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  1. Going a little crazy here: 1. Bluecoats 2. Santa Clara Vanguard 3. Carolina Crown 4. Blue Devils 5. Blue Knights 6. Cadets 7. The Cavalier 8. Phantom Regiment 9. Boston Crusaders 10. Troopers 11. Crossmen 12. The Academy 13. Vanguard Cadets
  2. I've also heard that Blue Knights 2012 had a lot of demand in it.
  3. What are some songs, rather it'd be from a concert band piece or a pop song, that you think would fit in a drum corps show well? Personally: By Fire - Hiatus Kaiyote Mahler 6
  4. Okay you've got me there, but listen to them. They sound like the Cadets. They've done the best job out of all corps in DCI today with keeping their identity. Sure the black unis are wacky, but they still look and sound like the Cadets.
  5. It's crazy how roweled up people get over George Hopkins being innovative, and the Cadets still have one of the most traditional sounds in DCI. Hmm...
  6. You can definitely tell that a lot of the shows this season were written for this stadium.
  7. Listening to the tunnel cam. Wow SCV. What a crazy good hornline! Blowing out my speakers!
  8. http://yea.org/programs/cadets/cadets/events#year=2015&month=7&day=16&view=month%C2'> It's here, but they have EPL in 15 minutes so there's no use to go. Oh well. I guess I can see them in the lot tonight!
  9. Totally found it on their website. Thanks! Haha...