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  1. What’s your coworker’s construction background? Theatrical? Engineering? Bloo’s props have been so well designed and engineered.
  2. They could very well own a bus or two. Does a corps rely on charter companies year round?
  3. They need a safe space to avoid all the shattered glass.
  4. Please point out the “partisan politics” in Cadets’ show announcement. Is it the whole equality/empowerment thing? Since when are those considered partisan issues?
  5. I’ll probably be accused of virtue signaling again, whatever that is. I don’t see how equality and opportunity could be made “political” unless you twisted yourself into knots trying to. (That guy is gone) Seems like it would be too much effort. Lol.
  6. I have no idea. I was more offended by BAC hanging the witch by the waist. Lol. If you’re going to use that sort of imagery go all the way.
  7. What? I’ll be judgmental. Why the **** use noose imagery in drum corps? There’s plenty of ways to be “edgy” without going that route. Absolutely no need to bring that kind imagery into the drum corps arena even if it’s just used in a trailer.
  8. To me, they’ve always been the corps I’ve wanted to see move up. BK has one of my favorite brass sounds, just enough edge. That’s the type of sound I like on a football field as opposed to a concert hall. Hope things work out well with the new staff additions.
  9. Please don’t disregard Mr Takei’s contribution to media. That “pop culture” program broke ground. Think about how people of Asian descent were portrayed in film and television prior to Star Trek. Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Hop Sing from Gunsmoke are two of the most egregious examples that come to mind.
  10. Meh, I don’t care one way or another. Seems like a lot of you are taking this waaaaaaaaaay too seriously. Oh my!
  11. This comment got me thinking of 27. The Bonfiglio family was 27 but even a storied, very traditional corps had the ability to change and boy did they change. I think their Sondheim show was one of the most radical departures in drums corps history. Alas, it didn’t make the cut but it was an incredible attempt at “modernization”.
  12. Sad, isn’t it? A three time world champion in their class goes out in a whimper in 36th place because of someone’s ego and stubbornness but it’s all about the kids, right? SMH.
  13. I actually loved the show. The dissonance set me on edge in a good way and the resolution into Laura was brilliant. I was kind of speaking in general and referring to those who want melodies spoon fed to them. It was not the most crowd friendly show.