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  1. He made the decision to destroy his life. Stop trying to make him the victim.
  2. The whole “passion for his work” crap. Like that gives him permission to be an ***hole.
  3. Brian Tuma

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    “Furthermore, if you would like to start your own group, I would be more than willing to help you if you choose……it would be fun competing with you!,” Competing? Lol. Someone should have taken away his keys fifteen years ago.
  4. Brian Tuma

    Crossmen 2019

    How does one “own” a corps?
  5. Brian Tuma

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    I wonder if the vote to oust Pioneer was unanimous. Any way of finding out?
  6. 1996 Les Etoile div II championships. Then they poured poured it on even more for DI quarter and semifinals. 15th place!
  7. I’m one of those rare ancient pharts who likes today’s drum corps but all I want from Madison in 2019 is straight up drum corps like that clip. No bells and whistles.
  8. I wouldn’t call it a big chunk of members since it always seemed like Pio was scrambling to field a 100 member corps at the very minimum. Also, I can’t imagine Legends drooling with the prospect of picking up members who had their hearts set on marching Pioneer. Since this is a St Patrick’s parade thread I’ll relay the following. There was a year when I saw Pioneer in the Milwaukee parade as just a drum line because they didn’t have enough recruits to fill out the brass section. In March! So no, I don’t think Pio will be leaving a regional recruiting void that Legends or Colt Cadets will be jumping on.
  9. Two words - Restraining Order. That sounds dramatic but I feel it’s the only way the IBOD of Pioneer could provide a future for the corps.
  10. I’m going to be one of those meanies. If you have to mention “class”, you don’t have it. Pio does that in almost all of their communications. Class is an honorific others bestow upon you.
  11. Good grief! Who authored this piece of garbage?
  12. Brian Tuma

    “Failure to Protect”

    I’m curious if others on here have gone through a vetting process as a corps volunteer. A few years ago I thought of volunteering on the food crew for my local corps ( i live in Milwaukee wink wink). Basically, my vetting process consisted of questions about whether I marched and with which corps. My CV and list of references were all but ignored. I had extensive experience in the catering business which didn’t impress my interviewer at all. The same with presenting my state Serve-safe certification. When I asked about a criminal background check the answer was “you seem honest enough”. Well, in short I didn’t jump at the opportunity. Lol
  13. Loads of people were offended when he introduced the character Franklin to the comic strip. He and his syndicator held firm. Imagine being triggered over a cartoon kid.
  14. Brian Tuma

    “Failure to Protect”

    Oops, nevermind. I hadn’t yet read through the entire thread.