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  1. Right Then, Not Now. Hope the new crew improves last years standings.
  2. That’s great news Terri! Safe travels.
  3. While, it never came to physical violence, Regiment blocked people from breaking our ranks. Even in Lynn, MA BITD. You have to understand what “Breaking the Ranks” really means. This didn’t have to do with retreat, it had to do with corps in formation to enter the stadium or setting up for whatever in a unit. Fans, locals, who wanted “cut through” the ranks to get anywhere. No, no, no, you walk around a corps “in formation” To me equates “breaking ranks”. Can I get an “Amen” from my peers? KVG_DC has come the closest. Thank you.
  4. Teaching heaven’s drum line. RIP Tom.
  5. Sending you some authentic Arizona heat your way! Perhaps you need to up the hot sauce/ pepper flakes to raise the body temp? I know, I’m a quack doctor.
  6. We are with you JimF. I underwent “Brain surgery” to remove a tumor on my pituitary gland almost two years ago. So far so good. Hope for the best and take each day at a time. There is hope out there and you have an entire community who supports you,
  7. Prolly won’t be on my list of volunteer gigs.
  8. It was, however, unnerving seeing alligators swimming through an Orlando neighborhood during multiple news casts. How do they get relocated and where to?
  9. Traveling AZ.

    Rather than totally hijack the “Be Safe” thread and turn it into an Arizona Tour Guide thread, I thought I’d PM you. I hope that’s okay. Have you been to Mt. Lemmon? The drive there is quite beautiful. It’s about 45 minutes from Tucson.8 thousand ft elevation. It’s beautiful. Tubac is another cool little artist town that worth a visit.



    1. IllianaLancerContra


      No.  Spent a lot of time in SW AZ when in USAF.  Lots of training sites there

  10. Lots of interesting things to see and do here in AZ. Just don’t plan any outdoor activities from June through August and you’ll be okay. Bisbee has kind of a funky, artsy fun vibe too. Worth checking out. Jerome,AZ appeals to your “inner hippee
  11. Hey, think of me when you get to Portillos!
  12. Thank goodness the damage to your home was minimal. The footage of Ft. Myers makes you want to weep. Good idea to wait it out in Illinois. You’ll be out of the mitigation team’s way. BTW, did you pack some extra sweaters for the trip home? Safe Travels to you two.
  13. I’ll help with Regiment. This is what I have so far: Visual Steven Estudillo Matt Hartwell-caption head Donnie Hull-asst via caption head Noe Gomez-asst vis designer Artistic Director-Tony Hall Percussion: Jesus Sanchez-Perc caption head Tyler Sammons-Front Ensemble arranger Matt Penland- Battery arranger Dan Sailer-snare instructor Reid Paxton-front ensemble coordinator Color Guard: Adam Sage & Michael James remain Blake Dutton-color guard designer Eryn Boone-co caption head and manager Chris McCarthy-co caption head and choreographer Brass: JD Shaw I believe the brass staff from 2022 returns.
  14. It’s a fine line to “Walk Too Far” to be competitive and yet capture the audience. Having been a MM elevendy million years ago, my money is on being there for the fans. That’s who counts. Flame away.
  15. And we are praying for you, Jim, and the other members of our drum corps community impacted by Ian. To quote a good friend “ DCP Strong” We’ve got your back. Any of DCP’s newer posters have anything to add?
  16. You have to give kudos to the BOD and the entire Regiment organization for their efforts to turn things around. I’m seriously in awe of what they have accomplished in the last two years. These staffing announcements are certainly encouraging.
  17. Wow! I’m not a percussion person but it looks like they landed some good talent. Can anyone share experiences with any of the team?
  18. An encouraging announcement! Now what about percussion??? 🍿🍿🍿🍿
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