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  1. All that matters is if they (new ideas) are done well are not.
  2. These are two different issues. Yes, the music needs to be better. Yes, the visual needs to be better. Outside of '12, the visual has kind of been middle of the road as well. In hindsight, JT's products on his second run weren't all that exciting. And if using props, do better than '13 for goodness sakes. I'll propose a third issue...overall design. Integration across disciplines hasn't been fluid or contained Box 6 elements. You really have to be Box 6 these days (to steal a term from WGI). I haven't looked at the newest set of sheets, but I know after the redesign a couple years ago, the top of Box 5 was worded close to what Box 6 is in WGI...something about "game changing" or "pushes the activity to new heights." They haven't done that. Maybe they don't want to.
  3. Score-wise it doesn't seem that way, but it's not being put in full context like that. Placement-wise they went from 9th to 13th to 8th. That's a big swing. Semis is an outlier.
  4. tried to scroll through the last few months of stuff and couldn't find the post i was looking for...yet. anyways...word was that BAC's guard took a huge drop from prelims to semis. judge admitted to staff that there was an error, but did not correct it on the final sheets because they were turned in and whatever. BAC's guard & staff got ###### and used the flags on finals.
  5. I think this is why his voicing at Regiment seems incomplete. There's something missing. The layers and power just aren't there.
  6. Well, considering you didn't mention 2013 until the second paragraph and didn't say anything about '14, it was rather unclear.
  7. According to multiple social media posts after the fact, they weren't going to use the dci flags until the guard judge from semis admitted to getting the scores wrong and not correcting them.
  8. let's just say they went in that direction, but don't actually do it. i don't think it'd be very classy.
  9. absolutely one of my favorite shows from them. best since '10.
  10. someone slap Bocook for arranging something like that. it's just too ####### good.
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