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  1. Does anybody have any info on the Renegades? Are they coming back for the 2014 season in any way, shape or form or are they just another footnote in the history of Drum Corps? Their website looks like it hasn't been updated in a year or so and there is no mention of them on the DCA site. Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. Geneva Appleknockers (Sr.) Rochester Grey Knights Rochester Phoenix Pittsburg Rockets Erie Thunderbirds Hamburg Kingsmen Interstatesmen
  3. The Appleknockers also performed winter concerts in the late 50's into the early 60's. They frequently had more horn players during the winter concerts than they would have on the field. There are several concert albums from various years - '58, '61 and the Evening with the Corps recording from '64. They would play sit-down style with a trap drummer and also featured french-horn player Don Phipps on Upright Bass on several numbers. Jack Bullock arranged most of their music which featured a lot of Gerswin, show tunes and popular hits of the day. They also featured the first contrabass designed
  4. Various upstate New York corps of the 60's and 70's......... The Shortsville Shamrocks (NY) The Dynamic Duo (1-yr merger of the Shortsville Shamrocks and the Auburn Purple Lancers) The Grey Knights (NY) The (Hilton, Irondequoit, Rochester) Crusaders (NY) The Magnificent Yankees (NY) The Brigaders (NY) The Phoenix (NY) Mighty St. Joe's (NY Emerald Cadets (NY) Emerald Statesmen (NY) Greece Cadets (NY) Squires (NY) Grenadiers (NY) Pardee Pacers (NY) Alpine Girls (NY) Mellodears (NY) Hit Men (NY)
  5. Ken "Ace" Peterson, originally with the Geneva Appleknockers in the 50's and 60's, is still marching with the Mighty St. Joe's Alumni Corps at 82 years old. I saw him marching last week at the Clifton Springs Sulpher Springs Festival with St. Joes.
  6. Shortsville Shamrocks picture from 1958 Snare drummer first row 2nd from left is Ron Schaefer.....played with the Sr. Appleknockers 2nd row 3rd from left is Tom Fogarty next to Dave Baroody and 6th from left is Rich Hudson (Sr. and Jr. Appleknockers) 3rd row 2nd from left is Phil Fogarty and 6th from left is Tom Hesseny top row with rifle is Dick Pronti This was the parade corps for the Citizens Hose Company and the Turner-Schrader Post 34 American Legion. In 1963, the Shamrocks began field competition in the NY/Penn Circuit with Dick Pronti as Drum Major and Drill Instructor/Drill Writer
  7. At the time of the picture, the corps was an all-age parade corps marching for the local Citizens Hose Company and American Legion Turner/Schrader Post 34. It became a junior corps in 1963 when it joined the NY/Penn circuit and began field competitions......back then legal drinking age was 18 and he could pass at around 13 without showing an id......
  8. He was a 1961 graduate of Red Jacket Central School whose other famous classmate was Phil Bredesen, former mayor of Nashville and governor of Tennesee..........
  9. I remember the Ridge-Culver Statesmen merging with the Emerald Cadets becoming the Emerald Statesmen for a couple years in the 60's......
  10. I personally did not go on to instruct after I aged out of junior drum corps in 1966, but several members of the Shortsville Shamrocks did go on to instruct: 1) Dick Pronti - color guard, horn player, drum major and drill writer/instructor for the Shamrocks also wrote drill for several corps, became a DC judge, founded the DCA I&E and became an advisor to several corps and was a WDHOF member. 2) Jack Bullock grew up in Shortsville and is most known for his work with the Geneva Appleknockers. He was also an advisor/instructor to the Shamrocks and wrote/taught in the early years. Also a WD
  11. Some of us old guys remember the Rochester Grey Knights being a pretty good corps.......
  12. In the late 1950's, Jack Bullock of the Geneva Appleknockers worked with the Whaley Royce company to develop the first contrabass used by a drum corps. The only flaw with the horn was that it was designed to play up front and not as a shoulder model. It was too heavy to use on the field, but the Appleknockers used it in their winter sit-down concerts and it can be heard quite distinctly on some of their late-50's/early 60's concert recordings. They also had Don Phipps play an upright string bass during one of their Gershwin medleys......... I've always wondered what happened to that horn....I
  13. There was another Emerald Cadets out of Rochester NY which competed in the Penn/York circuit in the 60's....attached is their history from corpreps..... The Emerald Cadets of Point Pleasant Incorporated Irondequoit, (Rochester) New York The Point Pleasant Fire Department of Irondequoit, a suburb of Rochester, New York, sponsored a fire tournament team, marching band, color guard and parade drum & bugle corps in one form or another from 1899 to 1958. These groups collectively were known as the “Point Pleasant Pea Pickers” at least from 1946 to 1958, incorporating the nick-name used by th