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  1. You're saying exactly what a lot of people have been saying and thinking for a long time. And i don't buy the monetary problem. I would bet if someone mounted a campaign to raise funds to be used solely for affording top notch staff the money would flood in. There are too many people who love PR and want to see it succeed. And secondly, the habit of hiring alumni is and has never proven to be very successful. It's a crutch that comes with many problems. IMVHO, PR needs to clean house.
  2. how long did i take you to figure out all this?
  3. Classical music doesn't have to be from the 19th Century. Those that want to hear old war horses should go someplace else.
  4. Surely they were not so stupid as to not write a clause in his contract that would give the corps an out if he does not produce. Surely???
  5. Wait! you're talking about an organization that runs around the counrtry in a bunch of beat up trucks and buses, and you're worried that the DCI offices are in an industrial complex. And how many people not associated with these offices visit them anyway?
  6. There are also a lot of alumni and fans who would support a total modernization of the corp to see it competitive. That is the only way the corps will survive. I"m not trying to knock the kids but it is no big secret that a lot of top not musicians are going else where that would come back to PR under more competitive circumstances.
  7. Money speaks. I 'd bet a hundred dollar bill if you put out a call to recruit a top notch staff a lot of people would step up. I know I would.
  8. It's really not hard to figure out. Look back at shows like 06, 07, 08, 10. Look at staff. There you go.
  9. could not be better put. I long for the days of good drill, great music and the excitement that it generates. Put the WGI people back in the gym where they belong.
  10. the days of holding one's breath are about to suffocate a lot of people.
  11. Let's just face the real problem at hand. Will Pitts is a second wrung, maybe third, writer and he sure as h*ll should not be the person in charge of the show design. His music relies heavily on others prior to him and he has the imagination of a rock. In the situation PR finds itself in, who is keeping him around is the $64,000 question.
  12. UMMMMM i'd argue your point any time you want.