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  1. Did tarps start out as a design choice in WGI? I always thought they first came about to protect the (mostly) hardwood floor performance area.
  2. That’s right! Imagine if every person writing a check felt entitled to tell an organization how to run things. I’m talking in general, not just the Scouts.
  3. It’s great to see Les Stentors back after taking a year off.
  4. I can understand that but he should still be mature enough not to be snarky to one of the most liked and admired posters on here.
  5. The emoting while holding a helmet like it was some sort of sacred object always struck me as goofy. I totally disagree with you about the chevron formation. Like CC’s crown formation or BK’s little prep step, I’ve come to expect it at some point in the show.
  6. The ‘96 Phantom Regiment wants to continue that convo in a dark alley. Lol
  7. Since when does Facebook make the rules? Lol
  8. Subtle! Thanks. I’m going to find a basket of kittens to post. Lol
  9. I like white knighting. Make America Chivalrous Again! Or makes be just “knighting” because, you know...
  10. That would have been me. It wasn’t a complaint, it was a comment on it’s over usage. Is it like the new Hannity/Ingraham catch phrase?
  11. For a really fun show that’s well performed, 1997 Madison Scouts. Who doesn’t like pirates? For something on the serious side yet still very accessible go for the 2010 Phantom Regiment.
  12. My cynical take on it is that there will be no administrative shakeup because this is such a big move and will need to be shepherded through by the current admin who made the decision. How convenient. Also, you loooooove that phrase “virtue signaling”. Lol