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  1. Bluecoats are also staffing an event space/bingo hall, correct? I wonder how much of their 2.5 million budget is payroll.
  2. Thank you for posting that. Hearing Myron Rosander talk about going into the light was very emotional. Now I have to go back and listen to the 2002 Glassmen after hearing that background music. Cheers!
  3. This troubles me. It makes me feel as if the victims are being pressured to stay quiet.
  4. Try the Historical Forum. That’s for any pre ‘89 threads.
  5. My first thought was Dutch Boy in finals but they weren’t the first Canadian corps to make it.
  6. That was it! My memory is a little rusty. I was like, “who is this guy, I need to meet him”.
  7. 1989 was the year I met George Zingali. He sat down near me when the Blue Knights took the field in semis. I had no idea who he was but his enthusiasm prompted me to strike up a conversation with him after their performance. I had played Punchinello in high school band so appreciated George’s armchair conducting during that segment.
  8. Suncoast Sound’s final appearance as a World Class (then DI) corps. I liked their fresh take on Florida Suite.
  9. According to their website Blue Stars reached their food truck fundraising goal on 1/1/2020.
  10. I thought he meant to say Surf has it in [for] the Madison Scouts. Then again, my troll to English translation skills are a little rusty.
  11. Scrolling up isn’t that technical. Lol
  12. Your comment is unintelligible. Find somewhere else to troll.
  13. 2010 has so many “best of Regiment” moments for me. Best, most well written percussion Best comeback Best concept Best pared down no frills Regiment Best emotional connection Best use of the chevron formation/kick halt EVER! Best, most coherent arrangement of source music
  14. I appreciate their past but I don’t think it can or should be recreated. I think their shows from the last three seasons have captured that classic Spirit swagger and audience engagement while remaining relevant and giving the members a fun show to perform. That other poster described ‘19 as “messy” I don’t think “messy” nearly makes finals lol. I thought it was more of a party atmosphere and that’s what engaged me. The members’ performance sold me.