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  1. As a Cadets homer, I would like to see them take on music they NEVER played and rarely if ever played in drumcorps. I think they are better when they are dark, energetic and risky versus when they are lighter, cute or emotional. I do agree with their migration to slightly more controlled movement as those crazy drills of yesteryear are not rewarded but the less than stellar performance levels that sometimes come with it are noted by judges. Cadets, please be risk takers again. As a Crown fan, I love that they are risk takers and I think they do energy better than anyone and after 2013, they do emotional very well also. My biggest concern is their visual with the exception of 2013 is still less effective than it should be considering the demand they have so some work here. Also uniforms just clash so much. In 2012 they were like watching a vanilla milkshake all over the field and last year it was my blueberry yogurt all over. Perhaps different colors brass vs. percussion vs guard. Cavaliers, just keep moving in that direction.
  2. BD, Cadets, Crown, Bluecoats, SCV all have "similar" talent in the MM's. BD, Cadets, Crown have a staff that can clean a show to get it to medal fairly consistently. BD has the design team that effortlessly can write programs that fulfill the current judging criteria and in some years, even please the fans. BD is and has been since 2007, the corps to beat. Cadets and Crown have been the consistent challengers THEREFORE: My top three PREDICTIONS for 2015 would be: BD Cadets Crown. The rest are just "less predictable". Bloo had a great 2014 as Phantom had a great 2012 but I need to see 3 consecutive years in the top 3 or close to it to put them up there.
  3. I was referring to the spread between BD and Crown since that is the thread we are in BRASSO.
  4. I did see BD and agree they should have won but Im just not buying winning by 3 points. I think the number management was ridiculous.
  5. I thought Crown should have beaten SCV and been much closer to Cadets and Bloo and all should have been closer to BD. Sorry, but that gap from the top was just silly and I don't buy it. Yes BD should have won but that margin is herd mentality judging at its best.
  6. Top 3 (BD, CADETS, CROWN) not necessarily in that order. MORE electronics. (thanks Bloo, unfortunately they all don't do it as well as you). NO Narration from the Cadets. They got that out of their system this year. DCI adds extra credit to judging system so BD can break 100 at finals. Cavaliers move up. Crown designs a more controlled achievable program after getting decimated for being risky after BD closes in on 100 with park and blow and pose. Cadets go edgy after getting reamed for being too rehashed and old school but still march like robots. Bloo does narration and does it so well everyone does narration in 2016 and they go back to electronics. And repeat. de
  7. Great job Crown. Kudos for taking the risks you did this season.
  8. Congrats Cadets. A medalist in this competitive season is something to be proud of.
  9. Congrats Bluecoats! An amazing show and deserved the silver.
  10. A spectacular season for sure. Top bunch were just sick.
  11. Cadets and Bluecoats perform very well. Cadets have more depth/responsibilities and march better but Bluecoats have "the show" this year and will pop GE scores tonight I believe. Cadets will need to pop some great visual numbers (where they've been leading) and will need to get percussion up. GE is opinion caption and depends on panel but Bloo has great audience responses and momentum going into tonight. Im not sure if the panel tonight leans more towards one corps or the other and past number assignments really have no bearing on the present. We've seen judges flip all season.
  12. Agreed. The crazy fast drills I think peaked in 2009 when every other night, we would get a report on DCP that a brass player or two fell during the Cadets or Crown show. Also agree there are other very effective ways of presenting a visual show without marching 220 BPM.
  13. I'm watching the shows with my two eyes. The marching program is effective, not difficult. There is enough demand to satisfy the sheets but im not seeing where it is difficult. Now MY DIFFICULT may be different than yours, but when brass are playing their runs as they are backing into blind forms etc, that is where I find a show difficult.
  14. I don't think the Cadets necessarily choked in 2012 but rather had significant design issues, were weaker in guard and that left them vulnerable to a very strong Phantom that year. Last year, The Cadets were getting chased by SCV at the end and again, design issues and a very weak guard left them vulnerable but luckily their percussion win allowed them to medal a mere 0.1 above SCV. This year, Cadets are stronger in captions across the board but are vulnerable in GE depending on the panel so it will be close once again. It will come down to opinions.
  15. BD show marching wise is not close to difficult and I laugh when people say they do everything so well it looks easy. They stand and play or move slowly more than any of the top corps. Just watch the webcast. They have the best designers in the world who write effectlively to the sheets and have arguably the best talent on the field or close to achieve. My favorite BD show since 2011 but lets not call it difficult. Crown's show is difficult. Cadets constant movement and uber exposed drill is difficult but BD's drill is not. THIS is the reason you don't see Cadets doing whiplash drills anymore or may see Crown come out next year with slightly less ambitious brass/marching responsibilities. It really is not rewarded as much as in the past. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the change but the change is here.