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  1. I don’t think hazing has been an issue since the Florida A&M hazing death in 2011. There might be some rare cases perpetrated by knuckleheads but administrators and directors no longer turn a blind eye to it.
  2. That Phantom show was pure joy! I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes at the thought that kids might not be able to experience drum corps in the same way for a long time. It breaks my heart.
  3. Lol. Aggrieved before the first cartoon character even floats by.
  4. Mock the guy in charge, not the corps proper. I know you don’t mean to mock the members but I feel bad if any of them were to see things like this.
  5. Lol. Fictional characters can do whatever they choose to do with their own fictional fortunes. That’s part of the fun. Poor Peter Parker, he’s a pauper.
  6. Are you thinking of Star’s infamous hamster wheels from 1986 that were ditched after a couple shows?
  7. Heroes don’t make irresponsible financial decisions.
  8. Didn’t the director of the Troopers at the time splurge on an entire line of G horns when everyone was switching to B flat? I seem to remember him making a boneheaded decision like that.
  9. Oh good grief! I enjoy the history and insight Illiana brings to the table. Also, in regards to his work colleague, if Illiana had known about it at the time I think he would have done what he could to put a stop to it because that’s the impression I have of him as a stand up guy.
  10. If you were there you would have stopped it. I feel like using “somehow” is placing a value judgement on his actions rather than simply saying “he got involved...” We don’t need to know how or why.
  11. Regardless, it was clumsy phrasing and downplays his colleague’s actions. IMO
  12. You don’t “somehow” get involved with a 15 yo student.
  13. If you care to pm me some of your faves I would like that. I used to love satire but it’s just no longer enjoyable for me. Sarah Cooper has been a bright spot.
  14. Too be fair, satire and irony are dead. It’s difficult to distinguish between some current events and headlines from The Onion.