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    '84 Cabs @ DCA Finals
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  1. I can confirm the Bush move. Sort of merging into an indoor program in Wilmington. Imperial Dynasty, I think?
  2. Had a blast helping out at the first one last Saturday! Wish my work sched let me do more of them. But, yeah, if you're at one of these shows, stop by and meet some amazing passionate Cabs!
  3. I'm too lazy to go back in the thread to find the convo about recruiting at band shows, but Caballeros will be at at least four, starting this Saturday at our brass caption head's school, and including the Allentown college band show and prob the MetLife BOA (?) event. We'll have current and recent members, with video and info, as well as an (alleged, at least - It's me this weekend 🤣 ) adult, in case parents have questions. Just pointing out that most corps do this, at least at a couple shows.
  4. I think it's pretty much you show up, you get about a 48. Play a note or two, take a step or two, and you break 50 😉
  5. Good morning DCP & Williamsport! About to load up Cabs' swag for 7 AM setup. While drinking my first of what will surely be many cups of coffee, caught Alan Buell on the local TV news talking up today's events.
  6. I know this is minor in comparison to the competitive aspect, but., with this change, let's face it, there are likely to be even fewer people at prelims than some of you here have been predicting. That means, essentially, that the corps' merchandise operations are losing a day of sales. If you weren't planning to buy corps swag, please find it in your budget to buy something from your favorite . If you were planning to buy something from your favorite, please consider buying from your second and third favorite also. On a related note, I can't wait to reveal the special DCA weekend limited edition Cabs "Out of the Box" T and tank design Saturday morning!
  7. 20 & 21 are Billtown. With an option to renew for two more 😕
  8. And I think people would find just playing and doing parades, boring, at best. The current members of DCA corps all pretty much hate parades.
  9. And, if they need extra time at the end of finals, Cabs Alumni are performing. So that's at least an hour
  10. Don't know about any other stuff, but there's a brief presser with DCA officials and Fusion, I think, on Friday afternoon.
  11. Someone in Bridgemen Brass told me last night that BB will be participating in mini-corps. And those cats can PLAY!