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  1. I wonder how many existing WC corps meet these criteria. These seem like pretty high expectations for OC corps to meet, especially financially, when they lack sponsorships, show revenue, etc. There is an inherent conflict between the all-out financial arms race to be competitive (huge props, electronics, etc) and the expectation to have positive cash flow for up & coming groups. I’m worried that these criteria will stifle new WC membership and activity will just keep getting smaller. With these new rules Cascades needs to step up their game somehow.
  2. True dat! I ate my way straight through Veterans Day with all the discounts!
  3. ...to all you heroes out there! Tipping a glass for y’all tonight.
  4. My son made the callback camp for Bluecoats last year, but just missed the cut for a contract. He was contacted by at least four other WC corps immediately, and ended up contracting with a fifth corps and performed on Saturday night. The Coats cut list was obviously shared far & wide.
  5. At the risk of getting back on topic, I share a lot of feelings as the OP. As a MM and a fan from an early age, I was excited when my own my own kids demonstrated an interest in DCI. After 5 years watching them perform in multiple corps, I can say that I have spent an embarrassing amount of $$ on tuition, tickets, T-shirt’s, and spent most of my company vacations for the past 5 years driving food trucks and prop vans, etc. But it looks like both my MMs are moving on to other life things (jobs, study abroad, etc). Given the state of the activity with mike’d horn players hanging from trapeze on the field, and that any real competition and parity long ago died away, I can’t see spending any more time or money watching the same 2 or 3 corps win every year. It’s just not that interesting anymore.
  6. And you’d be going home. In most corps anyway.
  7. I’m sure every group has their own standards for this. I know that I drove an above-age performer to the airport a week before finals a few years ago for getting caught smoking a dooby in the bus after a show.
  8. Definitely in the Jerry dome in Arlington (Dallas). Lots of fun things to do, and great high school music culture should provide ample housing sites. (Plus I could walk there from my office)
  9. Count me in as a fan of substantial change. As a parent of two performers for the past 5 years, it’s very clear that the arms race in the WC corps is driving costs up for members. I can safely say that the total cost of having 2 kids march every year is in the five figure range (tour fees, travel to camps, show tickets, etc). And if you dare to figure in the opportunity cost of all the parents’ time volunteering on the national tour, or even the kids’ lost opportunity for summer internships, this is a really really costly thing for the average household to absorb. Consider this too - right now much of the fan base is older folks who marched in the 60s, 70s, 80s (count me in) and have the resources to pay thousands to travel and watch. But we were part of this when there were hundreds of corps on tour. Now there are at most 40, so the future base of passionate fans will be a lot smaller. You can only put so many parents in the stands. And the financial pressure on the remaining corps is substantial, so the numbers are going to keep going down IMHO. Who will be watching this 10 or 20 years from now? How many corps can continue to survive the financial arms race that is built to protect the top crust of the activity from any threat of parity? I for one have little interest in buying tickets once my kids are done performing. Who wants to pay big 💰 to go watch the same 2 or 3 corps win every year? <yawn> A different competitive model that lowers the financial barrier to entry will broaden the base and make drum corps more interesting. I just can’t see this activity being relevant if it doesn’t change.
  10. More than anything else I remember being pi$$ed and resolved. I shared in the 9-11 thread where I was when it started. On 9-15 my ship served as the armed escort for several oil tankers headed into the Persian Gulf to pick up fuel for the naval force that was assembling. Normally when you go thru the Straights of Hormuz you get harassed by small boats from Iran and Oman. They point guns at us, get in our way, shoot flares, etc and we just ignore them. But on 9-15 we were ready to light somebody up. We took the tankers in at flank speed with our ship at battle stations. We had all of our guns loaded, both helicopters in the air with hellfire and penguin missile, 2 F18s circling overhead and a P3 Orion flying next to us with Harpoon missiles loaded. If someone took a crack at us it was going down. On that transit, the Iranians didn’t even come out of port. They knew it was the wrong time to play games with the American warships. We actually got a bridge -to-bridge call from an Iranian warship (in-port) and all he said was “good job USA”.
  11. Well if nothing else MC wins the beard caption.
  12. I was the Operations Officer on USS INGRAHAM underway in the Indian Ocean at the time of the attack. We were with the CARL VINSON battle group on the way to the Persian Gulf, so we just detoured to the southern coast of Pakistan and waited for everyone else to show up. We knew it was game on.
  13. You got that right. Wish they could have kept it going a few more years. They’ll still put out a good product next year, it will just be different. I just wish drum corps staffs weren’t so incestuous and flighty. Hard for the kids to stay motivated when the instructional staff bails out every year. This is one of the reasons that I probably won’t buy another ticket after my kids stop marching.