... here goes.... If anyone has pics from these shows, please let me know. All are from 1986 and I am looking for pictures of the 20th Maine Regiment. June 14 Fairfield, Maine June 28 Camden, Delaware July 1 Cary, North Carolina July 3 Atlanta, Georgia July 12 Somerville, Massachusetts August 2 Sheffield, Pennsylvania August 4 West Chester, Pennsylvania August 9 Whitewater, Wisconsin August 12,13,14 Madison, Wisconsin I am begging all of you.... please check your photos. I lost all mine in a storage fire in 1996 and cannot find any pictures at this point. Thank you very much for your time. Dave (Beeker)
  11. SOMEONE mentioned MY corps.... 20th Maine..... WOOOHOOOOOOOO WOW !!! Anyone know of anyone who MIGHT have pics from a/a-60 finals 86 ???? Beeker
  12. Well Craig, thanks for the history lesson LOL Now... how about dig up some photos for us ?????????? Beeker
  13. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Good one............. However, I was referring to the 20th Maine Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps LOL of which I was a member in 1986. Thanks for the laugh Beeker
  14. If there's pics of 20th Maine in this thread, I haven't found them..... Beeker