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  1. Tim K

    “Failure to Protect”

    I understand the sentiment and there are valid reasons why this may be a good idea, but for this discussion it does not solve the problem of sexual misconduct and could potentially make things worse. 18-22 takes away many legal issues, but that’s all. There would be no grounds for not hiring people with questionable backgrounds and no reason for no fraternization policies. Remember a few months back on this site people argued that no fraternization was not necessary, back in the day they dated instructors at age 18 or 19, what if there was only a year or two age difference, etc. Make the environment safe and set the protocols first, and if we cannot be certain youth would be protected, then look at the restructuring.
  2. Tim K

    “Failure to Protect”

    As I’m reading some of these posts, I am seeing a few key pieces missing. One could be the more serious issue. Music City responded to the article. They removed the person as soon as info became available, did all the background checks while hiring and the person slipped through the cracks. If no further information surfaces that is contrary, it was handled in the best possible manner. Music City seems to have believed the credibility of the accusations or at least the seriousness of them. There were two major parts of the newspaper story that fleshed out more details than most of us previously knew. The two corps in question allowed people with serious strikes against them to remain on staff. Perhaps it was out of friendship, which may have been the situation in one case, but you can’t allow that to cloud judgment. But in this case, and certainly in another case, they may not believe the victims. Remember predators often look for the most vulnerable person, and at times the stories of the victim can be shaky, even though they are true. All the best hiring practices cannot cover up people not believing victims. People want to see heads roll. Heads may need to roll, but while that can be a solution that makes people say something has been done, it may not be the best way to handle things. In the cases of serious wrong doing, based on specifics mentioned in the article, some should resign or be removed. In some situations the person may not have seen what was staring them in the face, then suddenly pieces appear and everything becomes clearer. While there may be serious doubts about the long term future of people in this category, they may have institutional knowledge and know how to find the skeletons in the closet.
  3. Tim K

    “Failure to Protect”

    For schools, there can be a variety of reasons. It often seems in school settings, if a person is accused of anything that can be defined as sexual misconduct, it is made public, but often that is not the case. It's not usually for innocent until proven guilty nor is it to protect a person's reputation if a charge is false. It often depends on whether something becoming public does more harm than good to an accuser or whether it will hinder further prosecution. Often the element of surprise is what allows prosecutors to catch criminals, and a friend of mine who worked for the Middlesex County DA's office here in Massachusetts once told me the cases that were the easiest to get a conviction were those not in the public eye and got little attention until the trial began. It was easier to pick a jury and you did not run the risk of a trail in the court of public opinion. A good lawyer on the part of the accused and teacher's unions could also play a role. Regarding licenses being revoked or certification not being renewed, requirements licenses and certifications vary from state to state. There could be fifty different reasons for fifty different states. However if a license was revoked or allowed to expire, something significant would be whether the license would be renewed. I know somewhere I have a letter stating that when my certification expired, I was a teacher in good standing at the time my certification expired. I also know that not everyone receives this letter. So for teachers who leave the profession, demanding a letter that says the person left in good standing may be a possibility.
  4. In general, I have a positive attitude but I am a realist. The realist understands that Drum corps is dealing with a situation that if not handled properly could tear it apart. The positive side does still see many admirable qualities. That being said, when I was in high school and college, I followed drum corps like a fiend. I knew stats, repertoires, knew kids who marched, knew the rumors, how the corps worked, etc. I would have marched if circumstances were different, which included being in the seminary and not being available for weekend practices, something I’m sure your friend the priest discovered, but in spite of some wild happenings, drum corps did build character. For about twenty years, I attended shows but that was about it. I did not know many who marched or instructed, the local drum corps scene was all but gone, though excitement was rejuvenated when BAC made finals in 1999, Beanpot bring a great show, and the heated rivalry between Spartans and 7th Regiment developed, but I did not go to finals or Allentown most years because I only had so much time for vacation and when nieces, nephews, and cousin’ children were small, vacation meant family. About 2011, finding time for family vacations got impossible as the kids got older and had commitments, so Allentown and Indy became vacation destinations. I also got reacquainted with how drum corps function, met folks involved in all levels, and it is different, but the kids are still motivated, they work hard, and drum corps still overall, in spite of some bad characters, does build character and teach doing the right thing. I do see situations where some corps lose sight of what’s important, but it can be temporary.
  5. I think for reasons having little to do with sexual abuse and misconduct, drum corps may be too unwieldy for an independent governing board. There is a difference between leadership and authority. I would rather DCI show leadership and I believe this policy is an important first step in leadership. Too much authority would lead to infighting. DCI already has a classic example of authority grabs in the G7 disaster. Now as I write this, a possible solution could be DCI vetting applicants. They would submit the information for criminal background checks, verify the credentials, and check the references. This would be a paperwork only job, so the corps could still decide if the applicant or volunteer is right for the corps, but DCI could verify that the person does not have a criminal background and the references exist. This way the corps can say “We verified this information and he/she was approved by DCI as well.
  6. The policy in many school districts in the Boston area is that band is a graded class, the marching component which usually consists of football games, half time, parades and in some cases competition is considered extra curricular. About twenty years ago, a local high school included the marching season as part of the grade and a family fought it because it interferes with religious services. The court ruled in favor of the family. This makes sense. Gym is a class, but sports are extra curricular.
  7. I understand, and if it sounds as if I was disagreeing with you I’m sorry. My intention was to point out the importance of not only the background and also reference checks because even when you dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s,” people can still unintentionally slip through the cracks.
  8. The individual was let go from C2 as soon as the news of the investigation surfaced. Remember, he passed background checks because he was not charged with a crime. His name popped up when someone else was being investigated and he cooperated with authorities to avoid prosecution. He was also employed as a public school teacher at the same time he instructed C2. This did turn out to be a bad hire, but it was not due to failing to do background checks.
  9. Overall this policy is good and a necessary step in the right direction. Much of what it contains is not surprising to people who have been involved in youth and college activities and acknowledges the limitations of background checks, going from state to state, etc. As I look at it more from a "read between the lines" interpretation, DCI is putting corps on notice who have poor hiring practices, do not bother with background checks, or ignore safety issues. letting these corps know that while they may not have the authority to supervise their practices, they can ban them from competing. If the corps fights this and takes the matter to court, they would have to prove that DCI was wrong by showing they complied. It would mean that the person hired would be put under legal scrutiny. In today's climate, you don't want to go near a court with even a hint of any matter involving sexual misconduct. This document can be important for liability issues for DCI. It also says to offending corps from this point forward, "If you're going to hire these people, you won't compete and you wont bring us all down with you."
  10. Tim K

    The Cadets 2019

    I can understand why there are concerns with Cadets given the financial situation and C2 on hiatus, but if Cadets did not have a strong winter camp, that would have been more surprising. Kids are going to want to march with Cadets. First, if any season would have faced a backlash, it would have been 2018. That did not happen. Second, they placed 7th last year, and score wise and competition wise, it could be argued it was a more respectable 7th place than 2017. If anything, Cadets biggest challenge is what faces Cavies, Crown, and BAC too. All want to medal next year, and all need the talent. These are the kind of challenges we want Cadets to face.
  11. Family bring quiet is no surprise. Don’t ever underestimate the power of denial. This is a serious matter, no question, and yes, loved ones should take action, but there are so many dynamics at play. There was a horrific situation that happened in my area a few years back, the details I’ll spare, and the family knew the perpetrator was seriously disturbed, but his public persona was exemplary. The man committed suicide and after his death it was discovered with DNA evidence he raped at least six women. People who knew him were shocked, but to family members it was no shock. They assumed his actions at home would never happen outside the family. It defies logic, but sadly it happens.
  12. When I saw SCV at a local show that summer, I thought it was nice and enjoyable show, but it didn’t quite pack a punch. I can imagine that at finals it would have been a bit more powerful being finals, and as others have mentioned, Gail Royer’s last finals as corps manager. However, I do enjoy watching it on DVD today. I find with many shows when you know the outcome and look back, you sometimes appreciate them in a different way.
  13. If I had to venture a guess, I would say the Cadets home shows would be a given, Allentown would be a strong possibility. An interesting possibility would be CYO Nationals Tribute. Though it is now a BAC show rather than one sponsored by the Archdiocese of Boston, Cadets marched in both the first and last CYO Nationals. Now before anyone is impressed with my old school trivia, which gets corrrected more often than not, the 2011 program book for the first Tribute show had a trivia contest, and a group of people I attended with tried answering this question and knew it was Garfield Cadets. There was a heated debate regarding this question. A man who marched with IC Reveries later marched with 27th claimed it should include 27th since the Senior IC Reveries were disbanded and later became 27th, they should have that distinction too. It didn’t fly.
  14. Tim K

    Help me out here!

    If it makes you feel better, when older nuns see my handwriting, they can’t believe I ever attended Catholic school.
  15. Tim K

    Phantom 1989

    SCV in 1989 is one of my favorite all time shows, so too is PR in 1989. I think for both shows there are mostly strengths and few weaknesses, yet while I still tend to say SCV, I will say the more you watch the Legacy DVD, the more you pick up on some small errors. Regarding the judges are watching comment, I will have to watch the Legacy DVD again. The "DCI Essentials: Classics DVD, I find that the Blu Ray is a bit more polished. Sadly, I can't listen to the download any more. The CD's are damaged and the original was on a computer that got a virus and the DCI downloads were not able to be saved.