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    27th Lancers, Boston Crusaders, North Star, Holy Family Defenders,Madison Scouts, Garfield Cadets (still like the Cadets, but loved them back in the day), Phantom Regiment, Blue Stars (back in the day), Kilties
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    27th Lancers 1980 DCI finals, Phantom Regiment 1979 close second
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  1. Tim K


    And we should be surprised at this answer?
  2. Tim K


    Does watching YouTube videos of corps while on the treadmill count? If so, I'll be marching with everyone!
  3. Full disclosure: I am not that familiar Thank You Scientist and it’s not exactly my style, but I am 56. A few generations ago I would have been one step away from enjoying Lawrence Welk on Saturday evenings and being grateful for Geritol. Guardsmen were featured in a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial around 1976, Bridgemen’s percussion hawked Twix bars in the 1980’s. I’m sure there are other corps in other situations where some considered them not drum corps. Now a well known musical act that is classic is Fleetwood Mac. In the song “Tusk” the USC marching band joins them. Do you think if they asked a popular California drum corps to join them, such as Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, or Freelancers to join them, they would have refused?
  4. Tim K

    The Cavaliers 2019

    I know lots of nuns who love baseball. They know a thing or two about baseball cards too. We were allowed to ride our bikes to school on Fridays in the Spring. This would have been time time when kids attached baseball cards to clothes pins, attached the clothes pin somewhere close to the tire, and when the card hit the spokes it made the bike sound powerful, at least to a fourth grader. One good Sister of St. Joseph inspected the baseball cards to make sure none of us used cards that might be collector’s items one day. I don’t recall if baseball cards were of much value in 1973, but a friend who owns a sports memorabilia store credits This nun with teaching him how to collect baseball cards. Sr. Mary Jo may be the first nun on a baseball card, and attaching a piece of the veil may be unique, but I’m not sure I’d call it a “relic.” In Catholic terms, a relic belonged to a saint. Sr. Mary Jo looks alive and well to me and has not yet reached her heavenly reward. 😇 It’s a great tribute to Sr. Mary Jo and the Marian Catholic community.
  5. Tim K

    The Cadets 2019

    Regarding Cadets in 2019, I think the way that Cadets handled 2018 speaks volumes, however I have spoken to people more in the know than I am and Cadets still has a great deal to do, because as we know the allegations facing the former director are not the only challenges the corps is facing. That being said, it does seem as if there are capable people handling these things, and if in the midst of a huge storm last year the corps could place 7th, competitive success this year is not a bold prediction. I would think much depends on the following: Recruitment: Since every corps claims each year they have recruited the most talent in their history, this always is a remains to be seen category, but it's safe to assume Cadets still attracts top talent. Returning vets: I think when you have placed near the top, the temptation to move to a medaling corps is greater. This could be a challenge for Cavies, Cadets, BAC, and Crown. For me, one of the things I have associated with Cadets whether it was a strong year placement wise or not, whether it was a show I enjoyed (most years) or not (only a few), is a strong sense of confidence. Moving forward, this will be important. Cadets have been about tradition, and they are also about innovation, I hope we see both. Just as I would love to see their northeast neighbors wear red and black, maroon and gold would be nice. Since my predictions preseason are always wrong, I'll keep those thoughts to myself, but I think it should be a good year.
  6. Two things in drum corps have not changed all that much, at least in theory. One, corps always try and out do each other, and corps have shows that are created to earn the best score. So could we have shows that have fewer props that focus on drill? If that’s what the best are doing and the judges are looking for, it’s a possibility. However, I would say for quite a few years now what is old is new again, though it might appear to be different. There was a period not too long ago where shows were well performed and demonstrated talent, but seemed more focused on the judging sheets than anything else. People applauded and there were many fine shows, but audiences were not riveted, at least not the way I remember being blown away in the late 70’s/early 80’s. I am seeing more of that today.
  7. I did a quick Google search to help you. PETA and “Grab your Wallet” list lots of boycotts. If you want to boycott all boycotts, you can drive a Caterpillar tractor to Chick-fil-A for a chicken sandwich, have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for desert, go home and place an order on Amazon, book a flight on Air France, make a craft or two with items purchased at Hobby Lobby, and pay for it all with a loan from Lending Tree.
  8. Done before: Malden Ambassadors 1976. They also played “Make All Our Dreams Come True” (Laverne and Shirley theme) that year.
  9. I’ve heard my fair share of back in the day stories from people who did march back in the day, and I have never heard any of them refer to what they did as follow the leader. I’ve heard the next generation refer to what was done before they marched as follow the leader. It was never a style and never a compliment.
  10. It’s too bad we do not have the old issues of “Drum Corps News” available on line. I believe DCX is working on it. I’d love people to read what must have been a July 1978 issue. Some people were infuriated after DCI East and CYO Nationals in 1978. The shows were too modern, corps no longer played “songs,” no respect for the American flag, color guards were dancing. Shows were not “clean.” A few of the culprits: Phantom, 27th, Bridgemen, Blue Stars, Garfield, North Star, Blue Devils, SCV. Some of these shows today are classic “Old School.” When I watch DVD’s, I’m most at home with the 70’s and 80’s, but I’m still using my vacation time for Indy and Allentown, and as is the case most years, I’ll be impressed.
  11. Before people threaten boycotting, I say produce ticket stubs, cancelled checks, credit card receipts, proof of mileage and plane trips, that show you actually support drum corps. Support your claim with back issues of “Drum Corps World,” or the now defunct“Drum Corps News,” prove you have the knowledge of folks such as Michael Boo, Jeff Ream, George Dixon, Fran Harding, Terri Scheher, and others, the positivity of HookEmCavies or DrumManTX, then say you are boycotting.
  12. Well, some of the discussions are “out of this world.”🌏
  13. Since the use of military bugles evolved from fife and drum corps, I say boycott until brass is elimated and we return to fifes, which is, a woodwind. We can skip Indy and instead head to Colonial Williamsburg for their annual Tattoo which is usually held the weekend before Memorial Day. Seriously mid to late May is the best time to visit Colonial Williamsburg and the visiting fife and drum corps are impressive. If you have ever seen the Williamsburg fife and drummers in action, they stay in formation in spite of presents left by horses, clueless tourists who try to get in front of them while marching for selfies, and anything else you can imagine.