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  1. I have a mello player at home and I would offer that about half of the people he marches with are French horn players, but marching mellophones really play a lot more like trumpets then they do French horns. . In fact the mello mouthpiece that most corps use looks more like a trumpet mouthpiece than a French horn mouthpiece. Because of this there are a lot of trumpet players that go back-and-forth between trumpet and mello.
  2. I never felt that the drum corps / performance experience was about me. But everything about the safety of my kids is my business. You don’t have to cede that ground to the corps staff. Volunteer to drive a truck, flip burgers, sew uniforms or build props. If I were you I would do whatever you have to do to get inside the organization and get to know the people who you are entrusting your young people with for 3+ months. The really great corps will welcome you with open arms. If they don’t, I would recommend you look for another corps that does. We have and have been happy with the outcome. There are plenty of bad news stories to go around, and believe me there are still some bad apples out there in the activity. Keep your eyes open.
  3. My wife and I have volunteered for bits and pieces of tour for the past four seasons. Sometimes for a month, a week here or there or a weekend. I can’t imagine a Corps not wanting help for a weekend. This sounds like either a misunderstanding or a corps with a tragically flawed culture. If they don’t want parents / volunteers around I would find another corps to call home. There are plenty around to choose from that value family participation. And with all the bad staff dramas in recent years, I would never allow my young adults to be part of a corps that didn’t want parents around. i recommend you ask some of the other parents on their “parent page” to see if this is just a misunderstanding .
  4. I have 6 seats for Belton on July 18th for sale. 50 yard line, four rows from the top. Section D, row 30 seats 7-12. Will sell for ticket price of $38 per and save you the concession fee. PM if interested!
  5. My son is on the mello line and he’s pretty impressed with the depth of experience and talent in the line. Contracted 22 to March 20 I think.
  6. For what it’s worth or winter camps arent quite over yet. BK has about 6 inches of snow on the ground right now at spring training
  7. They had big problems at the will call line and a lot of people who wanted to get into the show were substantially delayed and missed a good portion of the show just waiting in line for their tickets. We actually gave our seats to a set of parents who were about to miss their kid perform. They also made mistakes in numbering the seating sections so that most people ended up sitting somewhere other than were they had bought seats for. It was chaos in the stands at every break.
  8. Another thing that happens when a corps folds is that the former members grow up to be middle-age parents with unfulfilled dreams, and coerce their children into being in drum Corps. Posting for a friend...
  9. Hopefully they fixed the seating problem in the Mesquite show. Last year seating for the show was a complete disaster. A lot of people with tickets never made it into the show because of the long lines and those that got in didn’t end up sitting in their purchased seats.
  10. Selling 4 great seats for San Antonio, first row of upper deck. $80 each. Send me a PM if interested. Section 314, row 1, seats 14-17. (I bought tickets twice by accident)
  11. The most important good news is that there is a Buccee’s on every leg of your trip.
  12. Brass staff announced: https://www.facebook.com/22192163025/posts/10156564389618026?sfns=mo
  13. Well Genesis was, but I know their staff was pretty frustrated with Kanstuhl last year. I don’t know if Genesis has switched Horn vendors by now.
  14. This is all over the national news and DFW local news tonight, including his drum corps connection. Nice testimonials from family and friends.