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  1. Short Bridge tour 2 -2.5 weeks or Virtual... ON FLO like BOA ,DCA and V-US BANDS. WORKS GREAT AND NO TRAVEL, KEEP DCI ALIVE .
  2. https://www.crossmen.org/drum-corps-program-staff
  3. The moon landing was real . There is no conspiracy in DCI either . Good judges and bad judges for each corps usually equal each other out . That’s why there are 11 of them .
  4. Are cadets trying to look as bands as possible . Good uniform I’d your playing the music man !
  5. 1-Crown . nice to see somebody else. 2-BD -always good 3-SCV believe it upgraded their staff 4-Bluecoats - fun and entertaining . 5-Cavies horn line is star recently 6-Boston -Not a fan or design . don't see them moving up any further maybe down . 7- Blue Knight -Good design with less talent 8-Blue Stars -took all that Madison Midwest talent and safe design 9-Cadets - design problems again . 10-Crossmen -Starting to really play . 11- Phantom -need staff stability 12-Mandarins -finding it tough to match ----- 13- Academy - v
  6. KInd of ruined it for me . Its like MLB .not really their staff.Just like Madison did for those 3 seasons . now look. Boston will be back to where they were.