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  1. If they use props hopefully they look better than anything that could be slapped together from Home Depot. He is a great addition to the corps. I’m looking forward to what PR brings to the field this Summer.
  2. I don’t know if this has been covered but is everyone emailing the directors and encouraging them to vote no to woodwinds?
  3. Is the Ph too acidic or too alkaline for your tastes?
  4. I recall hearing that he was injured but I could be wrong.
  5. The 2000 16th place Pioneer was teeny. I would guess under 80 members, maybe way less.
  6. I would add Pioneer drum major Jackie Hirn to the list as far as leadership is concerned. I imagine she had her hands full keeping up morale during the ‘18 season.
  7. You’re giving them way too much credit. I was thinking more along the lines of a toxic word salad.
  8. Did you see the “what next, animals?” post? Then they have the nerve to feel they aren’t being taken seriously and everyone else is a snowflake.
  9. You’re dealing in hypotheticals but the untimely deaths of Jim Ott and George Zingali come to mind.
  10. Here’s an idea. Why don’t you just call them dead already, say a little prayer and move on. Unless of course you enjoy being DCP’s biggest drama queen.
  11. Wow, actively cheering for a corps to fail. By default you’re also cheering for the members to fail. Classy.
  12. How can I be right when I never made a claim? Lol Your attempt at sarcasm comes off more like histrionics.
  13. I’m curious, what’s the other side of the story?