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  1. Thank you! Not currently using now myself but wanted to make sure we are course
  2. With this change did the cap of GE in A go away? It couldn't be higher than 20 pts previously but with this change that would be very low! Are we just forgoing for this season?
  3. We will be here. Prepping our shows now for Knight Org!! Will we be having FANFARE and CLASS Championships still?
  4. leave it to DCPI to have a bunch of old farts rip apart high school kids---this post is one reason DCPI is such a horrible place to come. I dont know why I do it hoping to actually see anything positive or even somewhat informative. I watched the show live--was great--was not distracting to anyone over the age of 5 -- they sounded great too and have a real shot at winning. If nothing else it was pretty original and no first try at a new direction is never perfect no matter which band or corps you think is the best in the universe, but they are experimenting. Budget, Ill give you because that couldn't be cheap but people come on...you almost all always sound so sour about EVERYTHING here. Your mothers should have taught you, if you dont have something nice to say..... blow up all you want at this response because every time I come here I see this kind of crap that keeps me away for a good few months at least--hope you keep bringing new DCPIers in somehow tho--its here truly to support the marching arts which it needs especially now
  5. Congrats to the new Champions!! What a crazy season! Great shows all
  6. I made some changes too which could also send me either way lol
  7. How am I not surprised coming into finals week Knight Org and Star Org are going at it YET AGAIN! what a history
  8. Good luck to everyone as finals are upon us!
  9. Starting a thread for check in of all CLASS Corps!! For those of you already CLASS members on FMA, your CLASS membership in DCPI automatically carries over! However if you are not a member on FMA but would like to be a CLASS member here only, we would be glad to welcome you!! You will not need to join CLASS on FMA! SO to all existing and new corps, welcome!!