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  1. My choice hands down numero ono is Brigadiers - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  2. Near by me is nothing. I have to go to Murphyfreesboro and if the show does not include Madison I'm not going to go. I know shallow approach to seeing drum corps shows but Madison is my favoriate. Near by me for shows after that is Atlanta or Indy. I used to live in Milwaukee WI and there were a lot of local shows in that area and I really didn't mind see shows that were not fully completed. I might check out the streaming shows this year and see what I'm missing.
  3. chaddyt - what has me so unexcited about 2014 ... NOTHING ... I live in West Tenn no where near the heart of drum corps which IMO is the midwest. Lots of small shows in that area within a couple hundered miles of each other easy access so it's easy to see a lot of shows. For me I want to see the almost finished product. So I wait until late July to see shows. My school I teach at begins first week of August so it's difficult to get away come the 2nd Saturday in Aug to go to finals. Besides by early July you can tell who the top 3 will be. I agree with FSUBONE that Madison, and yes Madison is my favoriate corps, that Madison visual package is weak and doesn't have the layers that it needs to push into the top tier. But I remember a time (yes it was in the 90s) that on any given night 7 different corps could have won the show. In 1991 Madison beat every single corps at some time during the season ... that was exciting. Now you can just look at the show card and know who's going to be 1st or 2nd. My first watch of Crown's show last year, was it's weird and it will win. I can honestly sit here and say I don't remember a thing they played, but I remember the zanny head gear they wore and the big tall guard guy rolling the bass drum around on the field with all the E=MC2 stuff on it. That's it and that show was the best of DCI according to the green shirts of DCI judges. That show may have just sent you spinning through the roof, but for me I was like ... what am I supposed to take away from this? SCV's show I could releate too and got into them fighting the revoloution. Madison kind of threw me for a loop with all the "stuff" they had in that show i.e., desert cammo uniforms, helicopters, singing Never Walk, marching on the field ala "military basic training" and dragging guard members off the field like they had been killed ... for me it was way over the top. As a 30 year active duty veteran I think I can say that. For me to say I'm just not excited this has been a long time coming. I'm no new guy to drum corps, be a fan since 1975 and toured with Madison, South Wind, and the Cavaliers from 1992 to 2008. Moments from the last few years that I found exciting are. - Blue Coats Playing Creep and the Boxer - PR and the Finals night performance of Sparticus - Madison - New York (too bad that could not have been on the DVD). - SCV - 2013 LeMis - Cavies 2004 - James Bond - BD - 2003 - House of the Rising Sun - Crown 2004 - Wild Horses Maybe it's all just me and now that I'm over 50 I just can't releate to the younger generation's idea of music. I have tried ... and we'll never be Royals ... you can call me Queen Bee and baby I'll rule ... let me live that fantasy. Most exciting moment IMO EVER !!!! was the 4 count turn by Madison in 1988 playing the opening notes of Malaguna. I wish I could have seen that moment LIVE! Next exciting moment ever was SCV playing the bottle dance for the very last time in 1992 at Camp Randall for encore (corps used to in the old days play a tune in tribute to the new champion). I was there for that moment and it brought down the house. I'm just not excited as I used to be about DCI. Maybe it's time to move on, my friends keep trying to get me to come over to DCA and see their finals. Maybe it's time for a change. :-)
  4. Chattyt. You miss read what I said. I said I was not excited and yes the shows bored me. Sure some of the had a few moments but last year no corps with the exception of SCV and Madison on some level made me want to see that again. I like for a corps to do something that makes me want to see more. I left San Antonio last year not really wowEd by anyone. I have been to shows before and would run home and find the next show and off I go. I was not completely bored as you said I was I was just not excited and generally bored if that helps
  5. in 1992 BD played When a Man Loved A Woman! They brought down the house. Stripping down to an unbuttoned shirt ... it was hot! Everyone in audience knew that show just OOOOZED sexy! You are right top to bottom the top 12 were all great shows. DCI won't let Madison move up and SCV just has got to get everything to fall in place. If Jeff Fedler can work his magic in SCV, I think SCV will be on top for many years to come. I would like to see SCV make a move ... Gayle Royer sure did have them in fine shape back in the late 70s and 80s. SCV has to stop all of it's in-fighting and that would help them a lot.
  6. FSUBONE - thanks for your post. I checked your profile on here ... I don't know you at all but something on your profile stuck out to me. One of your favorate shows of all time was the 1992 Madison Scouts. I toured with the Scouts that year. It is one of my all time favs as well. I can still just about hum that entire show ... now that was an exciting year to me.
  7. Wow I asked a simple question and get called almost every name in the book for it. I said I was not excited about the upcoming season. I asked “Does anyone else feel this way and if so why?” Here is what I found surprising. I’m not trolling … I’m asking a question about the upcoming season. I’m stating I’m not excited and was bored with many of last year’s offerings. But I was thrown under the bus and ran over repeatedly. Don’t worry I have thick skin J. Some members really gave me some good insight about some of the things currently happening with corps I didn’t know. Thank you for being supportive of my question and statement about not being excited and needing more than one viewing to connect/understand a show. The DCP members that bashed me for my post, I checked to see their status on DCP and surprisingly I found many of them to be Veteran members with numerous postings. My gosh are you the Nancy Grace’s of DCP where your opinion the only ones that count? Some of you bashed me for starting a topic you thought had been beaten like a dead horse. Do you bash those that start topics talking about Placements for 2014? We’ve not even seen a show in 2014 yet. I didn’t want to bring electronics into this discuss nor instrumentation … I really don’t’ care either way about what type of horns the corps play, but if you want to know I think drum corps lost it’s edge (corps used to have a bright sound now they don’t) when it went to B Flat horns. Lastly, it seems like many of you don’t have lives and live on here. One poster was asking why I had not posted yet to defend myself. Well I just got around to checking my post. I am sorry but I am a rather busy man with my own National Championship Drill Team and I’ve been busy. Hind sight - maybe it’s not the corps I’m bored with at all … maybe it’s the snotty attitude some people have towards drum corps. Some of you posters sure do fit the label of, “Take it or leave it”, or “Its change baby so adapt” and “Out with the Dinosaurs, we don’t need you!” It’s a free world, so troll on.
  8. As we begin a new year of drum corps, for the first time in almost 20 years I am just not excited about this upcoming year. Last year, with the exception of SCV … I was bored. Sure, oooh, look at the pretty colors and the strangeness of it all, but to be 100% honest I didn’t get a lot of it. WAY OVER MY HEAD or I’m just not taking the right kind of medication. I am tired of slick tricks by the guard and pre-recorded audio clips that are supposed to enhance performances - they don’t - it’s all become a distraction. Maybe if a staff member from a corps would sit down and explain it to me all I might get it, but that’s not going to happen. Used to in the “olden days” Drum Corps World Magazine would explain what’s going on, but now it seems like you have a musical arts degree to understand a show. It has all become so bland for me that I have become bored with drum corps. I really don't care why type of instruments the corps are playing, it's all good in my book. However, the antics of the DCI judging system never ceases to amaze me. Typically I travel to one large regional show a year. Airfare, hotel room, dinners out, tickets, souvies., etc usually cost me $1,000 or more for the weekend. Maybe I’ll just by the DVD and call it a day. Does anyone else feel this way and if so why?
  9. Dear writer of the original posts. I feel your pain. First, I don’t care about the rule changes, corps could play anything they wanted too and I’d be fine with it. Second, the kids are great … their work ethic is second to none and I know each corps whether they are #1 or #99 these corps put in a huge amount of work to bring their shows to life. Third, the staff … well they are playing the game. The game is the rule book on judging that is set forth by DCI and the drum corps themselves. I guess my problem is I’m just not enjoying it anymore. I’m not a college music major that is exposed to many of these musical pieces long before a corps put a show on the field. My problem is all the “ART” that has taken over drum corps. I can’t follow the shows without doing my research on the artists that wrote the musically originally. Gone are the days you can just sit back in your seat and see the show unfold and appreciate it. I know HATE is a strong word, but Blue Devils last 3 years I’ve hated those shows. And those are the type of shows that keep winning DCI. I still have no idea what E-MC2 was all about this year. No clue and I’ve seen the show 3 times. But one thing was for sure, I knew by the weirdness of the show that it was going to give Blue Devils a run for their money. Even back in the early 90s when Star of Indiana did Pines of Rome, I was intrigued by the music enough I went out and purchased a recording of the show and feel in love with the music. The mellophones in that show were awesome! I have moved to a part of the world that drum corps doesn’t come near here and for me to travel to Atlanta or San Antonio for a weekend costs a $1000. If I enjoyed drum corps like I used too, I wouldn’t have a problem spending the money. I just don’t dig the shows. What I am going to miss, are my friends … I was on staff for two corps from 1992 to 2004 and during that time I made a lot of friends. Many of them have moved on to other things now as well. I guess it’s time for to move on now too. Good by my drum corps friend … it has been fun. Dear DCI … I know I am only one voice, but your judging of drum corps shows are killing the activity. I don’t understand your judging system and how you can reward some of the oddest things … like French speaking voice over dubs, rolling rubber balls and calling it guard work or rolling a bass drum across the field. Judging has MORPHED drum corps into Guard with drum corps accompaniment.
  10. The BOOing really started in 1991 in Madison WI at the DCI Preview show when Star won over The Cavies. I was there and it wasn't a low rumbling boo, it was a loud and everyone heard it boo. I did not boo because I know how hard the "corps members" work. With that all being said, what is the appropriate way to say. 1. Judges you rewarded that? Come on that's not what "I" want in drum corps. 2. Staff that show is lame. I want to be entertained, not given a bunch of artsy fartsy crap. Be all that as it may, BD has pushed the envelope on designing a drum corps show with the judges in mind. I really don't think the BD staff really cares what the average $$$$ spending fan cares about. Just as Star did in the early 90s. I thought the judges sheets were changed last year to award more points for entertainment value, Michael Cesnaro praised the new system and at the end of the day, nothing changed. I really did not like the BDs TaDah show and yep I watched it about 5 times. Totally lost me. As far as entertainment value Crown should have been the champion. I have been checking out recaps this year and some of what fans are saying. I amazes me to this day, how "fans" love entertainment friendly shows such as Madison, but they get killed in General Effect from the judges. Many people have been booing for years and nothing has changed the judges minds. BD is the best at what they do, with a few YOWAZA YOWAZA moments. But come on, get me on my feet BD and give me something to cheer about. The last chart from BD I liked was The House of the Rising Sun. My my money, BD is an artistic drum corps that gets 5 stars and gets 1 star for entertainment. Ta DAH!
  11. But Michael at a time when DCI need the Madison Scouts they are not coming to Murfreesboro again. I hate to say it, but with Atlanta being on a Sunday, I don't think I'm going to a single show this year. The 7 at Murfreesboro are going to gen out the same old same ole and I'm tired of funding it with my money. DCI needs Madison and Boston, especially since they have been the most entertaining corps the last couple of years.
  12. You know if "Scouts Honor: Inside A Marching Brotherhood," was available for purchase as a DVD at the souvie booth I'd buy a copy. Can we look forward for this documentary being made a DVD and on sale anytime soon with the Scouts souvie crew?
  13. But wasn't that the purpose of the new judging sheets to bring more entertainment "back" to drum corps? If fans don't get the show,and have the WTF feeling, how can it be rewarded high scores in entertainment? Judges please explain that to me? Dan A ... you might need to have little chat with your judges and remind them about this thing called entertainment. Blue Devils play and execute on a very high level, but entertaining, they are NOT!
  14. AMEN Brother Preach it! Of course, we're just paying fans that put the money in DCI's pockets ... what do we know about drum corps?
  15. That's what I don't get ... fans just seem to politely applaud the Blue Devils. Big hands all around for Crown and Madison at the two show’s I’ve been to. With the new judge’s sheets with the emphasis on entertainment this year, I don’t see how BD is winning all these shows by the wide margin in ALL captions that they are. Ok, I’d give them several of the captions, but all of them? I get that the judges have been trained by Michael Cesanario, but Mike is this going the way you thought it would? Ok, BD is clean, but come on judges a clean sweep in ALL captions. IMO there are several corps that are out entertaining BD this year. With the new scoring sheets how can you ignore the fan reactions? Of course this is DCI and judging has been messed up for a long time! Mike I hope you can get your money back on that new score sheet you sold … it’s a FAIL in my book.