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  1. I have a solution for everyone who wants to avoid Corona Virus and for kids marching in drum corps, it could help with dues and spending money for the summer. If you walk into a CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, or other chain pharmacy, chances are you will see a help wanted sign. Apply and accept the job, even if it’s part time. My father was a pharmacist and owned his own store. As early as I can remember, I waited on customers who coughed, sneezed, wiped their runny nose then handed me their money. Then there was cleaning up after a kid vomited and cleaned up after other unpleasantries I’ll leave to your imagination. I rarely catch anything worse than a slight cold. I need to watch my blood pressure and heart rate, but that’s family history, not a contagious illness. Working in a drug store builds up your immunity for a lifetime. 👨‍⚕️ .🤧
  2. I’m not sure if you were following these threads last year, but travel time, rehearsal time, health and wellness, and background checks were huge topics at the DCI Januals of 2019 and subsequently the discussions on DCP.
  3. The person I was responding to mentioned rehearsals of the 80’s/90’s, but since that time DCI implemented new policies regarding rehearsal time, sleep time, travel time, health and wellness, etc. Cadets, along with everyone else, has to determine the best use of rehearsal time within these guidelines. To be fair too, what corps did overall in the 80’s/90’s was different from what we would saw ten years ago and different from today.
  4. Your comments are interesting. I live outside of Boston and have attended local shows for years. Fifteen, twenty years ago if you talked with young people who had dreams of marching in WC, it was Cadets. After 2010, you started hearing more about Crown and Bloo. Now Boston Crusaders is in the mix. Cadets not having satellite camps as frequently or as early as other corps was probably not wise, but to be fair they are not the first and won’t be the last organization not to read the signs of the times. The key is that the new folks on board know both the tradition of the Cadets and the changing landscape, or perhaps better put the new landscape. You would also need folks who understand that the rehearsal tactics of the past can’t be used today due to the new health and wellness policies. Personally, I think some of the people on board have more than an understanding of what needs to be done, but it takes time to create a new culture. Too many people thought being rid of GH would solve all the problems, but his departure was only the beginning of the solution.
  5. Remember “Einstein on the Beach” is an opera. Love is never healthy in opera, or at least is rarely healthy in opera. Opera is filled with jealousy, murder, suicide, twisted love triangles and in one case, you might even be able to say a love hexagon! We cheered Turandot and Calaf finding love ❤️ in Phantom’s great production in 2012 even though it started with the poor Prince of Persia have it his head chopped off and impaled because he could not guess the answer to a riddle. We also can’t forget the father’s servant Liu who was killed because she refused to reveal Calaf’s name. Crown portraying two young lovers on a park bench may have been gooey, but at least everyone was alive at the end, and in the world of opera, that’s healthy.😎
  6. I’ve heard it for years. I’ve also heard the variation “They’re always ready. It’s the judges who aren’t ready.” It doesn’t phase me all that much but it can ruffle some feathers. At least I’ve never heard “They’re not ready and never will be!”😀
  7. I too loved 27th and “Danny Boy.” I also loved BAC’s Coronation March from “La Prophete” and North Star’s Beach Boys medley was fun. However, I am a huge classical music and opera buff, and I can recall seeing Phantom Regiment at CYO Nationals in 1977 and the next day went to Barnes and Noble at Downtown Crossing in Boston and buying LP’s of Dvorak’s Symphony #9 and Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto. There was a label Sine Qua Non that featured recordings from lesser known orchestras in Europe and sold for 1.99 per LP. Later I would add Grieg, Wagner overtures, Stravinsky, and Saint Sean’s Symphony #3 to my collection.
  8. If you think of some of the other threads this off season, quiet is not a bad thing!
  9. The best way to be as reasonably sure that this does not happen is to give the restricted gift and stipulate that this is in addition to money already collected and budgeted for a specific purpose. An example that comes to mind is a local company that donates money to schools for library books. If this company gives $500 for books, the school has to show it spent $500 or more on books. This is also common with private schools that give financial aid.
  10. I can think of a few reasons. One, some answers may be vague, and there could be legitimate reasons why some things may be vague. Second, there are some who will only want to hear what they want to hear. For me, as long as what they say satisfies marching members, staff, parents, and donors, that is what matters most.
  11. I am often impressed with Bluecoats originality. I also see them doing shows in pairs. 2014/2015 had similarities though they were very different shows. Same with 2016 and 2017 and 2018 and 2019, so whatever 2029 brings, and I’m sure it will be amazing, will probably be a departure.
  12. I think Brian Tuma’s advice may be worth heeding. I can think of a few reports from winter camps of a variety of corps where everything was rosy and the results in the summer were disappointing and tales of horrendous camps where everyone has been pleasantly surprised in June, July, and August. There is also another factor to keep in mind. Fifty kids at a camp in Florida on Presidents Day weekend, most likely means fifty kids within driving distance. Unless you buy your tickets in the fall, getting plane tickets from Northeast Airports to Florida on a long weekend is next to impossible. On Friday night I watched the news (I live outside of Boston) and there was a segment on people traveling to Florida for the school vacation/long weekend, after Christmas and Thanksgiving, this is the busiest weekend for trips to Florida. The more important questions would be “Did the fifty or so people at the camp have the talent needed to fill the open spots?” “Were relationships built this year with band directors in Florida this year that will ensure better attendance at future camps.”
  13. Right now may be the perfect time to donate to Cadets because when an organization has so many people watching it, more often than not there are tighter controls. My thought would be every penny will be accounted for in the upcoming days. That being said, trust is very hard to earn when there have been so many ways that trust has been violated. In the case of the Cadets, the people most responsible and in particular one person who was especially a lightning rod may be gone, but regaining the trust will take a while.
  14. It’s interesting, ask someone who works professionally in advancement, development, fund raising, or whatever an organization calls collecting funds, and they will tell you they hear the same complaint: “I wanted to give but no one asked me. This happens even though phone calls were made, brochures and appeals were mailed, info was sent out via Internet, and a variety of other things were done as well.
  15. If they did not separate and either bankruptcy or foreclosure became a reality, there would be no Cadets. YEA is ultimately responsible for the bills and debts and there would be no recognition of the two entities, especially where US Bands was a fundraising arm for the Cadets. My thought would be that the severance agreement allowed the Cadets to take the assets while at the same time leave the debts behind. YEA would still have to pay the debts but payment arrangements could be made, an income would be assured from US Bands, and the whole ugly chapter would end in an ethical and honest manner without jeopardizing the 2020 season. I would assume that if YEA declared bankruptcy, there is a possibility that a court might not recognize the separation, but that would also mean that Cadets have assets that can be liquidated, and in real world dollars, that may not be the case.