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  1. What are his goals with this space flight?
  2. Blue Stars did a great job weaving their show theme into a traditional uniform. I’ll try digging up a photo. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSh_WlCMzMt/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. It might be time for another aviation show. This time with a British twist. The Spitfire. The men who flew it and the women who built it. https://youtu.be/i4zk3dHZ11w
  4. Until this year when they literally caught lightning in a bottle. Well, at least spirits. Lol
  5. I was just about to post a comment about that. He shattered his femur doing a company front.
  6. Costuming needs to be “uniform”. Haha. Individual costuming like they did would be way too busy on a full size corps. I think I would get vertigo watching that.
  7. Who remembers General Butler Vagabonds being individually costumed for their 1999 Les Miserables show? Probably only us nerds who actually paid attention to the small corps. It wasn’t looked upon as radical as far as I can recall. I think it worked for a small group like that. Third place in DIII with 13+/- horns.
  8. “We’re unable to feed our kids but hey, we’re lugging a giant sundial around all summer to reinforce the pretension of our show.” A since folded corps in the mid 2000s.
  9. I’m not a big fan of costuming but I have to say I loved Spirit’s look. I may be off but I interpreted it as a ghost, spirit, haint or whatever otherworldly creature might be caught in a bottle tree. It was out there and it worked for me. (It also reminded a little bit of Bumble the abominable snowman from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Lolol)
  10. No personal slight taken. It’s hard to be sore at a phellow phan.
  11. Well, the thread says Blue Devils, not Blue Devils and dcp fan boys. How else was I supposed to take your claim other than being directed at Blue Devils?
  12. Ok, let’s circle back to your original post and have that conversation. How do you think the BD organization (or the fan boys as you subsequently claimed) can achieve this humility you want? How do they humble themselves in a way that suits you?
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