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  1. DRUM CORPS ASSOCIATES 2020 PROGRAMS Open Class Atlanta CV Bushwackers Cincinnati Tradition Connecticut Hurricanes Hawthorne Caballeros Fusion Core Reading Buccaneers Southern Knights Sunrisers - Rise White Sabers - Vengeance A Class Columbus Saints Govenaires Skyliners Highland Regiment - The Legend of Ness
  2. This production will feature the music of Fiona Apple and Vienna Teng, with original compositions by Key Poulan, Dan Bryan, and Travis Peterman. Visual design and staging, Program Coordinator: Marc Garside Color guard design: Thomas Van Der Grift Choreography: Sandi Tait Executive Director: Harlan Landes Music in this video is a remix of Never Look Away by Vienna Teng. There are opportunities to join the Raiders for the 2020 competitive season. We currently have positions in all brass instruments and limited front ensemble and electronics sections. Color guard auditions
  3. Updates made: Columbus Saints program has been added. Highland Regiment went inactive for the season. Minnesota Brass will be competing in DCI Soundsport this year.
  4. Hawthorne Caballeros
  5. 2019 Drum Corps Associates Programs (updated 5/30/19) OPEN CLASS Atlanta CV - Of Gods and Goddesses Moving Mountains - Thomas J. Bergersen The Winds of Poseidon - Robert W. Smith Mars (from the Planets) - Gustav Holst Aphrodite (Part II) - Bill Chase Ignition - Todd Stalter Bushwackers - Diverge Adagio for Strings - Samuel Barber Fearful Symmetries - John Adams Us and Them - Pink Floyd Land of Make Believe - Chuck Mangione Libertango - Astor Piza
  6. Columbus Saints and Southern Knights programs have been added. Just waiting for announcements from: White Sabers and Erie Thunderbirds.
  7. Updated list. Cincinnati Tradition's program announced, Highland Regiment has been approved by DCA, and Skyliners and Carolina Gold are listed as A Class corps for this year which is listed on the DCA website.
  8. OPEN CLASS Atlanta CV Chaos Theory Symphony No. 5 - Ludwig van Beethoven Master of Puppets - Metallica Chameleon - Herbie Hancock Demons - Heartist Overture from "Dancer in the Dark" - Bjork Yes - Don Ellis Bushwackers Pablo: An Homage to Picasso The Canyon - Phillip Glass Nature Boy - Eden Abez