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  1. Do DCI or any of the corps have a presence at Honda Battle of the Bands? Norfolk State University is my fave
  2. Bluecoats had an HBCU scholarship fund I donated to. I don’t know if they still do. I haven’t gotten a request in a couple years.
  3. I’m confused. Why wouldn’t it be important right now?
  4. Pioneer is still running a bingo operation. I’m curious what they’re funding with the proceeds. (I actually shook my head a bit in disgust when I typed Pioneer.) 😉
  5. Getting off topic but… I remember watching the PBS broadcast back in the 70’s when Maynard Ferguson stated something to the effect that women were physiologically limited when it came to brass playing. Even my 14 year old self was like WTF?
  6. Is he the one who said that? I remember that quote. Tone deaf at best.
  7. This thread will get back to staff changes soon enough. It’s just that dcp abhors a vacuum
  8. Bluecoats The lyrics Harken back to both ‘22 and ‘23. It would be a subtle way to tie all three shows together.
  9. Got an oversized kitty? Does it need a bigger toy? Contact Madison Scouts. Is your school putting on The Music Man? Look no further. The top twelve has all your trombone needs covered.
  10. I got caught in the downpour. It felt great Go Regiment!
  11. Far from being my favorite but I admire what they did in 2017. Last Man Standing was a bold move. I think it could have set them up to transition into a modern style that was still “Madison”. Alas, they chickened out and did a complete 180. “The heart, the heart”. I really think they squandered what they had built.
  12. Had I known I would have strapped myself to your roof rack
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