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    27th Lancers, Boston Crusaders, North Star, Holy Family Defenders,Madison Scouts, Garfield Cadets (still like the Cadets, but loved them back in the day), Phantom Regiment, Blue Stars (back in the day), Kilties
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    27th Lancers 1980 DCI finals, Phantom Regiment 1979 close second
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  1. Pre-Covid that was the case, and the audience reportedly was growing with more theaters being added. I do recall DCP and FB posts last year claiming the audiences were smaller in many areas, and right now movie theaters are not taking risks with live broadcasts that don’t sell out. It’s too bad. Since 2012 I’ve been able to get to Indy but prior to that I enjoyed Big, Loud, and Live. You were with people who were enjoying the shows with likeminded folks and a few “nothing has been the same since 1972” cranks the dismissive know it alls who claimed everything prior to the current year was the Dark Ages and forgettable. Of course none of us are old cranks or dismissive know it alls….. but it was a fun night. Absence can make the heart grow fonder and next year is another year, but I think it’s all in the past.
  2. Usually along the coast it is a bit cooler so if it was 95 degrees in Rockport, it must have been 105 inland. 🙂 I don’t remember it being too bad temperature wise in Foxboro in 2005 but I think it was a warm summer so I may have been used to it. I don’t recall the thunderstorm Triple Forte mentioned, but I’ve been to tons of shows with thunderstorms so it probably happened but I didn’t find it unusual. Finals was the only show I was able to watch from start to finish. I didn’t have the best seats, but the crowd around me was interesting. They were part of a bus group visiting from out of state and I’m not sure they knew they were attending a drum corps show until they arrived. They thought the seats were great and were very impressed even though they thought four or five corps would have been more than enough. if I remember correctly a few days later there was this strange windstorm, probably they now call a microburst but then was an unnamed storm and the temperature dropped to the 60’s.
  3. Very few theaters here sell alcohol. Those that do have a bar do not let you bring the cocktail or beer into the theater, so you either have a drink before the show or if there’s an extended intermission, at intermission. The Met broadcasts usually have at least a 17 minute intermission. One theater lets you order dinner during the movie and you can purchase a drink, but these theaters are showing a movie not a live broadcast.
  4. This is too bad but not a huge surprise. I know in many places the premier event was poorly attended but thought the Big Loud and Live event had good numbers. I’ve heard attendance at live events broadcast from movie theaters has declined significantly since Covid. I know with live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera (Live from the Met in HD) a theater needs to be able to sell 200 seats which can mean two theaters and profits are often based on food and alcohol sold. Fewer theaters offered the Met broadcasts last year which at one time were very successful broadcasts. I don’t know what the break even number is for DCI, but I know at the theater I attended the year I didn’t go to Indy, alcohol was not sold due to the age of the audience.
  5. I haven’t done the Boston Duck Tour. I was told by a Crown mother who had a celebrity son (the Rach Star of 2011 fame) it was a must for Crown members on their free day in Boston. I have done the Hyannis Duck Tour when my niece was younger. Teddy was still alive at the time if a Kennedy was outside you could wave but the Secret Service did not allow people to quack passing the Kennedy Compound. 🦆 🦆 🦆
  6. After years of chaperoning bus trips from the Boston area to Washington, DC, I think that once we hit Delaware, we’re almost there. After four days of a walking tour with 8th graders, when we hit Delaware, Boston seems so far away! I understand that there was little choice and the best available stadium had to be used. For some folks the distance between Newark and Annapolis may not seem that far, especially compared with the distance between some shows in other parts of the country, particularly Texas. There are two things to keep in mind with shows along the I-95 corridor. One, unlike Texas we don’t have Buc-ees, at least not yet. Buc-ees looks fascinating. Second, can be a horror show. Traveling north through DC and Baltimore is a nightmare at any point in the day. I haven’t been through Baltimore since the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge which I’m sure only adds to the congestion. I’m hoping the new location works. I’m also hoping a new location for Glassboro is announced in the near future. I really enjoyed that show these past two years.
  7. You can trust Craiga’s information about all things BAC and I can vouch for his credibility on the doughnuts! 🙂
  8. I too would like to see Boston Crusaders in 1st. I haven’t heard much this preseason, and I would never hear anything other than how the camps went, but based on last year I have a good feeling about this year. That show was impeccably clean and they worked until the last minute perfecting it. That kind of drive often follows a corps to the next year. I thought the semi’s performance was their best and was surprised it did not place 2nd. Bloo’s success surprised me. I thought both BAC and Crown had stronger shows and though Bloo had an amazing show, it did not have the energy as 2019, 2022, or the non-competitive 2021.
  9. His knowledge was incredible and his willingness to share what he knew, whether professionally or in a casual conversation was amazing. Even if he didn’t know you well, he made sure as best he could that he knew who you were when you were conversing.
  10. Only in Vermont would a cat receive an honorary doctorate! 🐱🎓🙂
  11. I was talking with someone a few years back who made the rounds with various Massachusetts corps who claimed that as the early DCI years progressed, Boston Crusaders, 27th, probably North Star and Defenders recruited heavily from the CYO bands. They already knew how to march, the drummers had not picked up bad habits, and the wind musicians in most cases could read music.
  12. I can recall a workshop I attended that recommended the salary of a director should be based on the market value of the qualifications needed for the job, the number of employees the director is responsible for, and the size of the budget the director manages. If the position requires development/fundraising, that can also be included as well. How that relates to a drum corps director’s salary is something I’ll leave to those who have a better idea of the details of managing a corps.
  13. This is the venue in Bristol where the show was held until 2015. The Cranston show was in a city and held there in 2016-18. The stadium in Cranston was probably a bit larger though not as long as Bristol. Bristol also allowed people to bring lawn chairs and sit on the grass for really cheap seats. Cranston had drum corps fans, most of whom probably went to the BAC show and Beanpot, both of which took place about the same time. Bristol had seasoned fans as well as folks who happened to be in Bristol for the festivities. Bristol/Cranston show wasn’t exactly cancelled. DCI offered an earlier date. If the organizers wanted an early date, the show would have been held, but the date they were given was late June and with all the preparation for the many events of July 4th in Bristol, the late June date was not possible. Now there’s no early season New England shows.
  14. I also had a choice between band and Boy Scouts. The answer was easy. I was a bad as in lousy Boy Scout. Made it to Tenderfoot but that was probably out of pity. I had a tendency to be out of step in band. Out of step can be corrected, being a lousy Scout could mean getting lost in the wilderness never to be heard from again. I chose band and I made the right choice. Since you marched in a Top 12 finalist, you probably did too!
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