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  1. I imagine that’s incredibly lush. BK has one of my favorite hornlines.
  2. I love my Blue Stars but I think they missed a great opportunity to bring down the house in 2017 by not doing an over the top arrangement of this.
  3. Guilt trip? Did we watch the same video?
  4. Maybe the historical forum. Otherwise, I say we vote them off the island.
  5. An employment case is currently being heard by the Supreme Court.
  6. I still laugh when I think about seeing a guard dressed in evening gown type attire tossing around rifles back in the late 80s. Could you imagine someone unfamiliar with the activity seeing that for the first time? Wha??? A rifle line can be impressive when used in the proper context.
  7. I found this a bit curious. It’s from Wikipedia so I don’t know how accurate it is. SponsorshipEdit Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps & Color Guard, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) musical organization. As such, it has a Board of Advisors, director, and staff assigned to carry out the organization's mission. The organization is under the direction of interim CEO, William Strube and an interim Board of Advisors. However, the interim board of directors does not have the legal authority to remove current Board members, or make legal decisions on behalf of the corps without permission of the existing Board of Directors.[11]
  8. You could also get kind of esoteric and make it into a ghost story by working in Toni Morrison’s Beloved.
  9. Try the under 60s! Lol. I know of him performing at The First Avenue in Minneapolis in 1979 and I was late to the game.
  10. You or someone else could cut out the design and appliqué it onto a new shirt. I did that to a fave white shirt that was pitted out. Lol
  11. He’s the only arranger in drum corps I felt made the original orchestral score better. 2010. Although, that team was an embarrassment of riches so it wasn’t solely his arranging that made Into the Light such a stunning production.
  12. “Representation matters” does not mean other attributes don’t also matter and I didn’t suggest that in my post.