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  1. I can recall an issue released in July, 1978 that covered DCI East prelims and how no one played “songs” anymore. I think the author was harshest on Phantom, But he had a sickle for everyone including all the corps that today are old school darlings.
  2. I never said you have to support every youth activity because kids are involved, however I do like to support youth activities. I do not go to a local ballpark expecting to see what I would see at Fenway, nor do I expect to see a local football game match what I would see at Gillette. I do enjoy attending vents involving young people. Most of the time there may be a personal reason (family members or a friend’s son or daughter) and at times there are professional reasons, but kids giving their all impresses me. Also, I don’t think I’m the only person who believes the passion of the young people is a factor for loving drum corps. It’s not the only factor but it is a factor.
  3. I find these posts interesting. If for whatever reason I decided to stop going to shows, would I decide it needs to be posted to DCP? I hardly think the drum corps community would go into mourning and where I sit in sell out sections in Allentown and Indy so people would be happy to occupy them. However if the OP is really considering not going to shows, these are my thoughts: I say stick around. For one thing, 2004 is not old school by any stretch of the imagination, and as I look back that was a time I thought drum corps would be gone in ten year’s time. Attendance at the shows in my area was poor, the number of corps was paltry, and while I’m sure I did not sit on my hands during performances, I thought in many cases the music was not accessible, performances were good but not as memorable as past years, but I still had a good time because one thing did not change. Kids put their all into performances and in the end it should be about the kids. Consider giving drum corps a break, but plan on attending again in a few years. Most fans have off years where shows may not grab them for whatever reason, but there are wonderful reasons to support the activity and most especially the kids.
  4. How many other corps were disqualified in 1976?
  5. I’m sure there had to have been drama involved with Crossmen in 1976, it just wasn’t as visible. I took a quick look at Crossmen’s 1976 scores because even though I saw them live that year, I could not recall how competitive they were. Perhaps they could have squeaked into finals, it was still a bit of a long shot. Muchachos in 1975 and Bridgemen in 1977 were more serious contenders for a top three spot, which naturally feeds into conspiracy theories and heated accusations. I would wonder if the disqualification had taken place during finals week and Crossmen had edged closer to Garfield Cadets who placed 14th or had placed higher in prior competitions that involved Seneca Optimists, Guardsmen or Freelancers (then Capital Freelancers) all of whom made finals for the first time, we would have heard the disqualification was to keep an East Coast corps such as Crossmen out of finals.
  6. What I enjoy about attending some shows is the “personality” many shows have. Even shows hosted by the same corps can vary a bit. Local shows also feed into larger shows and larger shows feed into local. A few years back I attended NightBEAT and the talk was all Atlanta. If I go to CYO Nationals Tribute, the big question in the stands “What time are you leaving for Allentown?”
  7. Boston Crusaders, Cadets, and Crown seem to manage hosting shows rather well, and I’m not sure any of the three would want to give up hosting. BAC has already promised what they believe will be their best competition featuring the biggest names for their 80th anniversary.
  8. I am only suggesting places I know. I have only been as far West as Denver, as far South as Atlanta. I do believe Texas and California should host finals, but I can’t specifically recommend venues. Based on what I do know: Boston: there is no venue in the city itself, but Gillette is in the greater Boston area, is an outdoor facility, but has the best features of Lucas Oil. The Boston area is a vacation destination in the summer, and if you arrive early, you could see the historic sights, enjoy great restaurants, the Cape and the Maine Coast are great day trips, you might be able to catch a Red Sox game, but Boston is expensive. Annapolis: many of the same features as Boston, with different sights to see, but it is also expensive. Atlanta: knows how to handle large events. Whitewater: I have not been, but it is tradition.
  9. It wouldn’t be in the city proper, it would have to be in Foxboro and Gillette and the state police do a reasonably good job handling traffic when the Patriots play. The drawback is there would be far more auto traffic than Indy since there are not many hotels located near Gillette. Regarding Open Class finals, either BC or Holy Cross would be excellent venues. The traffic for BC could be challenging, and driving through Worcester to get to Holy Cross leaves little to be desired, but it’s a nice stadium.
  10. The people I have talked to fear their favorite shows would be cancelled, and my thought is DCI is pushing for the larger shows. A great deal depends on the numbers the shows attract. If you have two smaller shows in the same area that attract different crowds, a larger venue might be more profitable and less labor intensive. If they attract many of the same people, as I would guess many local shows do, you would lose revenue. It seems as if 2021 is when they want to unveil a new touring model. My assumption would be that show profitability and member safety are key reasons. I suppose we’ll have to see what it looks like.
  11. You have a good point. I have been in Indy as the first note is played, with plenty of empty seats, and have seen some of the most heartfelt performances. Last summer, I dragged myself to an open class show in New Hampshire on a day it was hotter in New England than Texas (by one degree), and the heat did not bother the kids who did incredibly well. My guess is that Legends, Southwind, and Heatwave were meeting Spartans and 7th Regiment player a huge role in the excitement of the shows, and the fact Les Stentors made their return appearance did not hurt either. My guess is that the kids do love to perform, and I am sure an enthusiastic crowd in a smaller venue is a wonderful feel good moment, but I would imagine performing in front of 10,000 people is huge as well. For me, Allentown and Indy are huge joys to attend, but I love the at home feel of smaller shows too.
  12. I have heard discussions about the tour model for about two years now, and I know there are some who want to have fewer, but larger shows. Instead of smaller shows with four or five corps, there would be larger shows in better venues with eight to ten corps. The shows that were being discussed were midwestern shows that I have never attended so I know little about the audience size or profitability. The folks talking about the Midwest shows believed it would make sense financially and fit the health safety requirements set in place this past year. Whether this opens things up for a new tour model, I can’t say for certain without looking up distances or travel times, but it would make me wonder if changes are in the works.
  13. Would love to see a return of the CYO Circuit, but if you’re counting on me moving up the ladder, probably won’t happen.
  14. No the halls of St. John’s are not bursting. The reason I say three is that they have grouped some parishes together for staffing purposes in what they are calling collaboratives and the three parishes in Beverly are grouped together. It has its advantages and disadvantages.