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  1. You are sadly mistaken in your sweeping statement about high school bands. Not all, but there are numerous high school bands that can perform circles around many of the WC corps. But they are still high school bands, not drum and bugle corps.
  2. And this is definiitely an activity that the cost increases exponentially for every person added to corps, and aside from housing issues. So then they will start screaming for more revenue.
  3. Is DCI having financial troubles? There should be an explanation as to why more revenue is needed, not that they just say it is. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate the activity and propose new model that is more economically feasible.
  4. you're right in this particular instance
  5. Oh but then there would be.a bunch of ###### off people because the WWs are not getting the attention they deserve.. lol
  6. pr a couple other people who would be thrilled.
  7. t’s a lot more difficult to be creative without props. It’s monkey see monkey do with original thought being the exception. EXACTLY!!!!! Talent. Why bother with that when there are so many crutches to disguise the lack of.
  8. would be interesting to see how the judges react
  9. As a novel exercise, wouldn't it be interesting if a corps had the balls to put a show on the field that is 11-12 minutes of great music and visual design minus props, tarps and only brass instruments and drums.
  10. We are really just beating a dead horse anyway. Drum corps program designs have relegated great music scores and good marching (MM will soon become eomething else) to the back seat as show designs are quickly evolving into stage productions. More and more there is less marching and playing. WGI be ######.
  11. I'm sure you are right. There are too many salaries that depend on DCI.
  12. Exactlly! So DCI be gone. No need when there are high shool and post secondary marching bands.
  13. Ant there is the aspect of size of MM on the field having a negative affect on the visual design. Look at the larger BOA band show designs. There are so many kids on the field that it looks like mass confusion. Especially the Texas mega schools, where they think bigger is better, more is more and money is obviously not a problem.