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  1. I know I know, you can’t compare scores from different shows but it’s so exciting to see Phantom Regiment in the top five!
  2. I think about the times in our country’s history when the citizenry was called upon to make sacrifices and now shake my head when people freak out over wearing a mask at the grocery store.
  3. Ah, you commented on the deleted post. Don’t act so surprised.
  4. Yep, I heard him with the CSO a number of times.
  5. So many of us love Mahler 2 so I thought I would post this. Brass plus contrabassoon.
  6. Did it go downhill from there or was there an infusion of $$ in the food budget?
  7. Now now, it’s not a contest. Lol. They’re both good. Hash browns as a base for corned beef hash. Yum! Grits for their taste and versatility - savory or sweet.
  8. Blue Knights posted a couple minutes of their 2020 show on Instagram.
  9. There was a very informative interview with a University of Minnesota epidemiologist on NPR’s Fresh Air yesterday. I would highly suggest giving it a listen. It made me a lot less anxious. It’s all about the mask, baby!
  10. Sad considering this shouldn’t be a political issue but rather being on the side of basic human decency.
  11. You don’t want to ask honest questions. You want to keep moving the goal post. You revealed your true colors when you wrote your now deleted post “oh thank god...something other than Black Lives Matter”
  12. Hmmmmm...It’s a shame one of the mods deleted your “opinion”. I hope you wrote them a strongly worded letter.