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  1. Speaking of interviews, I have 2 favorite interview questions that I ask candidates: 1. If I were to speak with your current or most recent supervisor, what is a weakness that he or she might describe of your work? 2. After the candidate thinks the interview is over, when he or she is putting on their coat or waiting for the down elevator, I'll ask what their plans are for the remainder of the day. The answers to both questions are always very revealing. Meanwhile, when a hiring person connects with me and asks why a former employee was terminated or inquires about their work performance, I always say it's our policy not to provide such answers. A hiring person often also asks if I or my company would rehire the person, but again, it's always been my employer's policy not to answer the question. I hope only truths surface when GH heads to court.
  2. DeanInChicago

    Music corps should NOT do

    Ahh, memories of the fog last summer at the Michigan City show.
  3. I hope an expansion of facilities includes more late night eating options. One can eat only a limited number of Sliders or Steakburgers.
  4. Who is doing a NASCAR show this summer? I am guessing the music would include Greased Lightning and Camptown Races.
  5. DeanInChicago

    DCI World Championships tickets for sale

    I met Boxing Fred in Allentown. A great fan. He raved about the pie at the Hamilton Family Diner.
  6. In the Cavaliers James Bond show, I admired the falling olive in the cocktail glass. I think it was a rotating group of 4 snares gently tumbling down through the square brass block. The hypnotic backfield zipper drill in Cadets Angels and Demons. Sadly, the poignant scene in Madison's NY show when the narrow block formations rushed and collapsed toward the front sidelines. Phantom Regiment's running Spartacus finale. SCV's Les Miserables scene when only the color guard was on the field during Bring Him Home. The entire brass and percussion had quietly disappeared into the backfield backdrops. The changes in Bluecoats Tilt ending. Early season, several guard members completed the right to left ramp run on many ramps, field wide. Changing the drill to have only running Bluecoat marcher was thrilling. Honorable mention to everything I can't immediately recall.
  7. DeanInChicago

    How can I jump to new posts?

    Thank you JohnZ. Your advice has been implemented!
  8. Though I have followed DCP for a few years, I have not learned how to MARK MY PLACE when reading forum posts. How do I mark my place on the various forum topics that I follow? I currently jump to the last page in a forum topic then work backwards until reading something familiar. Is a WHERE DID I LEAVE OFF feature available? And is the feature available to both Registrants and Guests? Do I need to log out after each session? Thank you for lending any advice.
  9. Admittedly, I had never even heard of Arsensal until this week.
  10. I hope there is a speed limit on the front sideline. If a percussion judge wants to move from one 30 yard line to the opposite 30, can the judge please not dash to the second spot? A slow, pedestrian stroll would be appreciated.
  11. The performers may need to pick up more dropped drum sticks, a surprise shoe, or a forgotten sabre. I like that the MMs will now be more responsible for the odd turf debris that surfaces from time to time.
  12. Will the sideline judges interfere with the Flo cameras?
  13. DeanInChicago

    TOC - Chester 2019

    As a huge user of public transit, I appreciate knowing the full picture of routes as well as the neighborhoods in which the stations are located. When Kansas City hosted finals, the long walk from Amtrak to Arrowhead was fine, both before and after. When the Tour of Champions played Pasadena, the walk was safe from the Gold Line to the Rose Bowl. Last summer, after leaving Allentown en route to Philly in a car rental, I drove by the Chester venue. The stadium is stunning, but there is no way I would risk a 1.7 mile walk through Chester.
  14. DeanInChicago

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Texting on the CTA is oodles of fun! Rockford, Lisle, Whitewater, DeKalb, Allentown, and Indianapolis Finals night. All typos fixed before pressing submit!