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  1. There unfortunately isn't one answer as to why the corps is smaller this year. It truly fits into the "stuff happens" category. As I talked with fellow hornline members at the end of last season, the reasons why people weren't planning on marching this season were all over the board. Some were getting married, some were starting new careers, some were going to DCI, some were starting families, some just wanted a summer off to relax and then some didn't want to march because all of their friends has decided not to march, and undoubtedly there were likely some that didn't have fun or had issues
  2. Glad to know we never "pushed" the Bucs even when we beat them Even though it was voted and agreed upon, it's still a valid question. If the design team and staff of a corps doesn't know how that caption is judged, then they can't make relevant decisions to improve that score. Is communication judge A really like drum solos and curvy forms, they will likely give a higher score to a drum heavy show with lots of squiggles. If that drum heavy show is then judged by communication Judge B, who likes more horn moments and geometric drill, it will likely affect the score negatively. A caption shou
  3. Since I've been a part of this activity, (which is getting to be a long time now) MBI has always taken one weekend off per month during the summer. Heck, with how the 4th lined up this year, we got two weekends off in July. As other have mentioned, it's an essential time to decompress, spend time with your family and loved ones and just give your body a break. We are off this coming weekend due to DCI finals. As the average age of corps drop, you will likely see more corps have more weekends off and still put on extremely well performed, technical shows. Blame the millennials and their inabili
  4. MBI and Govenaires will be on DCI sheets tomorrow in Iowa, then DCA sheets Saturday in Racine.
  5. We should all take this moment to remember who won LAST year! (Cabs were't playing then)
  6. I'm not saying it's that easy, no. But if every year in Minnesota DCA is solely represented by MBI, Kilties and Govies then that's all the area will ever know. It's not going to be a quick win no matter which way you look at it. But after a few years of new groups being introduced to the area, fan bases might develop for these other corps and people might be willing to travel to finals from outside of the Northeast because now they understand and enjoy the product of not just their local corps, but other corps that will be in attendance. It's the show sponsors job to advertise for their show a
  7. The best 'why' I can think of is it's for the good of DCA as an organization, including all the member corps. If you ask around the marching arts communities (high school bands, WGI drumlines and guards, etc) in this area if they had ever heard of DCI, the answer would be a resounding "YES". If you ask that same group if they'd ever heard of DCA, the answer would be a staunch "NO". Even when I started as a marching member in MBI in the late 90's it took me a couple years to really know what DCA was. I guess the biggest question to ask is; Does DCA want to grow? Does DCA care that few people we
  8. Fred the reason why I started this topic wasn't to say that any corps HAS to travel regardless of whether it's in their best interest financially. If any corps were to make a trip and forego repairing an ailing equipment truck or feeding their members on a long camp day, then they would have chosen very poorly. The reason I started this topic was to get people thinking about the fact that MBI doesn't have a magic wand to make these trips happen nor some mysterious financial genie. Other corps CAN make the trip and I think eventually they should, but in order for a trip to happen in 2016, they
  9. Yeah there were a few corps at that "Senior preview" show in '99 that was tied to DCI Finals - The most recent non-Midwest DCA corps to come to the Midwest was when the Renegades traveled to Dekalb, IL in 2004
  10. For the past 7 years Minnesota Brass through great financial expense and member time used has traveled eastward mid-season to perform and compete against corps that we used to not see until finals. The results of that are a rather mixed bag. On one hand, that mid-season show often isn't the best product we can give due to various travel related factors, but on the other hand it's hard to argue the fact that our placements have remained fairly high since we started the consistent early season trips in 2007 (no trip in 2008). I know we have some financial genius' as part of our administration w
  11. Looking forward to the reviews as always Jeff! In regards to the comment above, I feel that as the average age of DCA corps go lower and the difficulty of shows go higher this stuff will be happening more and more. DCA corps don't have the rehearsal time to truly make everyone a soldier like DCI corps do. We made a seemingly simple change in June during our opener and changed a horn snap from count 5 to count 7 and that snap was a constant issue all the way up through last weekend. Those of us that are more seasoned in drum corps handle change better. Then when you take some of these kids an
  12. I like that idea, but I might break it down a little further. 1-4, 5-8, 8-12
  13. Looking at the most recent scores, it seems to be most of the top open class corps are averaging a score increase of around 2.5 pts per week. If that average stays the same, MBI would have had to have scored a 96.45+ last weekend to keep that final time slot. That seems rather unrealistic. That 2.5 could be the difference between going on 1st or 5th at prelims depending on the year. As much as I wish I did, I don't know of a good solution that is both fair and flexible enough to cover all the 'what if' scenarios such as rain-outs.
  14. Why wouldn't you mention the name Chops Inc. anywhere in the post other than the email address?