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  1. WaxDCIFan

    Blue Knights 2019!

    Brass staff announced: https://www.facebook.com/22192163025/posts/10156564389618026?sfns=mo
  2. Well Genesis was, but I know their staff was pretty frustrated with Kanstuhl last year. I don’t know if Genesis has switched Horn vendors by now.
  3. WaxDCIFan

    Prayers up for this Cavaliers family...

    This is all over the national news and DFW local news tonight, including his drum corps connection. Nice testimonials from family and friends.
  4. WaxDCIFan

    SCV 1999 still the BEST SCV Ever?

    That explains everything 👍
  5. WaxDCIFan

    SCV 1999 still the BEST SCV Ever?

    What? No vocalists? No props? No field mikes or amplified soloists? What is this sorcery?
  6. Thanks Mike. Is your daughter marching again this year?
  7. Thanks, he landed in BK. Amazing how quickly lists get passed around between corps.
  8. They were still recruiting this week. My son had a call from them.
  9. WaxDCIFan

    Callback camps

    BRASSO’s proposed transfer policy would do it. It would promote parity, improve competition, and it would put a wet blanket on a lot of the audition mayhem out there.
  10. Not sure why this thread hasn’t started yet, but here’s an opening salvo: Merry Christmas to all if you fine people! (Even if some of you are trumpet players.)
  11. WaxDCIFan

    Callback camps

    I can assure you it is something worth talking about. The timing is only natural, because this is the time of year when this is all going down - not a contrived controversy born out of seasonal doldrums. As a parent trying to make this activity possible for my young adults, the costs of airfare and camp fees for these audition camps really add up, and they are a real barrier to entry for many young people. And to put some current data behind this, my MMs both got contract offers yesterday, but they were in the minority (about 30%) who did at the top-12 callback camp they attended. Many of the others traveled from out of state as callbacks from distant satellite camps.
  12. WaxDCIFan

    Callback camps

    I’ve got two MMs on the audition / callback trail right now. They are both 4 year vets reaching up this year for the brass ring, so to speak. So we had some long dinner table conversations about which corps, cost of plane tickets, etc. It’s real. It’s not only hard on the MMs, it’s also hard on the smaller corps who are trying to be more competitive. If the big corps pulls in 36 trumpets trying to sign 6 “A” list performers, then there will be a whole bunch of A or B list players who aren’t available to fill the ranks at those lower tier corps who still have to contract their performers in Dec / Jan. The net effect is that the gap widens between the top tier corps and the others each year, either because the other corps have to either accept more B/C level talent or wait longer to finalize their lines and start preparing. One idea that has come on this forum in the past that seemed to have some merit is the transfer rule idea, similar to NCAA athletics. Having a transfer rule would dramatically limit the callback craziness and help with parity / competition by encouraging vets to stay with their home corps. And for those readers of Adam Smith, you know that more competition makes everyone better in the end.