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    Fairfield CT Tornadoes soprano 1982, 1983:CT Hurricanes soprano 1984, mellophone 1985 - 1989: Hawthorne Caballeros mellophone 1990, 1991; honor guard 2010 - 2012. Park City Pride mellophone 2003. Hawthorne Caballeros volunteer 2011 until whenever
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    Suncoast Sound, Caballeros, Troopers
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    '84 Cabs @ DCA Finals
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    DCA 1991 - DCI 1986
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    Constitution State

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  1. And, in addition, there is a very active competitive band and drum corps activity in South America, at least. I'm FB friends with a few participants there. I can't vouch for Central America, though.
  2. That, apparently, was a corps director, not a DCA official? I'm just saying that news from last weekend should be coming from a DCA official, and many folks I know who were in Atlanta are in transit today.
  3. Anybody who could be sharing anything is likely flying home from Atlanta today. Today's for buying DCI tickets, anyway.. Let's worry about DCA news tomorrow or Wednesday
  4. Got my Allentown tix. Friday only, committed to my DCA corps on Saturday. Nice lineup on Friday though! Section G, Row 32.
  5. I had the pleasure of seeing the start of the 2020 Cabs' season yesterday. Great things are afoot in Hawthorne!
  6. Yup, in my marching days, Cos always said people come to a show to see the Cabs. Half of them come to see us win, half of them to see us lose! But, yeah, most years at the Wildwood show, the grandstand's about 70% blue, even though it's Cabs' show. Fine with me, as long as their money's green! Similarly, I go to the Hurricanes' August show every year. The years that Cabs aren't there see less than 2/3 the attendance of the years they are.
  7. So hello all. Bush announced their 2020 open house details today. To be held on Sunday, December 1. Not denying I've seen/heard/read things have been a bit messy in Bushland recently, but it sure looks like someone jumped the gun on the obituary 😁
  8. Mandarins back when they were small, Academie Musicale, St. Francis Xavier Sancians, and Railmen.
  9. Mini-corps, absolutely. But some of those couple dozen member competing corps, let's face it. They were brutal.
  10. Nope. 75-year-old corps will not willingly accept morning finals as a warmup to someone else's event. Some stuff should change, but this is a nonstarter.
  11. I believe my corps ranged from 15 to about 56. A bunch of 15 to 18s, some early 20s, alot of late 20s, a couple 40-ish, about three in their 50s. Picturing about a half dozen other NE corps, most of them appeared to be mostly teens, with a handful of 20s, 30s, and 40s. I know of one 62-ish baritone in one. So I guess it varies from corps to corps, sometimes by section within a corps, too. For example, Corps A's guard might average, say, 20, their drumline 18, and their hornline 28.
  12. In most states, NJ included, I believe, non-profits do not pay sales tax on purchases.
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