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  1. You make an important point here. I knew some of the people who started some of the drum corps, bands, and drill teams in the Boston area, some affiliated with churches, others independent. In the early days all were formed to be a catch all activity that could include a wide variety of kids. Many were in city neighborhoods and you got into the “keeping kids off the streets” aspect. Drum corps in general did not survive the city to suburbs move, but suburbs often had more activities to offer. Drum corps has evolved into an elite organization that focuses more on talent than keeping kids involved in a worthwhile activity, and I’m happy we do have the corps we do. What does surprise me a bit is that there are not more corps from many of the places where the band activity does so well, especially where booster organizations often pay for the props, additional instructors, show designers, etc.
  2. I’m the more, the merrier. In Indy, I love being in my seat for the first corps in prelims and watch them all, same with semi’s. That being said, one year I could not go to Indy or Allentown, but was able to catch Atlanta, and it did seem a bit long, so maybe it’s due to Indy being the final stretch and the eliminations between prelims, semi’s, and finals that I enjoy watching so many corps.
  3. It’s interesting. Star of Indiana and its founder Bill Cook did make major contributions on and off the field. On the one hand, Star’s model of being fiscally responsible was ahead of its time. On the other hand, they did set the precedent if you want to win, it will cost you.
  4. One of the things I believe points to the health of OC corps is the diverse reasons for membership. Some are younger members testing the waters of drum corps and are ambitious to be members of a WC corps one day. Others may desire to march WC and may be talented enough to march WC, but finances, time commitment, etc., make this not a possibility. Others like the atmosphere and give it their all. This combination can make for a driven corps.
  5. I can’t speak for all shows where OC corps compete in the same shows as WC, but there will be two early season shows in the Boston area where Spartans and 7th Regiment compete. A significant number of family members from both corps have traditionally attended these shows and I have no reason to believe it will be different this year. I know one show in particular estimates that about 400 attendees will be friends and family members of these corps which means ticket purchases, program book sales, and refreshments, all of which are handled by the organization that sponsors the show.
  6. Massachusetts took drum corps very seriously in 1974, and for Lynners, the World Open was a sacred event and Manning Bowl was hallowed ground. So my question is, who did the arresting officer march with? In Lynn in 1974, it could have been 27th, Reveries, St. Mary’s Cardinals, or BAC. If the arresting officer was female, she may have been a Jeanette.
  7. I would say there were about 40 members, and the 40 could be on the higher side.🇮🇪 ☘️ Regarding Encorps, there are five shows where they are listed to appear. My guess is their announcement came out too late for DCI to change the schedule. I think they do update changes in the schedule from time to time, especially after the January meetings. Last year I believe the New Hampshire show only had two corps listed and a few months later the list was longer. I did notice on the schedule that another corps that is on the smaller side has quite an ambitious schedule this year. Les Stentors will be going out west this year and begins their DCI season in Utah, quite the distance from Sherbrooke, Quebec.
  8. Not this year. I think they were hoping for a later season show to celebrate the 80th year in style with a spectacular line up, or at least that was what was hinted at last year’s CYO Nationals Tribute. The East Coast Classic will be an enjoyable show and the 80th will be celebrated in style. I like BC Stadium, but I always enjoy the late July/early August show. It could return but my guess is the New England shows are not attracting large enough crowds
  9. And a late season show in the Boston area as well.
  10. There have been many comments about the quality of the OC corps, and over the years BDB, SCVC, and Spartans have been regular top 25 competitors. Legends and Gold have found their way into the top 25. My understanding is Spartans, BDB, and SCVC are happy with OC competition, Legends reportedly would like to be WC and I’ve heard similar comments about Gold. My guess is Louisiana Stars would like to move up and Southwind want to be in WC competition once again. Raising the competitive bar is a wise move and finances goes without saying. One thought I have is which WC directors will be mentoring OC directors looking to move up to WC? That criteria needs to be defined.
  11. I don’t want to see a 55+ rule go into effect, but I do think we need to keep a few things in perspective. There has been mention of Mandarins, Blue Stars, and BAC having small corps in the past. In each case that was prior to props, having so many paid instructors on staff, travel expenses were not as high, and there were other corps of similar size. Costs are important to keep in mind. There are many things you could do in drum corps in the past with fewer costs that you cannot do today.
  12. Ideally SoundSport allows a new corps to get its feet wet and in 2018, Encorps participated in SoundSport. Now I do not say this to diminish SoundSport, but it not the same kind of competition that used to be available to smaller corps. It can be very entertaining, it can be a way to enjoy alumni corps, you see a wide variety of groups, but if I directed a small corps and had the opportunity to bring the corps to Indy for OC competition, I’d find a way. Life lessons would be learned, there would be the experience of Lucas Oil Stadium, and judges critical feedback, and much of this would not happen at. SoundSport in Indy.
  13. Four opportunities would be too few, but sounds realistic to me. I spoke with someone last year who told me traveling to the two New England shows (Beanpot and East Coast Classic) was a future goal, but not an immediate, and the same was true if there was an OC show in New Hampshire. It costs money to travel. If they did decide not to compete anticipating the 55+ rule, this is a responsible decision. Telling the kids there will be no season in January would be wrong so you have to respect the decision. Getting a corps off the ground is challenging as we all know. It’s probably about ten years now, but I know of two separate attempts by some talented people to reestablish two local corps in my area. Even with some of the best, it did not work. It’s not impossible as we have seen with some of the newer OC corps, but it’s a challenge.
  14. First, we don’t know if we’re dealing with a fact or a rumor regarding the 55 member rule. I also do not recall Encorps having 80 members it’s first year out. I could be wrong and I am relying on memory, but 80 seems a bit high. 50 seems on target for 2019. My guess would be the 55 member rule is based on finances and is not an attempt by DCI to be rid of Encorps. I’d also be careful about announcing a Corps is folding when the corps has not made the announcement. Perhaps you have inside information, but many of us have inside information from reliable sources, we repeat what we hear on DCP, but it happens to be the one time our source is wrong, and we find ourselves with egg on our faces.
  15. I have heard the same rumor, though I also may have read it on DCP. I believe the only corps that had fewer than 55 members that competed in Indy last summer was Les Stentors and where they worked so hard to field a corps last year, I’d hate to see them left out. Yes the corps is small in number, but they have quite a bit of talent. I believe some of the newer corps such as Encorps may be under 55 members, or close to it, but not being able to compete will not help them grow. The automatic answer can be “there is always SoundSport.” SoundSport has it’s place, and I have enjoyed attending, but it is not the equivalent of OC competition.