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    Fairfield CT Tornadoes soprano 1982, 1983:CT Hurricanes soprano 1984, mellophone 1985 - 1989: Hawthorne Caballeros mellophone 1990, 1991; honor guard 2010 - 2012. Park City Pride mellophone 2003. Hawthorne Caballeros volunteer 2011 until whenever
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    Suncoast Sound, Caballeros, Troopers
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    '84 Cabs @ DCA Finals
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    DCA 1991 - DCI 1986
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    Constitution State

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  1. grenadasmoothie

    Troopers Announce 2019 Drum Major

    Yup. Goosebumps every time I go back and watch that.
  2. grenadasmoothie

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    7 if he continues with the two DCA corps he had this summer. 8 if you count his DCA minicorps champs!
  3. grenadasmoothie

    Williamsport 10-day

    Looking at that forecast, how about we take all 11 open corps and the 6 highest seeded As into finals, cancel prelims, and then the corps can rehearse all day Saturday (indoors, if they're lucky), and the spectators and volunteers can party all day Saturday . No, huh? Seriously, though, I've heard from lifelong Billtown locals that the weather in town and that out in the woods are often entirely different. Bringing sunglasses AND a rain poncho, as well as shower curtains for Cabs' merch tent! Stop by and say hello- Buy stuff, too!
  4. grenadasmoothie

    Your 2018 Top 6

    I don't remember if I did this yet, so. . . BD Cavaliers Blue Knights Mandarins Troopers Music City!!!!! (Next three Boston, Cadets, Crossmen)
  5. grenadasmoothie

    Williamsport 10-day

    4, I believe. But DO come early and buy some stuff from me at Cabs' souvie table
  6. grenadasmoothie

    Williamsport 10-day

    Nope -LATE afternoon into the evening, into the night
  7. grenadasmoothie

    Williamsport 10-day

    What are you talking about?! Saturday and Sunday evenings on the above link look fine! Saturday: "Partly cloudy in the evening with more clouds for later at night. Low near 65. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph." Sunday: "A few clouds. Low 66. Winds light and variable."
  8. grenadasmoothie

    Pioneer What Next?

    Totally OT here, but NY's CMCC Warriors are bringing a mini-corps to Billtown this year, and I'm totally planning to fit them into my Friday night schedule
  9. grenadasmoothie

    DCA Final Regular-Season Weekend

    It will be. No worries there.
  10. OK, then, how about because they're goofy looking and we cool kids would make fun of you
  11. grenadasmoothie

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    I really wish people would stop presenting one choice as: A: Fix the problems OR B: Go to DCA While I'm sure DCA would love another Midwestern corps, I believe the process would be more like: A: Fix the problems THEN B: Go to DCA so you could provide sufficient member care within your financial means.
  12. grenadasmoothie

    DCA Final Regular-Season Weekend

    You should be fine heading INTO Connecticut on Saturday. The better half and I always have difficulty getting OUT OF CT on our way to Jersey, PA, or even upstate NY on Saturday mornings to head wherever Cabs are that day. We live about 44 miles from the NY line, for example, if we're heading south on 15 to get to NJ or the Allentown area, and it never takes us less than an hour and a quarter. OTOH, we never see ANY traffic problems heading north on 15 or 95. See you Saturday! Taking a "vacation day" from hawking Cabs swag, and supporting the local corps with an ad in their program and our butts in ticketed seats (We live in Seymour).
  13. grenadasmoothie

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Mandarins Troopers BD Blue Knights Music City BAC Honorable mention Spirit, Cavaliers, Spartans
  14. grenadasmoothie

    Pioneer What Next?

    Except, if their member care is as poor as you outline above, they lag behind most DCA corps in this area, also! Not saying that DCA corps have medical staff on hand, or that they feed the MMs four times a day, but the ones I've been around the last, say, decade or so, do provide quite a bit in this respect.
  15. Don't tease me like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!