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  1. I hear every word. And I agree about the amplification. Although I'm not to the point of throwing in the towel, as they say, I must say the recordings I enjoy the most are those prior to loud speakers and props. Nothing better than pure, clear not assisted sound. And who knows, maybe things will change for the better. I almost wish there was a two part competitive competition. Music/drill and musical show production.
  2. just wishful thinking. but I bet if someone tried they could design a a competitive show using a lot of these ideas.
  3. or possibly a two day event, with half the corps performing the first day, moving on while the other half perform the second day.
  4. I just got a note about PR and if it's true it is going to be a huge announcemnet.. Waiting on verification.
  5. the brass was pretty weak when he came onboard, if I remember correctly
  6. So if Shaw and others rumored going to PR happens it would be nice to see what they do with the corps as is. The MM made great progress with the POS show they were given this year. They grew tremendously to be so young. Would love to watch the new staff grow them into a top 5 contender.
  7. Shaw did turn around SCVs brass fairly quickly, so...........
  8. Rocketman I know one brass writer that would have to quit for sure
  9. I could not agree more. It is so unprofessional and unnecessary. Especially percussion players should have the tempo drilled into their brains and if they can't keep a beat going for a few counts they need to quit.
  10. STOP - ALL electronics, including miking individuals STOP - Running and scatter drill STOP - tarps and excessive props Start doing more marching and lowering score for bad marching Start figuring out a way to award MMs for good performance of bad show design (i.e. Phantom Regiment) Start banning WGI judges from juding DCI Change show designs to involve more difficult drill and no more body movement AND Form a separate division for Stage Performances AND anonthher thing, no prerecorded anything..