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  1. Tim K

    The Cadets 2019

    My guess is no news, or controversies so the focus can be on 2019 is just the way the folks at Cadets like it.
  2. Those if us in Boston are not waiting until next year!
  3. Last year at BOA, Broken Arrow rode a four wheeled bike like vehicle on the field and folks decided everyone in 2018 would do the same. Unless I missed something in Indy, I didn’t see anyone copy it. So I hope no one copies it and allows this school to receive the applause for a show well done.
  4. Tim K

    Relative Newbie

    I spoke with the young man who sold the DVD’s at finals, probably two years ago. He had said at the time that once a DVD or BluRay is sold out, it will most likely be gone for good. With the cost of securing rights, along with the manufacturing, once you reissue a DVD or BluRay, a certain number have to be sold to break even. My guess is that anything over ten years old would not be worth DCI’s while financially to rerelease. I am glad I had the opportunity to purchase what I did when it was available.
  5. Tim K

    Relative Newbie

    Sounds like you have a full plate. If you don’t have time to visit the library, a phone call, text, or internet search could probably let you know if your library has inter library capabilities. I also said it’s a long shot. Where so many kids who march are from Texas, talk it up with kids in the orchestra. They may know where you can get videos and may even be able to connect you with people who march. it does sound from the comments you made to Liahona that you’re pretty familiar with drum corps already, more than a “Relative Newbie.” Though this is not a solution for today, try and get to shows and subscribe to Flo Marching. Put it on the Christmas list, same with the Legacy DVD’s and subsequent DVD’s and BluRays.
  6. The complaint many have regarding Phantom and its repertoire is that it has all been done before, and when it comes to some of the masterpieces of the Romantic era, that is true, but there have not been as many “deep cuts.” For example, in 2014 they performed “Swan Lake.” True, they did it in “Winter Palace” in 1987, but instead of digging deeper in the score and using music that has never been used in drum corps, they added film music. I’d love to have some Beethoven and Brahms in shows. There is so much unexplored Dvorak. Suk’s “Fantastc Scherzo” is amazing. The world of opera has great potential for Phantom, and with props becoming the norm, it’s much easier to tell the story. Cavaleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci would make a great show with emotionally gripping music and while “Vesti la Guibba” has been a show stopper in the past, it has never been done as it is found in the opera. I would love to see “Aida” on the drum corps field, all Verdi, no Elton John and Tim Rice. “Tosca” and “Manama Butterfly” would be powerful too. These are some thoughts and probably reflect my tastes more than anything else, but the music is timeless and it could be great for Phantom to make a comeback.
  7. Tim K

    Relative Newbie

    This is an extreme longshot, but does you public library have an interlibrary loan system? Librarians can be pretty resourceful and there could be a library that has al least some of the DVD's. As I say this, I do realize it is a longshot. I looked up DCI on the Boston Public Library system and the results yielded the British mystery series "D.C.I. Banks" and a book, "The Premier Guide to starting a Drum Corps" which according to the description will help the reader start a drum corps in six weeks! Some of the Facebook groups also have videos. Though this is not a video, you may also want to subscribe to "Drum Corps World." It is free, and has a lot of good information both historical information as well as what is happening in drum corps today. The writers are knowledgeable and the photography is excellent.
  8. Tim K

    Relative Newbie

    If you have access to the Legacy DVD's and the subsequent championship DVD's, I'd recommend a "backwards" approach. Begin with a current year such as 2016 or 2017 and go back a year. If you begin with, let's say 2014 and then watch 2013, you see the progress made each year and how in most cases, one year builds on the previous year. I'd also recommend not starting at the beginning of a DVD. Watch beginning with 12th place and work up to first. Another thing I enjoy doing, especially on snow days when I have time on my hands, is just picking a year at random, and randomly watch shows. It's a great reward for spending a day shoveling and a reminder winter does not last forever.
  9. This is not the first time a high school band show caused controversy. Wasn’t there a high school that put on a show where the uniforms looked like Nazi soldier conducted by a Hitler looking drum major?
  10. I was at World Open and CYO Nationals that year. I can't remember too much of a negative reaction at World Open, but I can remember a distinct reaction at CYO Nationals. The audience went wild, especially with the "Chorus Line" ending, while people around me thought it was the end of drum corps. I do remember on the bus ride home from CYO Nationals, a group of us told the drill instructor of our CYO band we wanted a show just like the Bridgemen, though I said I wanted a show like 27th, which could have cost me my life at that time since our percussion instructor was a former Boston Crusader, a Hall of Famer who I believe still held in high esteem in the organization (27th and North Star were fighting words, though Bridgemen and Garfield were pretty close too). Well, he obliged our request, invited us to come to practice the following night and hour early so we could get started on next year's show. We then had to do an hours worth of extra warm up exercises and drill basics because that's what Bridgemen and 27th did to be perfect.
  11. We used to be able to preorder by now and would receive them between Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving, now they are released a bit later, usually in time for Christmas. A great deal depends on securing rights.
  12. According to Facebook, it is reenacting a scene from the movie "John Q" but those who have seen the show live as well as the movie claim it's an inaccurate portrayal.
  13. I think she may argue that Valkyries are not female. And the one below might too!
  14. I've been saying the same thing about dance and body movement for quite a while. I know there are some folks from the dance world who are not always as impressed with what they see on the drum corps field. Since I am not a dance expert, I'm only repeating what I hear. The only problem is that judging voice, or dance moves, or props, corps vary in their shows and some do not include singing, others props, or others dance moves. Would you have to have rule you must incorporate all three?
  15. Tim K

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    If your Wow... is a WOW!!! I agree with you, if not, I have to stand up for Middle School Teachers..... I taught middle school for six years. If it had not been for a career change that still involves education to some degree, I would probably still be teaching middle school and loving it. As it is I still have a considerable amount of associations with young people and schools, though my involvement is more administrative. As a matter of fact right now I am taking a bit of a breather. The school I am involved with offers photography lessons after school to gasp, middle school aged children, and I am preparing the lesson and activity. Middle school children are often inquisitive learners, highly motivated if an interest is generated, and respectful if you respect them. If you treat them in a condescending manner, they will react. If you do not set up boundaries, they'll take control. So what could a middle school band director offer Madison? 1.One of the biggest drop off rates between musicians transitioning from one grade to another is between 8th and 9th. High school offers more sports and extra curricular activities. An enthusiastic band director can be key to a successful high school program and more importantly, a key to making music a part of a child's life. 2. Though this could vary from state top state due to certifications, school systems do not audition teachers and give the high school programs to the most talented and the least talented the kindergarten programs where small xylophones, triangles, and toy drums are the norm. You teach based on your certification. I know a woman whose day job is teaching elementary school music, and she's great at it. She also has a CAGS and plans on a doctorate in choral music and has directed choirs and college groups. She teaches simply because she loves the joy of teaching young ones music. 3. Middle schools are more likely to work collaboratively and than high schools which are often run more departmentally. If Madison feels it needs enthusiasm, talent, and a collaborative staff, a middle school band director may be a great choice.