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    74 Anahiem Kingsmen, 74 SCV, 08 Phantom Regiment
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    77 Canadian
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  1. simply put,, the reason there are no Canadian corps in World Class DCI is... because there are no Canadian DCI World class corps in Canada.
  2. i think every corps with shakos in Ontario wore hair nets in 75, we moved to aussies in 76 and lost the nets...
  3. United Alumni was there this weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed CB and meeting some of the people making up the corps. They were a crowd pleaser for sure.
  4. thanks for the kind words,,, yes,, Rob Judd was missing,, he retired at the end of last year, and we do miss him, but Scott Butcher is carrying on the snare enthusiasm for us. And,, yes,, we did enjoy the party afterward,, until our bus was called,, (which happened when the DJ switched genre's and played Michael Jackson,, Sorry you missed the GR,, there's some major chops there and the entertainment value was through the roof. I missed Prime Time and the Greece jazz band,, but was lucky enough to catch MSJ ... favourite tune of the night,, ??/ Children of Sanchez MSJ...
  5. had a fantastic time in Greece,,, what an appreciative crowd at the school too... I was only able to see GR and WNY before we had to get ready and warm up,, and then I made a point to hang around the back door to watch MSJ,, good,, old skool drum corps for sure,,, thanks for the invite from all of us at United Alumni... and it was a great get together afterwards too... hope the dj didn't think he did something wrong when the loudest group got up and left when he put Mike Jackson on,, but we had to leave...
  6. the idea is great,, but the pages are formatted W A Y T O O W I D E...lol no seriously, I have a high res laptop,, and there should be no page that I should have to scroll left to right on when the browser is maximised,,, it's really an easy fix.. but other than that,,, good going!
  7. only a Jr C canadian corps,,(Simcoe Golden Lions) but we had a complete uni change from 76 -77.. and took all three championships in 77.. went from the "satin" top to a corps mom sewn "Vanguard" style tunic... colour to purple with a gold,,.. and the aussie hat too..and we kept that uni until folding in the 80's
  8. I enjoyed meeting some of you guys last year,, you were lined up just down the street from the corner we got LOL... we were right next to the lawn chair dads!!
  9. complimentary bump,, and really looking forward to being there and playing....
  10. ahhh but Brasso,,, I remember doing that a number of years ago.... we weren't allowed to break ranks for "YOU KNOW WHAT" <lol
  11. but in the end .... ManCorps will prevail,, the last and final all human drum and bugle corps!!~!... (from a 1976/77 drum corps comic book.....
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