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  1. My opinion: Texas Indiana California Oklahoma Illinois After that, 5-10 are a bit more difficult to list. Florida and Ohio have a few really good groups. Kentucky and Michigan both also hold up pretty well. To round out the top 10, maybe Missouri?
  2. Let it come. Nothing gets me riled up like a nice marching band sound preference debate.
  3. Most butts are in the stands listening to the whole, not camped out in the warm-ups. That said, WGI does pretty well on the percussion side if we want to look at if people want to hear pits or not. I also want to combat a tone that was woven into this thread. Members in the top groups choose and work hard to be in those pits. Not settle for being in them. As far as them not taking breaks in playing as opposed to the battery or brass - that's because they're not marching around the field. Of course they're going to play more. Their voice is able to tie those moments together to
  4. Top 3 for me: 1st by a mile: 2016 - Relentless - I just love everything about this show. Music, visuals, guard, it's just the complete package for me. 2nd: 2009 - The Grass is Always Greener - The little celeste moment.... 3rd: 2017 - It Is - I didn't care for it much at first, but it has grown on me a lot. If it had just a few things tweaked... it could have been so much better. Other bits and pieces I've loved from Crown over the years: - 2008's Candide opening - melted me away in person! - 2007's Wild Horses - 2005's Angel - All of 2013/2014
  5. Just showing Spartans a little love after their great season this past year! It's just a cropped version of their main logo.
  6. Isn't that basically what this entire activity is, though? Goodness. It's a positive video of someone being introduced to an activity we all ourselves love. She seemed to have fun with it! We could all learn to have more of that "fun" thing.
  7. Bluecoats 2015 Carolina Crown 2016 Bluecoats 2017 Had a hard time deciding between doing BK 2014 at the start of that list, or Bluecoats at the end with 2017. Had to go with Bluecoats 2017, I just love the music so much that it alone could get me through quarantine. Honorable Mention (Please don't crucify me, just listing for fun!): Cavaliers 2008 Carolina Crown 2009 Phantom Regiment 2010
  8. The Silent Summer Make donations. Not just to your favorites. We all need to stick together as one community during this time. Everyone stay safe, act wisely, and keep everything in perspective.
  9. Regardless of how you feel about those statements, when it originally started, it started with one case jumping species. Everything came from that in the end.
  10. You don't need planeloads coming from Wuhan. It started in China with ONE case. It then blew up across all of China - which it's nice to mention that China and US have very close to the same land area. As others have mentioned, though, this comparison only means things would more slowly spread in the US. Which is a GOOD thing for hospital resources, and is exactly what people are hoping for. It is a BAD thing for the potential upcoming season. Even if everyone at the start of the season is 100% free from the virus, it is guaranteed at least one person will catch it during the tour.
  11. The biggest overreaction? I wish the country where I'm living had've "overreacted". If they did, then the world wouldn't be going through what it currently is. Instead, things were covered up in an attempt to calm the public. Now we have a global pandemic. Let me give you a tale of two cities where I live - China. Wuhan has a population of 11 million people, with 68,000 cases and 3,000 deaths1 (per the entire province of Hubei). Though, I do highly suspect the deaths and cases are both far greater than what has been reported... as Italy is now approaching 1,000 deaths itself.
  12. Ah yes! The old tried, true, and tested "lets have a virus strain jump species, cross oceans, kill people, and impact literally every organization and nation so that we can justify lower scores for how we blow air through metal, slam wood on things, and work up that good-good sweat while running (accompanied by the ever classic spinning pretty colors)" excuse. I'll never forget the time that Blue Stars used that same excuse in 1908. True story, but don't look it up. tl;dr - Get a grip. Seriously. You need to get your priorities checked if you're upset over this.
  13. Dude. It's Spongebob. Relax. Not quite the same as asking to throw band directors - you know, the ones who teach those who go on to do drum corps - into the cutely animated jellyfish fire.
  14. Just a few things from this thread: Comparing Madison Scouts being male-only to Hooters and Rockettes.... I'm not even sure where to start with that one. One of those three groups is a non-profit youth music group. One of the others is a sports bar that sells beer and sliders. The other is a paid dance group (that also holds both male and female auditions for their main Christmas Spectacular - and as far as I'm aware also for their Rockettes Summer Intensive youth program for those that look to join Rockettes one day - to show they have adapted as well). Questio
  15. Fantastic! I wouldn't want to discourage you. I love that you're active in posting. But I do think it's important to keep in mind what was said.