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  1. I marched one year in a finalist corps and three with the Blue Devils. I wasn't chasing rings. I hated my first summer and was basically talked into going to BD after being told how different it is from other corps. That was the closest thing to a family I ever felt. I feel like so many groups throw that word around so superficially, as if the more they say it the more it becomes true. All I know is I didn't feel like part of a family until I was a part of a group that treated me like it.
  2. Judges not liking the Cadets is irrelevant to the question of Bluecoats having the possibility to win if the Devils choked. Anyways- no one, Bluecoats included, were as clean as BD. Judges aside, you can't deny a lead like that. BD could have choked and still won, especially with that 2.475 gap.
  3. Word on the street is Cadets are announcing their show tonight for members and potential members. Any guesses?
  4. Scouts design will continue to hold them back.
  5. In terms of complicated chord structure and a tough listening environment, 2010 and 2013 BD for sure.
  6. I don't really have an idea about all of the corps, but I can make a guess about first. I believe(more recently) the Blue Devils work in cycles. Take 08-10 for example: 08- Very demanding show, comes up short. 09- less demanding, more accessible, and the corps dominates all season. 10- Extremely demanding, but achievable due to the immense talent drawn in from 09. I think 15 is the end of another type of "cycle" 13- Demanding show, came up short. 14- Less demand, but no one else came close in execution. So for this next season, I think the Blue Devils are going to draw in a ton of fresh talent coming off of an undefeated, record-setting season. I think they will do something incredibly demanding, and perhaps edgy in design, that will be like another 2010. You may not like it, but you can't deny it. 1. Blue Devils
  7. I saw it as a post on Tumblr. Members should be more careful with their "friendly rivalries," especially with social media...
  8. Did anyone else happen to see the picture floating around of a Cadets member's shoes with "f**k you blue devils" written on the bottom and multiple middle fingers in the frame? People give the Blue Devils a lot of heat but dang.... That's not cool and certainly doesn't look good for the organization.
  9. As far as the dancer in the ballad is concerned, I've heard of a Fellini movie(can't remember the name) where they are showing a wedding, and as this wedding is going on the camera suddenly pans to follow a clown leaving the wedding. Fellini had an obsession with clowns. I'm guessing the dancer isn't depicting a drunkard or a marionette, but a sad or broken clown who is unable to experience love or other similar emotions that are being communicated in a story going on beside him with the guard. And though there is this big moment happening, he's chosen to be the focus instead. Sounds felliniesque to me.
  10. Anyone else at family day today? What a show!
  11. I really think Pacific Crest is going to do well this year. Top 15 for sure.
  12. I was switching corps up and I guess I forgot! Alright: Put SCV in 4th and move everyone under down one.