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  1. This is exactly why I hate this thread every year. Good lord, people.
  2. got it. Was not clear in the slightest, but thanks for the correx
  3. Okay, you don't even need Google to know that, for example, Zildjian is based in Massachusetts, not Illinois. Lone Star Percussion? What part of "Lone Star" are we failing to understand here? It says right on the TreeWorks logo that they're based in Tennessee. A little rigor, folks, please.
  4. This is an argument that, top to bottom, DCI 2019 is of lesser quality than G7 2000. That's a hard sell. Yup.
  5. Same. When I first saw/heard it, at the Memorial Day show-and-tell, it sounded as if someone had lit a fuse on a stick of dynamite. Then, POW Others: The sight of Cavies' rifles flying through the air at the end of their show The supernova circle of Blue Stars hit in Frozen BD's trademark swirl Cadets' 10-minute tenor feature More BK: All the negative aural space and pure artistry of Hurt. The battery echoes from stage right were just enormously effective. And Daniel Belcher conducting Liquid; what a gas. The way Crown brought it, and brought it, and brought it through their entire closer. Hugely satisfying payoff. Bluecoats' long, long decrescendo off their first hit. Sooo musical. Scouts' tumbling blocks down to the sideline on stage left. Savannah Light taking charge of the Troopers. She's, like, 5 feet high, and Ten Feet Tall. The duet in Gabriel's Oboe.
  6. GIVE IT A REST Hell Decapitation, immolation, impalement Romeo & Juliet & variants Verticality GIVE IT A TRY Joy Deep genre: Blues, Latin, anything. Go all in. GIVE IT A TWIST Speaker deployment that puts everyone between the goal lines in the Blast Zone. They say it's all about acoustic "enhancement." Well, let's enhance the fan experience. Don't amplify: Expand. Make the experience on the 17 just as good as the experience on the 47.
  7. I was lucky to see that show multiple times, while on tour. Angriest drum corps I've ever seen. Just bloodthirsty.
  8. Noticed, too, that the only entrance was through the East door, forcing you to walk the souvie gauntlet to reach the seating portals.
  9. 1. BK -- Our son is a mellophone ageout, so, after 4 years in DCI and 3 with BK, this show connected on all kinds of "I Remember Everything" levels. It's only natural this would be our favorite of the year and that, as the corps resolved into the BK dots and "were, at last . . . home," we'd be choking back tears. More objectively, as one of the GE judges said on tape, BK brings something completely unique to the activity, something that connects on a wavelength that no other corps generates. For all the reasons others have so amply expressed throughout the season on this forum, Blue Knights was the standout from a pure enjoyment/emotional-connection level. Few 2019 corps even approached BK's level of communication clarity . . . 2. . . . and BD was one of them. I started the season cool to this show. Early on, it came across to me as bloodless and clinical. By the time I saw it live at LOS, I was happily proved wrong. They might not have executed visual forms to the same degree as Crown or Blue Stars, but the member-to-member visual quality of their set-pieces was superior to anything else on the field. These were musicians who could, to a person, dance. The extended swirl of the horn line around the ghostlight in the opener was a masterpiece, something that I have replayed in my mind many times in the past few days. It was the most stunning visual moment on the field this year. Musically, it was all fabulous, though only the closer really reached me emotionally. The tap/percussion feature was a hoot to watch, and I agree BD's props were the most effective of anyone's. I thought they deserved the win. 3. Crown. The energy from beginning to end was compelling. Soloists were majestic. The snares leaning back in front of the brass during the ballad's big hit was a pure drum-corps thing, and I like drum-corps things in my drum corps. The closer was a complete gas. I will listen to this show a lot. 4. Cavaliers. Road to Perdition alone would put it on this list of personal-anjoyment faves, but the gentlemen performed this entire show with such passion that I can't leave them off. They made their mark on me. 5. Bluecoats. Just the overal design aesthetic makes it a favorite of the season. Musically, it was all about Blackbird for me. 6. Crossmen. I loved how the show blended raw horsepower with tongue-in-cheek cartoonishness. So many years, Xmen are solid yet indistinct. Not in 2019. Can't forget that drum major. 7. Troopers. The show design didn't set DCI on fire, but it did set the stage for Troopers' continued relevance and, as a corollary, their competitive advance. 2019 was a watershed year for Troop, moreso internally to the members, admin and Troop nation than to the fans in the stands, and a number of necessary internal cogs snapped into place this year. It was memorable and enjoyable to me for what it signified. The show itself was pretty strong musically. The young brass line punched above its weight. The percussion, as usual, didn't flash but cranked out clean, solid beats and was undervalued all season long IMO. Their 2019 production should serve as a . . . um . . . launchpad. 8. Scouts. Just the way they went for it. And for the last chapter of a long story. The feeling I had as I watched them leave the LOS field on Friday will stay with me a long time.
  10. . . . almost. They got to 89+. BK got to 90+ in 2017.