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  1. Young people who have had their high school and college years disrupted by Covid-19 with schools closing, remote learning, cancellation of graduation, music activities, sports, etc., have no illusions that 2021 will be a normal drum corps season. I think the same holds true for fans. None of the announcements I have read are promising competitive opportunities or national tours. They are promising a once in a lifetime opportunity and if this “bridge season” keeps the activity going, we’ll be singing their praises and calling them heroes, so long as it is safe.
  2. The Boston Crusaders announcement has items in it that look like a potential season. They seem to be planning “performances” rather than competitive shows, or at least that’s my interpretation. You may see some joint performances with Cadets, very likely given the close proximity of the two corps and Cadets still having a huge fan base in the Boston area, and perhaps Bloo and depending on what the folks in Fort Mill decide, Crown. For the corps that do participate this year, this season is not as much about competition as keeping the activity alive. If I don’t get to Indy this year, and
  3. I don’t think what you say is without edit. It is a fundraiser but I would add two more reasons. It’s also about publicity. Even if it’s just for goodwill, keeping the activity alive on some level if it is safe to do so is important. It needs to be safe, but doing nothing could be far more costly. There is also an obligation to the employees which is another reason. So many were furloughed last year. I remember seeing on here all but two, but I am not sure of the accuracy. Some of us probably know, even if just through FB, some of those who lost their jobs. There were no work at home remote op
  4. As we’re looking at capacity at LOS, social distancing, health rules and regulations for next summer, there is something we need to take into account that makes drum corps audiences, especially at finals, unique. We have a lot of young people and many “young at heart.” There’s not a huge what I would call a “middle group,” namely folks with school aged children. The 50+ group may travel and attend, but will the 65+ crowd with health conditions? I’m 58 and attend in a block that includes lots of folks in the 70+ crowd and between shows the value of flu shots, potassium and calcium supplements,
  5. I just cleared my inbox. Since Wednesday I have received a good number of advertisements for travel next summer. There are a number of offers if I book now for all kinds of discounts. I also heard on a radio program of “travel revenge” which is encouraging people to begin planning for post pandemic travel to exotic locales. None are encouraging people to travel if it is unsafe the excursions are refundable. Some may require proof of vaccination at booking. All of this made me wonder if DCI was being strategic and whether Visit Indy which works with DCI may have encouraged DCI to send out
  6. After I heard the news this afternoon, I thought the event in Indy would be more a collection of corps sending representation to the event but we would not see full fledged competing corps in the way we are accustomed to see them. BD and SCV not participating only confirms this. I think the announcement is intentionally vague because the corps themselves do not know what this will entail. I think what we will see is more like a convention atmosphere rather than a competitive one and it could be like SoundSport on steroids. If health conditions allow, having something in August will be
  7. While I still think it’s too early to say there will not be a 2021 season, I do think it will be different from what we are used to and what works for this year will be temporary so looking to 2022 for rule changes is not too far fetched. While I did see the wisdom for allowing 2020 age outs to march in 2021, if we don’t have a season, I don’t think we should raise the age limit. I’m also not sure why we should only offer the opportunity to march over the age of 21 to graduate students only. Graduate students are not allowed to play undergraduate athletics. They may be allowed on intramur
  8. I just saw this news on Facebook. Such a huge loss. His knowledge of drum corps was unrivaled and his willingness and ability to share it like no other. The past few months have been difficult for him with all that happened with the cancellation of the season and later his diagnosis, but judging from his FB posts a few months back, he knew he faced an uphill battle but also knew had the love, prayers, and support of so many from people who marched with him in Cavies to casual acquaintances. My conversations with him in Indy, which were always too brief since everyone knew him and wanted to at
  9. I’m thinking it depends on the show and sponsor. Any show that relies solely or even primarily on ticket sales, concessions, and raffles will be in trouble. However I know of one show where performance fees, stadium rental, and the police detail are all paid for from revenues of an ad/program book. Ticket sales, raffles, and concessions help the organization award scholarships. While it is not as large a show as some of the shows on tour up to Texas and between San Antonio and Atlanta, the corps sell a huge number of small adult and children’s sizes to grandparents in the stands. I know of one
  10. I would say fees are fine with a very serious stipulation that if there is not a 2021 season, the entire fee is refunded. No questions, no promises to apply it to 2022, full refund, end of story. However, with rising debts, and some corps’ reputation of “robbing Peter to lay Paul,” can every corps honor such a policy?
  11. Fortunately I do not get sick very often, but when I am not feeling well, I only want to be in my bed or in my recliner since I don’t have a TV in my room. The absolute worst place I can think of being sick is on a DCI tour. Sleeping bags in a gym, locker room bathrooms that have been used by who knows how many people, or worse a bus, does not sound appealing. So any time there is a “plague” that hits a corps, they have my sympathy. I have never heard of a drum corps show being cancelled due to illness. Those who have the 1976 Legacy DVD know there were concerns about finals in Philadelph
  12. My guess would be that people diagnosed with Covid may not be totally forthcoming when asked about mask wearing. Doctors will tell you most patients claim to exercise and dentists will tell you people always claim to floss. Remember too, they do not claim masks are 100% effective, the claim is that wearing a mask is more effective than not wearing a mask.
  13. In Massachusetts, the guidelines of the Commonwealth are the minimum standards. So the state can say restaurants can open with “X” number of patrons per square foot, but the city or town can be more restrictive if they desire. They cannot relax rules. For example, a city in the Boston area is always a week or two behind reopening guidelines and will put restrictions on some businesses rather quickly, but it makes sense since it’s a densely populated area. The mayor of this city is probably known to a few people on DCP due to his drum corps background. One town tried to go the opposite directio
  14. It depends on the school system and league. Some districts are planning Spring football. There are some soccer and field hockey games, some with spectators others without, and Cross Country. Football, in some districts, will be played in the Spring. I won’t hold my breath about Spring football.
  15. You’re at least planning concerts. In Massachusetts we have a range of in person, remote, and hybrid which has been challenging for specialists. Gym classes are held outdoors with no contact sports or activities that potentially have contact, and nothing that includes equipment such as balls or bats. Any music class with singing is outdoors too, and quite a few schools are not even allowing singing outdoors. Art classes usually involve the teacher going to class rooms rather than a class in an art room. I don’t know of any concerts planned. Regarding shows, if there is a 2021 season I th