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  1. From one of the Troopers' several FB pages:
  2. Kinda funny that, for all the hand-wringing us old-timers have done over the years about Troop changing their visual image, here we are contemplating whether this complete revamp goes far enough. I get where you're coming from; I too would have welcomed even more daring. But the space aesthetic has always been clean and spare, so more adornment might have worked against that idea. Perhaps the designers also are considering that, sure, it all looks a bit plain on 3 or 4 people, but when you multiply the look by 150, then less becomes more.
  3. Yeah, not the most innovative compared to the rest of the activity. But they sure will work better with the music and theme than the 1860s cavalry unis ever could. And, perhaps more important to the Troopers as an organization that wants to remain relevant, they are a break from their own look for the past 60+ years, which is an important statement to members, current and potential. . . . though,. actually, their 2019 look will be something of a palette cleanser among all the leather and gladiator outfits that will be on the field this year.
  4. Troopers 2019 show/uniform drop: https://youtu.be/RV5ZDS0RIXc Divertimento for Band Op2 Vincent Persichetti Enterprising Young Men Michael Giacchino Wondrous Light John Estacio To the Stars Randy Edelman Chorale VI/Cantus - Song of Aeolus Karl Jenkins Main Title (from The Orville) Bruce Broughton Krill Attack / Shuttle Escape (from the Orville) Bruce Broughton
  5. Fair. I mean, the teases don't bother me; they just baffle me. But, if a teaspoon of extra excitement among the fan base is worth the effort and there is a benefit to the corps members because of it, then tease away, I guess.
  6. I don't understand the purpose of the agonizing uniform reveal. I don't get the whole "reveal" concept generally. I mean, it's one thing to get your uniforms designed, made, put on some of the members, take some photos and throw them online -- or not. If corps either posted photos of their uni, or decided to reveal them only at their first performance, I wouldn't think about it one way or the other. What I don't get is the tease. The drips and drabs. The tight crops of a belt buckle. The glimpse of a sleeve. The smoke. The backlighting. The slo-mo camera pans. The drama. Do they do this only for our little world of insiders? The drum corps junkies? Has someone determined a correlation between the degree of mystery over a uniform and a corps' competitive success? Or is this just Marketing 101?
  7. Yes, good insight here, thank you. Don't disagree with any of it; only mean to say that, regardless of the essential nature of the tension points listed, they are tension points that have launched a thousand DCI shows through the years. Much of it may be legitimate, to be sure, but all of it is well-trod ground.
  8. I've been mulling this. Such an instruction on the sheets would seem to contribute to the rigidity we tend to see in placements from year to year. "Originality," compared to what? Other corps competing during the current season only? Compared only to the other corps at that particular contest on that night? "Creativity," compared to what? The state of the activity, in its entirety, as it exists during this single summer only? Unlikely. How is any single judge able to have assessed everything else that is out there this season, until maybe Allentown? And anyway, a 2019 corps doing a faithful revival of Anycorps '74 would be "original" compared to every other 2019 corps. These days, G bugles and color presentations would be "creative" -- when compared only to other programs on the 2019 circuit. No, "orginality" and "creativity" are computed from the input of previous years. Rewading it may indeed result in innovation, and there's plenty of evidence on the field these days to make a strong case for that assertion. Rewarding it doesn't, however, necessarily produce competitive dynamism. What is this year's yardstick of originality? The top-performing corps of last year. What was last year's yardstick of originality? The top-performing corps of the previous year. What was the previous year's yardstick of originality? The top-performing corps of the year before that. Etc. It's a closed, self-referential loop. Success this year is largely defined by the successful of last year. At a minimum, this is a built-in competitive advantage for last year's top corps. They head into each year having defined the current standard of originality and creativity. This advantage would seem to be especially pronounced early in the season, when judges have little else to compare "originality" and "creativity" against -- further cementing the advantage that last year's top corps have over this year's lower-ranked corps. By the time your 15th-place corps has had a chance to hit a couple regionals and prove how "creative" it is, the spreads against last year's Top 12 are already baked in. It's not an impenetrable loop. See: Mandarins. But we've seen this one-hit-wonder phenomenon before. See: Academy. For corps like them, breaking into the top is more like adjudication roulette than adjudication merit. Competitive stasis -- argued endlessly on this forum in other places -- is not grounded in any single factor. It's the product of several factors. The culture of finals is one, which I have argued elsewhere. Another, I argue here, is the judging sheet itself.
  9. right side :: wrong side despair :: hope home :: away acceptance :: rejection love :: hate angels :: demons history :: future innocence :: wisdom acceptance :: rejection self :: community white :: black perception :: reality heaven :: hell day :: night freedom :: tyranny conformity :: individuality men :: women north :: south familiar :: unfamiliar truth :: lies longing :: obtaining sincerity :: deceit young :: old war :: peace life :: death belonging :: exile pursuit :: capture marooned :: rescued sharks :: jets Cavies '19 is right out of the DCI Design Playbook. Gonna be awesome, no doubt. But it's already a familiar show, no matter the color of the wrapper.
  10. Unless you've been lurking around ST, here's the first chance to hear the 2019 show music.
  11. Preceded by a standstill in downtown Denver on June 20, to include "2019 competitive program."