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  1. The school district in a press release is where he is referred to as “an extracurricular instructor” who “worked with high school students.” Where the district then mentions that there is no evidence that students were involved or that it took place at the school, my guess is that his involvement with actual students was minimal. It’s not the equivalent of an aide or other school employee. My guess based on knowing school talk, he was a volunteer who got enough of a stipend to require a 1099. I know some bands and color guards associated with schools have boosters who raise money to give volu
  2. This man was not a teacher. If you Google the man’s name, you will see he was an “extracurricular instructor” which is probably the band equivalent of an assistant coach. The articles I saw mentioned his employment with the school district but did not mention his other employment which would lead me to believe it was not a school district. While convicted felons have been hired in schools, sometimes by accident, other times because someone intentionally looked the other way, I doubt any districts were so desperate they had no choice. They may ignore certification or qualifications out of despe
  3. I was such a newbie fan in 1975, I’m certain I never heard the rumor but I remember rumors about Kilties making finals in 78 and Troopers in 79 so a Royal Crusaders rumor would not be a shock. Rumors were a part of drum corps chatter. I do remember in 1979 Royal Crusaders were in the line up at CYO Nationals and someone in our group claimed that they should have made finals in subsequent years. Whether that was to combat a 1975 rumor I don’t know.
  4. I was talking with a friend and his son recently. The son will be a senior in high school this fall. He’s in the band and though the band competes a few times a year most years, it is known mostly for its half time performances and is a favorite at parades. The band instructor is trying to regroup the band after over a year of hiatus and he shared with the students his plans for their fall show. It will require props and a vocalist and the props will be constructed by students and volunteers over the summer. As we spoke, the young man was more excited about the theme, the props, the elec
  5. When it comes to church groups, specifically Catholic Church sponsored corps in the Boston Archdiocese, there’s no one reason for moving away from sponsorship. Boston Crusaders, St. Mary’s Cardinals of Beverly, Holy Family Defenders, all grew too big and the splits had rocky moments but overall were pretty much amicable. There are at least four versions and many variations of the IC Reveries case. The senior corps (senior in Boston was still a junior corps) was disbanded by an angry pastor after the 1966 VFW sit in. That is the only detail the various versions agree on, but the fee
  6. Instruments are often replaced on a yearly basis, but the corps get deals on the instruments from the manufacturer and sells them at the end of the season. It’s probably not quite a wash, but it’s also not a huge line item. Regarding uniforms, I stopped at a booth in Indy to say hello to someone. Before I knew it a salesperson cornered me and gave me a pitch for uniforms which included price. They are not that expensive, or at least not as expensive as I thought.
  7. While I do agree that in many cases, bad management, lack of vision, etc. were reasons why many corps failed, and may very well be the case for a number of top corps, there are a number of other reasons for fewer corps today. For church sponsored corps, in many cases it was not expected they would last forever, whether it be a drum corps, band, or drill team. Some were successful and in the Boston area, as the corps got more successful, they broke away from the parishes. The remaining parish affiliated corps lasted as long as kids were interested. Many of the corps that were sponsored by
  8. I will be in the theater to see this show, and I know I’ll enjoy seeing all the shows on a big screen. I guess I wonder why Crown BD, and SCV are being represented even though they are not participating. Personally as much as enjoy all the shows, I would rather see BAC or Cadets represented. BAC was one of the first corps, if not the first to be on board, Cadets were not far behind and could probably use the boost. I think DCI may need to look at its target audience. Most years both theater events have a mix of ages, with younger audiences encouraged by schools. I can recall a few years
  9. It may not be DCI’s decision. Fathom decides which events it will broadcast, and most likely covers the cost of broadcasting the event. I believe there is a minimum of 300 seats in a theater for a Fathom event. For an average event, a certain number of theaters need to broadcast the event and at least 80% of the seats have to be filled for an event to be profitable. The fewer the theaters broadcasting the event, the more tickets that have to be sold. I seem to recall hearing that 2019 was possibly the last year the opening event was going to be broadcast due to poor ticket sales. Interesting
  10. Personally I hope they do look and sound like Madison, but given the challenges of 2018 and 2019, the decision to no longer be an all male drum corps, everyone having a different opinion of what Madison should or should not be, adding the challenges of leadership, and sprinkling all that Covid-19 added to the mix, I suppose I’m happy that there will be a Madison Scouts taking the field.🙂
  11. I don’t know if changing venues has been considered and most likely would not hear until an official announcement is made. I Googled Merrimack which is about two miles away from the Lawrence Stadium and their stadium can hold 4,000 people which surprised me. I attended a graduation there and thought it was smaller. Lawrence holds 9,000. While I don’t think I’ve ever seen the stadium filled to capacity, attendance is good and I do believe more than 4,000 attend. Personally I hope the venue does not change. In spite of what you hear, the stadium itself is safe, Lawrence needs the positive publi
  12. If you are talking about East Coast shows, I can only speak for Massachusetts, but my understanding is more information from show sponsors Boston Crusaders (Lawrence and Quincy) and Beanpot (Lynn) will be available in early June. The delay is due to restrictions. Restrictions were supposed to be lifted in August but it is now happening much earlier. With some of the past restrictions, selling tickets for August by section posed difficulties and there were questions about monitoring. Most likely this will not be an issue since many restrictions will be lifted on May 29th. However there are ex
  13. I don’t think it is a spoof. I don’t completely agree, and there is some pretense, but it was for real. It’s a matter of “getting” drum corps. Professional musicians can be mixed regarding drum corps. I know of professional musicians who play with a major symphony orchestra who love drum corps and marched themselves, and a colleague of theirs who believes drum corps teaches poor musical habits and is more concerned with performance than musicianship. We’ve had lots of comments on DCP about high school band directors who view drum corps as the greatest possible activity and others who loathe i
  14. I was not at prelims in 1979, and my only source of the performance would have been people who believed Crossmen was robbed, and DCN and DCW, but the consensus at the time was that while Troopers did have a strong performance and Crossmen may have struggled a bit, it should not have resulted with Crossmen in 13th place. The there was also a penalty for Crossmen which was questioned. However, there were drum corps conspiracy theorists that year. It was the one and only year of the “Associates” title. 13-17 competed on the same evening as what was then Class A. I looked on both DCX and From the
  15. I just got out of the car and a local radio station highlighted summer events and special seating for vaccinated people was discussed. Their argument was that vaccinated people can sit closer to others with a smaller distance between themselves and others. Masks would still be required since it would be considered a crowd but the distance is 3-4 feet as opposed to 6 feet. My guess is this would be a segregation that would not be a violation of civil rights.