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  1. I saw Phantom play this live in Normal, IL early that year (first show?). Can hear it in my head like it was yesterday.
  2. It’s probably about time for Pioneer to announce their show for 2020.
  3. Having paid the bills for 2 MMs in different WC drum corps for the past 5 years, I think it’s safe to say that these numbers still unreport the actual cost. Add in camp fees, required lot gear, air fare, etc and I think you could reasonably raise these numbers by another $1500 - $2000 per member.
  4. My daughter’s school just recalled all international students & staff and cancelled all planned study abroad programs indefinitely. Huge deal... https://blog.smu.edu/coronavirus-covid-19/2020/03/02/smu-suspends-all-university-related-international-travel/
  5. My sources tell me nothing this year. They are still rebuilding in the $$ front, and might jump back in as a sound sport unit in a year or so.
  6. Isn’t it also reasonable to assume they might fall further? There are plenty of corps behind them with aspirations of grandeur.
  7. https://ascendperformingarts.org/helwerda-named-bkdbc-director/
  8. This was really my point with the OP. Even without WWs, the activity has drifted so far from its DCI roots that it seems silly to call it DCI. For the individual units, the label “drum & bugle corps” is even less relevant. All snark aside, the activity could really use some more intentional branding.
  9. What a goofball thing to say. When DCI was formed all of these things were already on the field. My contra had one valve and one rotor.
  10. I think it’s ironic that embedded within this DCP page has is an ad for “Musical Saws for Sale.” Why not.
  11. I hope you are right. But it is possible that a decision such as this could be a turning point for the activity. I’ve been involved most of my adult life as a leader in the Boy Scouts activity, and decisions made by that organization are threatening their continued existence (irregardless of all the lawsuits). I hate to see DCI make a direction change that makes them irrelevant and unattractive to donors.
  12. This is the “slow boiling frog” problem. DCI has allowed its identity to be whittled away ever so slightly each year. DCI wandered so far from the roots of activity that there’s almost no recognizable “ground truth.” Synthesizers should never have been allowed, nor should electric guitars or things that weren’t uniquely drum and bugle corps instruments. Now there’s so many exceptions that have been allowed there just isn’t any identity to the activity anymore.
  13. I wonder if DCI has consulted some of their more loyal donors such as Friends of DCI. I used to run a pretty large alumni program for a big land-grant university, and it wasn’t unusual at all for us to float important policy changes or planned expenditures through our donor base to see where they were on big issues and solicit support. The university didn’t want to surprise our supporters or worse yet alienate the high $$ donor alumni with a policy change and have it backfire on them. Any Friends of DCI people on here? Have you been separately consulted about any of these proposals to see if