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    3 years in the color guard of Emerald Knights from Cedar Rapids, IA; Son in Colts 2012-2015 and Colt Cadets 2010-11; Daughter in Colt Cadets 2015
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  1. I'm one of the organizers of the Cedar Rapids show. We have General Mills and Quaker Oats plants in town and they generously donated our prizes. Each corps left with cases of cereal, granola bars and fruit snacks. :)
  2. So impressive for a second year corps. Legends up next.
  3. At Dubuque Tuesday, I needed hot chocolate, tonight I need a snow cone! Louisiana Stars entering the field.
  4. The Colt Cadets range in age from 11-17, with a couple of 18-year-olds. You have to be 18 or younger to march in the corps. :)
  5. It's my pleasure. I know what it's like to hang out on show topics, waiting for updates. :)
  6. Racine 36.5 Colt Cadets 50.75 Spirit 68.25 Colts 69.45 Troopers 70.15 Phantom 75.8 Bluecoats 80.35
  7. Colts made some cool additions at the end of their show.
  8. Wow, glad I got to see Bluecoats live - so much better than the live stream. Colts up next - go Red Team!
  9. Standing ovation for Phantom. Bluecoats entering field.