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  1. For all you denial who are so blind to the facts, HERE THEY ARE IN BLACK AND WHITE.
  2. SHUT IT DOWN period. Anything else is complete denial of the facts.
  3. Although this was written to the citizens of Alabama, it is relevant to every one in the country. Even more so to some in other states. Please read.
  4. You are sadly mistaken in your sweeping statement about high school bands. Not all, but there are numerous high school bands that can perform circles around many of the WC corps. But they are still high school bands, not drum and bugle corps.
  5. And this is definiitely an activity that the cost increases exponentially for every person added to corps, and aside from housing issues. So then they will start screaming for more revenue.
  6. Is DCI having financial troubles? There should be an explanation as to why more revenue is needed, not that they just say it is. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate the activity and propose new model that is more economically feasible.
  7. Oh but then there would be.a bunch of ###### off people because the WWs are not getting the attention they deserve.. lol
  8. pr a couple other people who would be thrilled.