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    5 years CV, My rookie year on staff.
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    2001 Scouts at LSU Stadium. Ripped the place apart.
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    2003. My rookie year.
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  1. CVQuesty

    2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    C2 == Cadets2 =~ Garfield sorta. :)
  2. CVQuesty

    Sound of the South 2012

    Anyone have any updates from the show?
  3. Ah! I thought it was Finals. I sit corrected! :-D
  4. I'd love to hear what a perfect 100 sounds like...
  5. DCA?? It was on the DCI Fan Network. Only 20 bucks. (or so I'm told)
  6. Last time I sat and refreshed DCP from home on finals night was 2002. I'm missing being there terribly. Go MBI!!!!
  7. CVQuesty


    Not to disagree with you Jeff (yeah, that's never happened ) I quoted Hoppy himself stating precisely that fact was a big part of his issue. Go back and read the quote. I've seen this come up from time to time in discussions on this forum, and I generally move to demolish them ANY time they come up by ANY person who brings it up. This simply isn't an issue, and it falls into the category of "stupid myths perpetuated by individuals because they are either misinformed or it fits their agenda". Now... which one is Hopkins?
  8. CVQuesty


    CorpsVets 2004 - "Naima" by John Coltrane.
  9. CVQuesty


    Not to dredge this up... (just catching up on DCP after a long hiatus) I really really Really REALLY dislike the argument Hoppy is using here. I think it's demeaning and really calls into question the morals of every all-ager that shares the field/bus with younger folks. Those of us who have shared bus and field with teenagers while being old farts ourselves are well aware of boundaries. In Mr. Hopkins' world, he seems to be suggesting we're all perverted ingrates. *We* know that it becomes much more a big bro/sis sort of relationship. *We* know that this simply isn't an issue at all, and that things just don't work that way. I put my money (and my kids!) where my mouth is too. Both of my kids started as early teens. My oldest marched 5 years with CV and started at 13 and my youngest is on year 2, starting at 16. I trust corps members implicitly with my children, and never does this sort of thought even come close to entering my mind when someone brings up these sorts of implications in this kind of conversation. If you want to keep your membership in one particular area age-wise, that is fantastic. DCA rules allow it, and if it helps your main organization, more power to you. But, please please PLEASE stop perpetuating this outright myth. If it's the >only< reason you're restricting age, then you have a few other things you probably need to work out for yourself.
  10. CVQuesty

    Loudest Show on Earth

    I'm actually landing in San Jose.... late Sunday night. :( I really wanted to see you guys next weekend.
  11. CVQuesty

    Madison Scouts 2011

    I'm not very good at math, but how is "once in 1980" and "once in 2011" considered "every day" in your somewhat shakily attempted metaphor?
  12. CVQuesty


    Most corps that mix ages to that degree have "zero tolerance" policies, though. In some cases (that I am intimately familiar with) eject not only the underager but also the person who gave it to them without question, and with great prejudice. There is no room for discussion, and there is no opportunity for appeal. These days you speak about, Kay, require you to be absolutely draconian not only on your policies, but also on the enforcement of those policies.
  13. CVQuesty


    Says the guy that carried beer onto the buses... :P
  14. The single difference until recent years for CV was the execution of jazz charts that either had never been done on the field before (Naima) or were considered "classic" jazz: something more at home in a stage band or jazz combo setting. The first departure from that would've been "Wild Party". Still, until 2008/09, eclectic, "real jazz" (as Sirius would put it) was the primary rep. Today, however, is a new day with a new direction.