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  1. I am not suggesting the issues surrounding GH and Pioneer be swept under the carpet. If this thread had substance to it, as so many threads on the subjects of sexual misconduct, safety, wrongful hiring, poor management on DCP do, that would be one thing. But this thread had not been commented on since August 2018, most likely because it was a duplicate thread and it is not adding anything new or substantial to the conversation. If we want to make sure the issues of safety, oversight, and health and well being are not being ignored, it should be in a new thread. That would be proof that the issue has not been swept under the carpet.
  2. With the first two shows where the most likely top six have competed, we're seeing an array of predictions. People have already decided it will be Santa Clara over Blue Devils, and I agree. However, winning in Clovis with a close score does not settle things. Last year in Clovis, Blue Devils beat Santa Clara by a similar margin. No question Bloo is the favorite. DCI certainly has Bloo's back. Dan Potter in his podcast was more excited about Bloo and their Beatles show than the screaming teenaged girls in the audience of the Ed Sullivan show when the Beatles performed. I will admit I enjoyed the show and they will be the audience favorite. I'm not sure they will be an automatic medal contender. Crown's show has power, it was also a bit of a mess, not uncommon for Crown at this time of the year and they would love to earn another top 3 palcement. Lots of potential for them. Boston Crusaders seem to pick up steam around mid-July and it is full speed ahead come Atlanta. If they are this strong, this early, and past trends continue, who knows what will happen. If last night's score is not an example of "West Coast Inflation" and I have no reason to believe it is, then they have a bit more fire in their bellies than some of us thought. Based on reports and what I have seen, I do predict SCV to win ,and I do not expect to see BD fall from medal contention. However I see either Crown or BAC battling it out for the remaining medal spot. My gut feelin g is that Bloo's show does not have last year's punch. The one I think could upset the entire apple cart is Cavies.
  3. Neither Blue Devils nor SCV will be giving anything away. SCV has the advantage of a Michael Gaines drill and BD will most likely come out roaring. What is for certain is if SCV wins, the buzz will be that the reign of BD is over, which would be an exaggeration. We know too that even though BD and SCV are competing in different shows from Bluecoats on different nights, if Bloo’s score is higher, folks will predict a title for them. If Bloo scores lower, it will of course be due to West Coast inflation. That won’t change. How close Cavies come to BD and SCV will be interesting too, and if Cabies ever placed higher than 3rd, DCP will get no rest. Though Academy and Troopers May be overshadowed a bit, reactions to their show will be interesting too.
  4. Back in the day we made a lot of fun of poor Peter Emmons having to answer the questions of hosts Gene Rayburn and his lovely wife Helen, who knew little about drum corps but loved what they saw. That being said, Rayburn supposedly loved doing the broadcasts and I thought someone claimed he did them pro bono. Maybe a DCI version of “Match Game” would be a great filler between corps. Brandt Crocker could be Johnny Olson, Steve R could take Gene Rayburn’s place, two random people could be contestants, and some of the more colorful DCI folks could be the celebrity panelists.
  5. What could work for Goliath is a powerful looking suit of armor, at least when the Goliath in stilts comes forward. The Biblical account stresses the suit of armor and so does Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath.” Goliath trusted in his armor and bullying to protect him, David trusted in courage, conviction, and faith, and for Gladwell, assessing weaknesses. The suit of armor coming apart as the ground rumbles and the armor crinkles would be interesting. This could all be in the works or something even more eventful. Ocean waves and fires where the wrongfully convicted met their end came later in the season.
  6. Take each year as it comes. If Boston Crusaders placed as high as it did with a score similar to maybe 2016, that would be a problem, but Boston Crusaders has improved and it is not just luck. Actually I saw some similarities to BAC in 2016 and Phantom last night. Boston Crusaders did not have a 12th place corps talent wise in 2016, the show just did not come together as hoped. Looking back, some tweaks would have improved things. Phantom has potential. There are some great elements in the show. Also last evening, I thought Phantom was a bit jittery, but a Blue Star parent pointed out the conditions were tricky at the stadium and Phantom was the first to experience it (actually Bloo was the first to experience it, but that’s another story). Let’s see how the season unfolds.
  7. The corps do play to the cameras. I take numerous photos at shows with a lens that allows me to get good shots from my seat, often waste up. You rarely see the Colgate smiles, the facial expressions of the drummers, etc. in the still shots, at a show such as DCI East, though you will see the fist pumps after a solo or when equipment is caught. Tom Blair video cameras on, it’s a different story. This is not just a drum corps issue. I went to an a capella contest a few months ago. I watched a group practicing beforehand (a friend’s son was a member). They stood up straight, did a few dance moves, but no facial expressions or fist pumps or the like. On stage they did all the facial expressions, a fist bump handshake prior to a solo, fist pumps after a solo, and every kind of male bonding move possible. The audience loved it. I think it’s what appeals to many today.
  8. Fathom Events prefers numbered seats and customer selection of seats, but not all theaters can accommodate assigned or preselected seating. I know with the Met Live in HD, independent cinemas that do not offer this option have a difficult time with Fathom than larger chains that do not offer the option.
  9. I think each corps should do a run through in the stadium prior to the show and the film crew should be watching. I am sure five of last night’s competitors would agree, but it has nothing to do with filming. The quality was excellent as far as filming was concerned, but there were far too many close ups and not enough views of the entire show, at least not for me. Maybe it’s been this way for a while. A last minute change of plans kept me from going to the premier last year and I try to be in Indy for prelims so I do not go to a Big, Loud, and Live, but I felt something was missing last night and it wasn’t the on the part of the competitors.
  10. I would think most people do not think Cadets wanted to portray a woman being sexually assaulted, but that it how it appeared to many people. That is a problem because there is a good chance many people could include judges. It is critically important for Cadets they do not lose ground this year, and I don’t expect that to happen, but to be competitive they need to address what does not work, because in the overall scheme of their show, there are elements that work well. If you want constructive criticism, my suggestion would be to make the Queen look less like a Disney princess. My first reaction to seeing her toppled was that they were trying to be humorous, toppling an age old stereotype, then when the dress was removed, it went to “What???” Give her a bit of grit and strength, get rid of the outfit that makes it appear as if her bird friends help her clean the house and whistle while she works, and keep the clothes on her. She changes the clothes herself. Any corps that can maneuver some of the stairway props as flawlessly as they did last evening this can make these changes.
  11. I agree and believe the show has potential. To me, the problem was the whole was acceptable for this time of year, but the parts that were not clean were seriously under rehearsed.
  12. I agree. I am obviously not as sold on Bluecoats as many folks are tonight, though I really enjoyed the show and am looking forward to seeing it live next week. But the magic of the Beatles was not just their ability to entertain but their subtlety.
  13. Well if you saw Cadets, you’d probably have an instinct to protect Sophia the First, Cinderella, and all the other princesses!😃
  14. I’m thinking that will be changed. It was much too Disney meets Chucky for me. It may also be hitting a bit too close to home certainly for survivors but also for Cadets in general.
  15. Throwing in my two cents before I read other comments. Bluecoats first was no surprise and the style of show was not a surprise. To me, they tend to go in two year patterns where their shows are more similar than dissimilar. As much as I enjoyed the show, I’m not sure it will pack the punch last year’s show did. I would like “I Want You/She’s so Heavy” to have the same power and energy it had tonight but be a bit crisper. This show will be a crowd pleaser and may eat these words later in the season. Crown: the brass is powerful, no question, and the show even at this early stage seems more cohesive than last year, or at least I think it is more cohesive. I thought this was the poorest filmed show of the night. Lots of close ups of marching members, which for me blocked out what was happening visually. “Gabriel’s Oboe” was amazing. Boston Crusaders: expected 2nd, loved the show. I did not see the jitters with BAC I saw with three corps that preceded them and can see a great deal of potential in the show. I’ve learned not to judge any corps but especially Boston Crusaders, in June. However, this is easily the strongest BAC I have ever seen and the most ready for the season. Cadets: good show, but very jittery. There were certain areas I thought they handled well, namely moving the props which I would imagine is tricky. I expect “Bridge” to pack a punch as the season progresses. Blue Stars show was interesting, but most years there is a clear Blue Stars moment, not sure I could detect it tonight. Phantom: hard to wrap up in a few lines what I want to say. It is much better than many detractors predicted, but parts were woefully under rehearsed. While it depends on what Spirit, Academy. Crossmen, and Colts bring to the field, I don’t expect Phantom will lose ground, but I don’t see them gaining ground either.