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  1. Tim K

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    John Williams is rather protective of his music. For about ten years or so it has been next to impossible for drum corps to get rights for his music. My guess is the same holds true for competitive high school and college bands as well. Someone I know who at one time worked for the Boston Symphony and knows John Williams well, and believes he all but walks on water claims he does not like his music rearranged. He also claims he has been burned by unauthorized use of some of his music in arrangements that he could not stand, especially “Jaws,” “Close Encounters,” and “Star Wars.” It’s not a money issue. He could earn quite a bit from licensing, it’s the integrity of his music. I do think he’s a gifted composer. Not sure he.’s in the same category as Holst but now that you mention it, the Star Wars” soundtrack does have traces of “The Planets” in the score.
  2. Tim K

    Uniforms of the Future

    I arrive in Indy on the Wednesday before prelims and attend the Indiana State Fair. Usually I meet others who are in Indy for DCI. I love taking photos of the farm animals. The cows in the fairs near me are usually dairy cows, but Indy has beef cattle as well. When I see a big old steer I hope it smiles for the camera, and I smile thinking about a nice juicy steak or the prime rib roast on Christmas Day.😊
  3. Tim K

    Uniforms of the Future

    I too have thought horses in a Troopers show would be amazing, especially in 2015 where horses were so prominent. PETA would no doubt object, but my guess is that others would too, including those who love a good steak and don’t look to see if their dozen eggs are from cage free chickens. A DCI tour would never be compatible with proper care for horses, and if they did not use the same horses at each show, training them takes time and commitment, so you could not rent and train horses in Boston and if your next stop is Philadelphia, rent and train other horses in time for the show. Anyone who has ever marched in a parade that competed after Crown in 2007 is probably eternally grateful the Rose Bowl and DCI said now just in case a “pooper scooper” missed a spot.
  4. Tim K

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    I would love that to be the case, and if they were ever to finagle things to use the John Williams music from the original film, that would be amazing.
  5. I have never rented a facility for a group that needed to stay overnight due mainly to local ordinances which would not allow it, but I have rented gym space, cafeteria space, and hall space. All you need to do is be burned once, and everything changes.
  6. This is something I know probably varies from town to town, but a friend of mine who is a high school principal hates renting the facilities. In his district, and I know the same holds true for other districts, the school does not see the money collected from rent. It goes to the town because the town owns the buildings. In my friend's case, when the school is rented whether it be overnight or simply for an afternoon or evening, the school is responsible for hiring custodians and paying then overtime which is contractually required and has to provide security, but the school department is not reimbursed by the town. He feels it is not worth it and takes time from more important matters, and I can't blame him.
  7. Tim K


    I recall his mentioning the Verdi Pitch in a television interview, perhaps an infomercial, and included names of opera giants who support it, including Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, and Birgit Nilsson. It made it look as if these people supported his presidential bids. It also included a video of Renata Tebaldi speaking about the Verdi Pitch. Tebaldi was so incensed about being associated with LaRouche she denounced him publicly.
  8. Tim K

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Considering your son’s role in the corps, you’d better be looking at things with the bias of “green colored glasses.”😊
  9. Very entertaining and well done. Now as someone who does prefer the pre 2014 no trombones, concert French horns, etc, though I did not have a conniption with allowing B-flat or the expansion of the front ensemble, contradictory, I know, I think some feared DCI would become nothing but 76 trombones for a horn line. That being said, if a drum corps attempted and more importantly succeeded in using this arrangement of “76 Trombones” with the movement, theatrics, uniform change, etc., it would be a fan favorite no question.
  10. Tim K

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Since my father’s father was born in 1888 and my mother’s father was born in 1892, it is definitely not my grandfather’s DCI. Sometimes the movement of personnel from one corps to another is lost on me. I hear a name I know who is a major player is leaving one corps and it looks like the end of the world, and the corps is fine, often because of the foundation the person put in place. Then you may hear someone who may not be well known and is not viewed as a pivotal person and discover it is a great loss for the corps. It will be interesting to see how this year plays out with movement, resignations, etc. When it comes to Cavaliers, I am an outsider looking in, but if you go back to 2011 to 2012, Cavies faced challenges but did begin to climb back between 2013-2015, but from what I could sense, needed a shot in the arm. This came in 2016 and 2017. 2018 did not have the growth some had hoped for, but they didn’t lose major ground either. What will be critical is whether or not new leaders will be able to pick up where previous leaders left off, correct what may need to be fixed, and take the corps to the place where they once were.
  11. Wait a minute. The Boy Scouts has sexual misconduct issues first exposed around 1978. Boys and Girls Clubs, about 1999. The Archdiocese of Boston 2002. Jerry Sandusky 2012. Jared Fogle 2015. Larry Nasir 2016. Did he want thing to happen differently? I hope what you are saying is true. But don’t blame #metoo for moving things too fast and destroying his career and even if #metoo played a role, you have to have the wrongdoing in the first place.
  12. Too bad you don’t live in Boston. In the late 70’s there was a radio station that played “Tomorrow” every morning. Annie would sing “The sun will come out tomorrow...” and the next thing you would hear is a car hitting someone, machine gun fire, a guillotine, someone being thrown out a window, dogs attacking, every day something different. Poor Annie was killed so often in so many ways, she never got to meet Daddy Warbucks.
  13. To be fair, Holy Family Defenders of Rockland did it one year and they blasted it as only they could. That would have been prior to every crooner singing it on television specials, every elementary school chorus including it in concerts, etc.
  14. Tim K

    Past 10 Seasons

    For me, each year since 2011 has been enjoyable and the years I have been able to hit both Allentown and Indy are a bonus. In choosing a favorite year overall, I’m undecided. 2014 came to mind first, but i did not get to Indy that year so I did not see OC. 2016 and 2017 were both amazing, but I’d give 2017 a bit of a plus with the SCV Anniversary show in Indy after semi’s. In 2018 I loved the variety of OC, many WC shows impressed me, but the overall experience was enjoyable. I also had two full weeks vacation which started prior to Allentown and continued until just after Indy, so I was not rushed. My flight home was canceled, but I was able to get on an earlier flight so even that worked out, so I guess in the end I’ll give it to 2018.
  15. Kiwanis Kavaliers in 1981 and Seattle Cascades in 1996 did not get the memo about “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” While I can’t say they used the William Shatner version as their inspiration, I do agree this Beatle’s anthem remade by Elton John should be left off the field. So too should John Fred’s semi parody “Judy in Disguise with Glasses.” Full disclosure: I can hold my own with repertoires in many cases, but I did look up “Lucy” on DCX.