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  1. Dude. It's Spongebob. Relax. Not quite the same as asking to throw band directors - you know, the ones who teach those who go on to do drum corps - into the cutely animated jellyfish fire.
  2. Just a few things from this thread: Comparing Madison Scouts being male-only to Hooters and Rockettes.... I'm not even sure where to start with that one. One of those three groups is a non-profit youth music group. One of the others is a sports bar that sells beer and sliders. The other is a paid dance group (that also holds both male and female auditions for their main Christmas Spectacular - and as far as I'm aware also for their Rockettes Summer Intensive youth program for those that look to join Rockettes one day - to show they have adapted as well). Questioning why the same wasn't said about all-female drum corps and why nothing is being said now about them: They're gone... The majority of the people happy to see this change in Madison here in 2020 would be happy to see those groups changing... if they were still a thing. But they're gone... Asking why people weren't upset over Crossmen's all-female guard. People WERE upset with them making that change, and rightfully so. Same with Phantom. I had no intention in supporting either group while they were like that, and the way both groups went about it was pretty terrible. Bringing up cymbal lines... comparing gender restrictions to shifting instrument needs.... this is just so bad. Also, it's super ironic to be jokingly screaming about people needing "safe spaces" while simultaneously screaming to have an exclusionary space. Sounds kinda like the triggered snowflakes some of you speak of. Which of you big boys want to go tell one of the talented women joining this year that you do not want them in your group, all for the sake of keeping it 'boys only, no girls allowed'? Anyone want to step up and do it? No? Just want to let rules do it? Want to go tell some of the guys at Spirit, or Boston, or Crown, or BD that they had a lesser experience than you did - all because their groups let women in it and your special super club didn't? Get yourselves together and help this group make it a wonderful season for all of the 2020 Scouts. I do not care what reasons the Scouts had for doing this. What is important is that it is something GOOD. Society moves forward, groups learn and adapt. We can't go back and complain about how past groups didn't receive criticism - we have to view these groups as they are right now in 2020. In the words of someone wise:
  3. Fantastic! I wouldn't want to discourage you. I love that you're active in posting. But I do think it's important to keep in mind what was said.
  4. The argument is this: Alumni: 'CK isn't a leader!' CK: -Introduces new changes he feels will move things forward Alumni: 'No... Wait...' Summary of the entire thread: CK is a demon robot that intentionally wants to destroy the Scouts because he hates it. Also, rumor has it that he sacrifices kittens in front of orphanages that he later burns down - but again that's just a rumor. Also, back in my day G bugles used to wear superman outfits and we laughed as we walked by bandos and WE WERE COOL. Or something.
  5. You do realize this is a person, right? Like an actual human being. We all know very well you're not so fond of him and his direction, but you've really done quite enough bashing of this man. There have been several positive changes so far during this off-season. It would be a total and complete shame if you'd try being supportive of this group and do what you can to help them make this upcoming season be amazing. Internally you can push in positive ways to encourage new leadership if so desired, but if you really want this program rising up then you and all of the Madison alumni need to reevaluate your entire tone and mindset. If I was looking to join a group this year, a lot of the changes are positive and would make me want to join. Seeing how toxic some of the alumni is on here would keep me away. Far far far away. That's not Komnick's fault. It's time to start being a stronger vocal supporter of the group, instead of solely a vocal critic of CK.
  6. Free speech works both ways. But it's also important to note that this is a message board. Free speech doesn't apply to this. When that position is based upon randomly and casually throwing out some type of repressed hate, then yeah it should be shamed.
  7. Looks like an evil Guy Fieri in that pic. (No hate, both take us to Flavortown)
  8. Well, SCV played tetherball with a bari this season. I guess that was deeply inspiring, so I'm eager to see the distance Bloo can get with a trumpet and racket!
  9. That was my reaction as well. Super happy they'll have a solid team, but also a bit cautious as I'm not sure it will allow new ideas to be coming in. I absolutely love the Cadets, them along with Phantom are what got me into DCI to begin with, but I want to see them pushing new ideas now and not trying to return to former designs. Regardless, I'm happy for the Cadets in making moves (genuine moves, still sad it wasn't at least ONE bus...), and I hope this will help drive new talent in coming to audition.
  10. It's almost time. Fingers crossed for the new buses or food truck!
  11. "Some changes have been needed for far too long. We need things that will move us forward. We've made changes now that I think will be welcomed by the entire Cadets family. We've made some big moves with this. Or should I say... big movers. Welcome two new buses to the Cadets family!" Alright back on topic. I'm just repressing my BK fears still.
  12. Tonight, Cadets better be announcing their 2020 production as Volume 3 or I'm going to be severely disgruntled. It's not too late to make it a trilogy. It's never too late. I do also kinda hope this countdown leads to the announcement of an upcoming announcement. At midnight: "The Cadets are proud to announce that staff announcements will happen in two weeks! Be prepared!"
  13. The Blue Knights stuff is what's scaring me. I've loved them so much the past few years. I know great things will still come from them, but I really love the direction they've been and hope it continues.