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  1. Actually LIKE 1979 Guardsmen version better.
  2. I'm going with , it won't make a difference . Stupid rule . You don't need a French horn or trombone to be artsteic . It does not stop designers from being creative . Just power hungry , stupid rule . Should have been laughed at . As. Far as eating crow . I think not .
  3. great turnout to Start the 2014 campaign. Record numbers at 1st camp for FUSION and more coming. Get on board. going to be a great RIDE.
  4. WOW some CABS jackets at FUSIONS open house. Who would have thought? best of luck to both.
  5. SCV never did a JOHN HENRY program. Or a story >?????????. A featured story teller ?? on design staff ?? I think you have us all confused.
  6. Whats the big deal? If cadets get kids from C2 or not ?? Thats what they are there for . March C2 if you cant make Cadets or don't have the time or money for the summer .