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  1. Umm...that's actually a tad bit disturbing, Mike! Please ease concerns that you scene had nothing to do with...two...pillows. Because I just had a "bathing in chocolate" flashback there!
  2. Hey...who are you?? I saw your signature: "Fan of the activity since August 12, 1991." Me, too!
  3. My God...P.T. Barnum? As in the circus folk? ####, that sounds almost like an early 20th Century version of Blue Man or Trans Siberian--I almost like the way they/you think! (forgive my snark, that was directed at others...not you!) As for MANY events affiliated with a drum corps show...there is an entirely separate set of people I hope read my commenting on THAT concept. ####, you'd think I've been "on" to something the last three years. How about that. (that wasn't a was an observation both sets of people will completely miss) I replied on this thread and it grew by 5 mo
  4. Respectfully, I disagree, Sam. OP brings up some good issues, albeit with a little bit of a tart tone. But also offers some good (if simplistic) suggestions. I'd start with an overview of how the Blue Man and Trans-Siberian Orchestra groups--in a BAD economy, no less!--continue to draw enough of an audience to keep their doors open! Its not cheap renting out the American Airlines Center in Dallas...gotta draw a crowd! And those groups cost money...salary, hotels, per diem, etc. Granted, they also draw advertising. Fortune 500's, etc. See also Disney On Ice and anything that Ringling is
  5. As for the rehash of "Phantom vs. Phantom" (so to speak), that was a kind of neat revelation for the evening! To see two corps once again be performing selections from 'New World' AND 'Phantom of the Opera' in the same the SAME SHOW...was awesome! Thank you to Bluecoats and Blue Stars (who I didn't get to see!) for that little treat. I look forward to seeing these two shows in person. And Crown, the closing portion with the more recognizable portions of the Copland...juicey!! If it is possible to feature more of this, I'd say DO IT!! If the sheets are based on the recognizabl
  6. Well, they shut down Northpark in Dallas as a DCI theater, so I trekked up to Plano to join a phellow phormer Phantom. I missed Blue Stars and Phantom, arriving as Phantom was leaving the field, so can't comment on the product. But given that the corps opened in 2nd place with BD not present, a more-or-less 3rd place opening finish is uncharacteristic for the corps--so a GREAT start! I was VERY impressed with Cadets' show being opening night. It will be great...really good use of familiar music. Anyone who thinks Christmas music won't work need only revisit 1991 Cavaliers. This could be
  7. I am proud to announce that DCI Open Class Director Dave Eddleman informed me yesterday that the Open Class Advisory Committee unanimously approved Forte to participate in the 2012 DCI summer tour. The corps will be added to the schedule in coming days and the official announcement will be made by DCI as well. DCI Executive Director Dan Acheson visited Forte's rehearsal camp this past Saturday, meeting with members of the Board of Directors and Administrative Staff, viewing the evening ensemble rehearsal (in which members coordinated the forty-five drill sets learned earlier that day with mu
  8. Perform background checks on all senior leadership including candidates for Board of Directors. Go in-depth. Do NOT affiliate with people who don't pass this phase. Period. Secondly, pass a list of names and brief bio on each by the good folks at DCI, DCA, WGI--pretty much anywhere they might have developed a..."reputation." Do NOT affiliate with anyone who does a face plant on this item either. Within that group of folks who actually pass muster on these two items, gather as many people who don't have degrees in theater or music as you can find. Artistic sorts are a dime a gross. Go h
  9. So I'm hearing of a pretty interesting situation developing here at Forte central. Yeah, yeah...who let the OC Director out of the OC threads, right? Well, my question is somewhat activity-wide, so allow me a little bit of room on this one, k? What is the BIGGEST horn line in drum corps history that had a majority FEMALES in the TUBA or CONTRA section??? I'll grant you the all-girl corps. Obviously, I'm curious what the largest mixed corps tuba section with more GIRLS than GUYS is/was. Because if its never been documented, we're about to make it NECESSARY to do so. Hint-hint. TUBA CHIC
  10. Oops. Try this link. My earlier one apparently didn't work.
  11. That would be my Vice Chairman, Gordon Martinez. He took the time to look up every single NPO participating in the voting and has been tracking the leaders for 2 weeks. We rose to 7th place by Friday night, 5th on Saturday and then leap-frogged to 2nd on Sunday where we have been since, about 1,200 votes (now) out of 1st. Sure would be a shame to see that much effort go to waste! Please vote for Forte every day between now and February 9th. Thank you!
  12. http://fuelinggood.c...ggood?id=803534 Attention ALL fans of drum corps...Forte Drum & Bugle Corps is currently sitting in SECOND place NATIONALLY in Citgo's Fueling Good $5,000 gas card give away! This is largely due to the support of the drum corps activity and we are asking you to help with one BIG, final push. Help us leap frog into FIRST PLACE this week. We are not far behind and you can help us achieve this notable accomplishment quickly. http://fuelinggood.c...ggood?id=803534 You are able to vote ONE time EVERY DAY through February 9th. Please vote for Forte D&BC "Chicago-sty