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  1. The moon landing was real . There is no conspiracy in DCI either . Good judges and bad judges for each corps usually equal each other out . That’s why there are 11 of them .
  2. Are cadets trying to look as bands as possible . Good uniform I’d your playing the music man !
  3. 1-Crown . nice to see somebody else. 2-BD -always good 3-SCV believe it upgraded their staff 4-Bluecoats - fun and entertaining . 5-Cavies horn line is star recently 6-Boston -Not a fan or design . don't see them moving up any further maybe down . 7- Blue Knight -Good design with less talent 8-Blue Stars -took all that Madison Midwest talent and safe design 9-Cadets - design problems again . 10-Crossmen -Starting to really play . 11- Phantom -need staff stability 12-Mandarins -finding it tough to match ----- 13- Academy - very good corps last year. -14-Spirit -need upgrades across the board 15 Music city 16-Madison -hard to move up 17-Colts 18-Troopers -best 18th place corps to date
  4. KInd of ruined it for me . Its like MLB .not really their staff.Just like Madison did for those 3 seasons . now look. Boston will be back to where they were.
  5. 1984 West Side Story 1987 Appalachian Spring 1993 IN THE SPRINGTIME 1985 Symphony 3, Make Our Garden Grow, Candide (Bernstein) 1983 Mass 1982 Rocky Point - Gershwin 2012 the Christmas show 1996 The American West 1981 Adventures in Time 2000 Disney we are the future 1991 ABC ???
  6. I would agree.. This , I believe , was a planned retirement. this was put off several years because of the state of the activity. There is no comparison between the Cadets -Hopkins situation ,Boston , Oregon , Crown , Cavies , SCV , and this .If you think there is you are mistaken and should do some fact searching.
  7. How would you know ??? Fred Morrison was a great director.He really took care of the corps members and the organization.
  8. Then get off this site. dont post , go away. EASY. We are all here for a reason. We like this .So instead of telling all who do not care that you are walking away just run and leave please. so tired of this moaning .