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    27th Lancers, Boston Crusaders, North Star, Holy Family Defenders,Madison Scouts, Garfield Cadets (still like the Cadets, but loved them back in the day), Phantom Regiment, Blue Stars (back in the day), Kilties
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    27th Lancers 1980 DCI finals, Phantom Regiment 1979 close second
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  1. I think you can talk to different folks from PBS affiliates and hear different opinions. WGBH in Boston broadcast finals early on when it was a live broadcast. A neighbor of mine growing up was a producer for GBH and he told me years later the broadcast was a labor of love. It got started somewhat unexpectedly. “Zoom,” (kids wearing striped shirts singing “We’re gonna zoom-zoom-zooma-zoom”) featured a guest who marched in a drum corps which sparked an interest in the activity. Not too long after the station featured a special about the 27th Lancers and the broadcasts began. Gene Rayburn of “Match Game” hosted with his wife and Pete Emmons did the commentary. Crews attended Boston area shows to see potential finalists for better filming, so Bridgemen, 27th, Madison, North Star, Garfield, and other corps who competed at World Open usually fared well with close-ups. Though non payment of pledges were problematic for WGBH as people noted a few years back in a similar thread, so too was the cost. The station could no longer afford the live broadcasts and another affiliate took over. In the early years, PBS did not need to make money on the broadcasts, but they did need to recoup the cost, and without a corporate sponsor and people not paying pledges, that was difficult. Regarding PBS today, they learned many years back they are better off broadcasting pre-made content for fundraising than producing content itself. This is where ratings would come to play. Drum corps would not pull in the audience that Yanni, Il Divo, Sarah Brightman, or interviews with the stars of “Downton Abbey” would, so I agree it probably will not happen.
  2. It will probably depend on the show, the venue, and COVID numbers. I recall Indiana being inconsistent. Last year you did not need a mask or proof of vaccination at Lucas Oil though a good number masked up, especially around vendors and concessions. The Wednesday before the first show I went to the Indiana State Fair. You could get vaccinated at the fair. Masks were required for the sheep barns, the cow barns, and the pigs, all of which were large buildings with ventilation and social distancing was possible. They were not required in a closed building featuring a Lego display where social distancing was difficult. By the time shows begin I’ll have received my second booster so it doesn’t matter to me.
  3. That’s a pet-peeve of mine too. I can understand scores not being impacted if it is the fault of the venue which can be a reason for delays, but if it is the fault of the corps, that’s a different matter.
  4. I’m not so sure about that though Cadets have taken it on the chin regarding narration. The most complaints about narration I recall were about Blue Devils and “Cabaret Voltaire” (Dada). However that could have been due to folks hoping it would be Crown’s year and BD having an undefeated season with a not so popular show. I can’t believe that’s ten years ago now. When it comes to narration, it probably depends on how much you like the show. I really enjoyed Cadets in 2014 and while I am not a huge fan of narration, I enjoyed it for that show. However I am also a big history buff and loved the musical selections.
  5. I get that idea from people I know with two different OC corps, and while they are not too worried about their own corps, it doesn’t sound great for others. What is surprising me is the specifics for the openings. I see corps looking for trumpets and I’ve always been led to believe there are usually more trumpeters auditioning than other brass players. There seem to be plenty of percussion openings as well as pit and guard. You may hear of corps looking for specific talents at this point in past years, but it sounds as if they are looking for generalists. I don’t think the blame is totally on the WC corps having 165 members because quite a few corps are looking for members too. Overall for corps that participated last year, they have an advantage but it is still a rebuilding year for many. For corps that did not, and I understand and respect the reasons for not participating, it’s far more of a challenge. This is not just a drum corps problem. A young man I know is the assistant athletic director at a local college and runs the different summer sports clinics for middle school and high school students. Most years there are no spots open at this time of the year with the overnight spots filling first. That’s not the case this year. I also saw that a well established overnight camp will not be opening this summer.
  6. Regarding Fathom Events, my understanding is they have cut back on a number of events they broadcast. Though they still have quite a few offerings, there have to be enough theaters willing to show an event, and for the theaters, showings need to sell out, or at least fill 90% of the seats in order to break even, and they need to hope people buy concessions. A friend who is a manager at a Showcase told me that when the Metropolitan Opera is broadcast live, the seats are filled but the money is made on beer, wine, and cocktails. People are still not going to theaters in big numbers due to a combination of Covid and the overall reality that theaters are closing left and right and people would rather stay home and stream. DCI usually does not start pushing the Tour Premier until we get close to Mother’s Day which is tomorrow though I thought it was in the overall calendar long before Mother’s Day. I seem to recall in 2019 Big, Loud, and Live was well attended, but fewer theaters had the tour premier and the numbers were down. As much as I enjoy the tour premier broadcast, my guess is it’s not happening, especially in light of comments from people who have checked with local theaters who say it is not on the calendar. The August event may still be on, but again I believe it was listed on the schedule earlier.
  7. Until September I can say the same thing, well almost the same thing.
  8. I would love to see a return of A-60, I don’t see it happening. I think the intention of A-60 was to strengthen the identity of smaller corps, but it turned out to be either a stepping stone for ambitious and often new corps, and a last hurrah for other corps. When finals was held in Foxboro in 1994, I spoke with someone I knew who marched with Blue Stars who was a volunteer instructor. His claim was that the corps was happy where they were and returning to the top 12 was not a goal. While I cannot claim to have talked to anyone associated with Blue Stars when they returned to WC competition, my guess would be that as the corps improved and rebuilt, goals changed. I think that happens. Jersey Surf was happy where they were but are now WC. Same is true for Genesis and Music City. Gold will make the move in a year or two, and depending on how Guardians re-emerges this year, I could see them moving up as well.
  9. This is too bad, especially where Cascades has something unique to offer. I can recall a few years where membership was lacking but they still managed to field a corps with marching members who had heart. I do think it is a reminder that fielding a corps this year is going to be challenging for a number of reasons and corps that have had a two year hiatus may find it more difficult.
  10. The last I heard of Blast! was about ten years ago, maybe more. I was supposed to see a local performance in either Lowell, MA or Worcester, MA. I had tickets but the weather was lousy and I didn’t feel like driving in snowy conditions so I stayed home. I believe the show traveled to Japan the following year and that was the last I heard of it. A quick Google search has info about the show and a recording, but does not list recent performances.
  11. Glad you’re back. I may not always agree with you, but your posts can spark debate! I disagree that 2021 is irrelevant and that we need to be looking at 2019. For the young people marching this year, 2019 is ancient history and for a good number of marching members, 2022 will be their first competitive year in DCI. Most of those who marched in 2019 have probably aged out. Corps who have never had challenges filling spots are finding it a challenge this year. I know I will enjoy 2022, but I’m not expecting DCI to pick up where it left off in 2019. I’m expecting a great deal of rebuilding this year, including corps who place at the top with excellent staff. For some corps, 2021 was a gift. There was a group of Cadets volunteers and staff on my plane in 2019. The morale was low. As we later learned staff was not paid and there were a ton of other difficulties. 2020 gave Cadets a chance to refocus and 2021 was a success story. Phantom has a difficult 2019 too. If there had been a 2020, I’m not sure either Cadets or Phantom would have been finalists. I don’t expect either to be in the top six, but they’ll certainly be 7-9. Crown was not in Indy but my understanding is that what they offered was fruitful and they have the expectation of holding on to many and I know the same can be said for BAC. I talked with lots of folks with BAC at their home shows and they claimed lots will be returning. At the airport after Indy I heard similar things, but unlike the home shows, I heard it from staff and direct volunteers, not alums and fans. Much can change over the winter months, but 2021 was significant. I’m also a realist. Many BD and SCV vets marched with other corps in 2021. They’ll probably return to BD and SCV. I’m also expecting to hear that some corps who did not participate in 2021 May have a difficult time returning to the field. 2021 may not have been a competitive year, but we may discover it was pivotal in other ways.
  12. Having difficulties filling spots is not that surprising. 165 members is one challenge but I’m wondering if recruitment issues may be pandemic related, at least indirectly. Right now thirty five corps are listed for prelims in August. Of the thirty five, fourteen were inactive on 2021. There are more places to march this year. Many if not all band circuits were inactive in the fall of 2020, and many schools had a hiatus on music performance programs until this past fall. A great deal of recruitment is through bands. A lost year has to hurt. These factors did not magically disappear when the 2021 school year began.
  13. I’ll take your word thstbBuffalo may be a bore, but Niagara Falls is not that far a drive which is more scenic than what Indy has to offer!
  14. That may not be that far from the truth. I can recall a number of years back attending a seminar about integrating music in the classroom outside of formal music class. This would have been at the time teachers were encouraged to teach across the curriculum which often included reading, math, social studies and science but left out the arts. One recommendation at the time that if a child was always tapping on desks, books, etc., if the school offered band, suggesting the child the learn to the drums was often a good idea. The theory is that many children pick instruments that match their personalities and tapping or mimicking how they perceived drummers are signs of budding percussionists. Maybe these kids were tapping away at the desks in the third or fourth grade.
  15. I don’t know that there are holes in every corps though I have heard some corps are facing recruiting challenges. If you follow the FB pages of various drum corps groups, you will hear from people who have not been offered a contract and angry parents who have children who have not been offered spots, so I don’t think the everything that breathes and can pay is accurate. I think two years of inactivity for some corps has more to do with holes than anything else. Also “holes” can be misleading. If you read what some corps are looking for to fill the holes, it is fir members with specific talent with specific skill sets.
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