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  1. When I saw the original comment I thought “Terri’s going to need an extra dose of blood pressure medicine!”
  2. Being in a Hall of Fame is not a right, it’s an honor. So DCI would not have to reinstate him for pleading guilty to a lesser charge than the original charge. People are removed frequently from halls of fame and similar honors for bad behavior. I know of a town that had a beloved football coach in their high school hall of fame who was charged with drunk driving. He was removed immediately. While the accomplishments are the primary reason why a person is nominated, their conduct is part of the criteria as well, and the judge in the case was pretty direct. He abused his power.
  3. I have a few thoughts regarding the possibility of no 2021 season. I still hold out hope there will be. If there is not a 2021 season, corps have to find away to keep marching members and potential marching members engaged. I was talking with a woman who directs a children's chorus and does community theater. Her biggest concern is that the children she works with will move on to other activities. She has a virtual chorus to try and remedy this, but when she spoke I could not help but think of drum corps. Marching members may move on and recruitment could be a challenge. I think those cor
  4. Would I be surprised if you told me GH was offered a position with another corps? I would not be surprised if I learned he was a behind the scenes consultant, but in this day and age any corps that put him at the helm might be shooting themselves in the foot. You mention some parents being upset, I think you would find it’s the young people themselves who would object. BLM protests might be taking center stage, but “MeToo” has not been forgotten and pleading to a lesser charge, probation and a fine, and not having to register as a sex offender makes no difference. Regarding GH supporters,
  5. I would agree that GH with his notoriety will not get hired by another corps. The “fly under the radar” folks have been and possibly will continue to be a problem. You can’t think “I know this guy, he’ll be fine” anymore. However, it could happen again. Dust will settle from recent bad hires and someone who shouldn’t be hired will be. I have known of cases where people have been fired or relieved of their volunteer positions for having their hand in the till while working the souvenir booth, having a mouth that would make a longshoreman blush, or showing up a bit woozy. These are all leg
  6. Interestingly, Max Lucado recently shared his experiences of being sexually abused as a child.
  7. My guess is that 21 being the age out year for drum corps goes back to when the voting age was also 21. There have been significant changes since that time. Prior to the 1980’s, only about 40-50% of high school graduates went to college and most high school graduates who attended vocational high schools or were on a vocational track went right into the work force, if in the 60’s and early 70’s were not drafted. Today about 70% of high school graduates attend either two or four year colleges and many vocational programs require further education or apprenticeships. Many college graduates atten
  8. One of the advantages of being at prelims from early in the day is meeting and talking with the young people who march Open Class. In random conversations, I have talked to kids who march for a variety of reasons. Some are college students who love drum corps, can’t commit to WC scheduling, but want a good experience of drum corps. For others it is clearly a steppingstone to WC. Some are high school students who see IC as the musical equivalent of AAU. Some just want to be involved. OC is where you could have a regional touring model and in some cases regional membership, regional at least in
  9. Regarding the rental of church properties, most churches are insured to the hilt. You never know what will trigger a lawsuit. The most common is a person falling on the property. Second would be injuries of young people due to lack of supervision. The person falling is usually covered by the church’s liability coverage even if the facility is being rented short term. The supervision liability depends on who is in charge. For a group that either is renting or borrowing a facility, it is their insurance that covers it. Usually this is part of the lease. If the group does not have insurance, the
  10. A few years back, a young man I know wrote a piece of music for his band, had it copyrighted, and a rival band played it and uploaded the video to YouTube. The composer’s mother (never mess with Mom) reported it to YouTube, YouTube investigated, and ended up removing many of the rival bands videos except songs they could prove were their own. My understanding is this happens regularly and the video is either removed or the music is silenced and you only see the performance. So it’s possible that someone believed their music was performed without permission and uploaded to YouTube, a complaint
  11. I know some people in medical research including one who works for one of the leading companies with vaccines in a phase three trial, and while none have divulged trade secrets and I would have no idea what they were talking about if they did, things are looking pretty optimistic. There is also the possibility more than one effective vaccine. Regarding protocols, while nothing has been finalized yet, a local news program stated that first responders and health care workers are at the top of the list, followed by people who deal with large portions of people, which is a bit fuzzy. There i
  12. I think it’s pretty safe to say camps will be virtual. As we’ve said, schools will most likely not be available for the school year, even if there is a vaccine and a treatment protocol. If there are camps, some colleges are in a “bubble” pretty much meaning you cannot leave campus and or have visitors. How the bubbles are enforced is another question, but it is possible some marchers may not be able to attend. Then there are states that have mandatory quarantine requirements which would effectively not allow kids to participate at a camp unless they have been in state for 14 days and in some
  13. If I were to summarize the few conversations I have had with a few people, DCI is, in my words, encouraging about next year but also cautious and non-committal. It will most likely be a shortened season as some of us heard, but a shortened season is better than no season. Regarding show venues, by this time next year most venues would have held events and if social distancing is still required, it will be all mapped out. I don’t think booking a stadium will be the problem. The problem could be whether a show will be profitable if a stadium only allows a certain percentage of its seats to
  14. Since we didn’t have a season I’m not sure why we have to wait until after Labor Day for official announcements, but I suppose it’s good to keep one tradition in this untraditional time.