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  1. Do we still get a Finals Week Caption Change that is not based upon the week (7 day) lag timeframe?
  2. Well... It looks like the only thing that will be in your case will be dust, since we retained the sword. You guys have a nice show, but for now, we're just one step ahead. Next stop Allentown! Free In N Out burgers to the keeper of the sword. That goes for you too Knights of Power. Bring it on !!!!
  3. The Knights Sword is back where it belongs with the California Knights. Last night the California Knights played an inspired performance. We would like to thank the Knights for holding on to our sword while we were on hiatus. Our scores were pretty solid, expect for our individual performance scores. We have decided that we don't care about those silly performance scores. We are marching our butts off and the crowd loves us. So who cares if we're a little "crass" downstairs. Our First defense of the sword is tonight in Egg Harbor, NJ. We have told the kids that if they lose, we will feed the Knights their after show meal instead. This will be devastating since we have brought along the In N Out Mobile Kitchen thanks to a recent partnership. So Knights, Double-Doubles are also on the line!!! That is all for now... See you in Egg Harbor !
  4. You're all welcome!!!!! The California Knights are pleased to knock off the perennial powerhouse and stop the streak before it started. We look forward to beating the other top groups and take back the Knights Sword that is rightfully ours! Mystre.... Thanks for letting our staff use the stripper buses after the show. We are also upset that we didn't get any S'mores! That is all for now... Knights... We look forward to seeing you in DE!!!!
  5. Corps name: California Knights Director: jehensley Division: Word Hometown: Anaheim, CA
  6. After a few Re-writes and a good rehearsal, The California Knights came out last night and proved once again why they are a perennial Finalist. While we are a CLASS Act and welcome the new guys, Don't forget about the California Knights!
  7. so: GE1 = GE Visual GE2 = GE Music ???
  8. I have a question on how scores are being tabbed. Since we are on a live schedule and DCI no longer has some of the captions we are using... how are we getting scores? for example: DCI: GE 1 & GE 2 US: GE Mus & GE Vis Are we averaging the GE scores and getting a 2 averages for the corps? or are we taking GE1 and using it for GE Visual and GE2 for GE Music? Also, is this the new breakdown?> Visual Proficiency = Visual Performance Visual Analysis = Visual Ensemble Music Analysis = Music Ensemble Thanks for answers... Trying to figure the new system out.
  9. So... this isn't a true Live Season? So we would be using scores from the past and incorporating 2014? I'm sure there is someone that will figure out the best scores from the past and use them. If this year is a low scored year, the live season is meaningless. I feel the live season was enough of a variable to make it interesting... why change something that has worked for many years? I was considering a comeback this season, but the lure was the "live" season, not a mix.
  10. Since when did we relate Visual Effect to "Drill"? If drill is the effect, there is no effect to "holds"? Visual Effect (IMO) is the way the group moves around the stage through space. I know that sounds intellectual, but you have to think of it in that realm. I'm know that Theatrical Staging is "new" to the drum corps world, but it's not to those that understand WGI. (Oh No, not another WGI is influencing Drum Corp post) Theatrical staging is similar to a Scatter Drill of the 1990's - except the performer isn't a stiff military cadet.
  11. Glad to see some traditions not fade around here... :)
  12. Ok Here's my thought... Let them take their balls and go home. When they fail to be financially successful they may reapply to DCI with the following steps: 1. They must formally reapply to the organization, including meeting financial stability requirements 2. The first year, they will perform in Exhibition pending review at the end of the season. 3. They will go on 1st at every show they attend, yes even before the Open Corps 4. No appearance fees for the first year since they will be in Exhibition status. 5. They are not allowed to bring back their original name. They must create a new identity. While I would love to see these corps compete, I'm just as impressed with corps outside of this group. I would pay to see them just as much. As a CA kid growing up, I looked up to the Vanguard and to BD. Now I support PC just as much. The G7 said they want to be a part of DCI for years to come "If Possible." That sums it up for me. Good luck G7 and I look forward to seeing you on the road... just not in a stadium.
  13. Well, after a few changes... we are still on your heels... don't get too comfortable.
  14. I'm looking for some cheap seats for semis... I already have seats for finals. PM me if you have any.
  15. OK, who is going to finals this year in INDY? Should we have a meet like in years past? I'll be there! Also, if you are going... anyone interested in splitting a room? I will have myself ane one other with me. Let me know if you are interested.