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  1. did they change the color of the tarps or is it the angle of the light refllecting off them? Much beeter tonight
  2. i Love that Bluecoats mostly march instead of running around like headless chickens, err i mean scatter drill or whatever they call it.
  3. Boy! CC 2018 Part B was something!. They even added a variation on a theme. This year they stood still, instead of running or marching really fast, played a bunch of really fast notes then blew a real loud whole note. Then they even snuck in a phrase from Phantom of the Opera. How clever. But then the whole last part of the show they decided they wanted to switch to a jazz idiom. What's up with that? And then there's all the phrases and chord progressions from last year. And who knows what the drill is all about.
  4. Members 1,565 1,363 posts Location:Bloomington, IN Report post Posted 8 minutes ago They definitely are. And there are club spaces everywhere. It is a bit like standing up from your seat and heading to the kitchen for some popcorn. Sort of, anyway. They have dropped food prices .50 per item again. hot dogs $1.50, and drink refills free and all you want at refill stations.
  5. Much improved, but the music and design still sucks. Get rid of the uniform change, all the hokey singing and the drum diddy just prior to the brother and sister chorus that sounds like giddy up horsey and it would be a whole lot better. And what is with the guard running around with the helmets?
  6. I'm perfectly fine. As they say, in my day that would have cost them the competition. h
  7. Rennick should be reprimanded for his drummers "dut dut duting" so loud that they can be heard over the entire stadium. At this point in the game the timing should be so ingrained in their brains that they could do it in their sleeps. And the same for the battery bouncing up and down like jacks in the box. No excuse. And what in the **** is the drum major for?
  8. NO. I can but I'm not about to open that can of worms, or beat a dead horse again. Read back several pages and you should find the answers to your question. No offense, just don't have the energy.
  9. This whole situation seems so blown out of proportion.