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  1. thedova

    2015 Guard Season

    Anyone have a video of Carmel or Warren Central? I am dying to se their shows
  2. thedova

    2015 Guard Season

    I completely agree guardguy89! I think its complete BS there is no Fan Network. They can at least show this season shows and get rid of the archives. They better have a Champs webcam or I will be livid. We should all take and post videos when we go to shows or provide some reviews since we can only see guards near our areas. There are a number of shows online that I have seen. IW Frente- looks like a fun show. Lots of stuff going on, definitely entertaining Diamante- Strong show, such a talented group of people. They have hands for days. Good to see them come back strong after their equipment truck was stolen. USF- A fun show, they are Bees and the show is called swarm. It's a fun show and they are wearing skimpy uniforms! They will be a lot stronger once the show is cleaned and workshopped. UCF Pegasus- Such a good show! Lots of great GE moments. They are doing a show about America, floor looks like its divided in three sections, section one is an American flag, section 2 is a military digital uniform print and section three is grass with goal post props. They throw footballs and use them while spinning. When I saw the show it wasn't finished, but they are off to a good start. Its gonna be interesting to see if they use red white and blue flags, considering they are using muse again this yr. Kinda reminiscent of last years show. Maybe its a continuation. Empire- They are using Moonlight Sonata, and the show is titled "in this shirt". The show has some interesting moments in it. Particularly the end which is great staging. Black Gold- AMAZING! simply amazing. Such a strong show. They are doing "wicked games" on floor that looks like wallpaper. They have a strong movement book and equipment book. I am hoping they make finals this year!! SW Seminole- A stronger show than last year on a pink/peach floor. They are doing music by Steve Reich I believe. Nease- Beautiful show. Its about butterflies. I think its called "set me free". They have a shadow box on the floor that moves on the floor. Great floor and use of color and flag design. IO Unity- They have a strong guard this year. Good hands and are off to a good start. I think their show is entitled "in the box" or something like that, Black Crown- Interesting show. They have a pole (stripper pole) as a prop, they use this well. They are also doing Moonlight Sonata. Not sure what the show is about, but definitely worth watching Aria- The show is good. They are doing a show about being trapped in a room. Pride of Missouri- Beautiful show, set to Foolish Games by jewel. They have umbrellas and doing a theme about rain. Orlando Visual (OTV)- My fav show in IO so far. They are doing a show about chimney sweeps on a rooftop, They are doing music from marry poppins. Such a strong show. Def finals worthy. Redemption Guard- Great show. They use chairs and move them into different arcs. The show is called hear no, see no, speak no, and they are using Queen bohemian Rhapsody without the vocals. They show name doesn't quite make much sense with the show. But they have half the show on flag and spin it well.. GE for days. SO- Lyman- Strong show. They have a like a glass cage type thing which rotates on the floor. Only saw a clip but looks like and interesting show Bellbrook- This show will definitely make top 5 and likely medal. They are doing a show called "Harlequin" and it is about clowns. They do the first third of the show facing the back and then turn around to spin to Emelie Sande's "Clown". Byron Valentine has done a wonderful job with show design. IA- Purdue- Such a CLEVER show. Has amazing GE and great theme. Its like west side story but they are bellhops from different hotels. Red and Blue. Great use of costumes, props and flags. The door flag is a big highlight. Well that is it for now. Lets keep us all informed.
  3. I hope this show isn't gonna be too similar to Mayflower winter guard 2013, I know they have some of the same design staff, but they did a moving show with strips of floor for the perimeter to look like a blue print and the guard in movers uniforms, etc!
  4. thedova

    Bluecoats 2014

    Same here! Much appreciated!
  5. thedova

    2014 uniforms

    I think the corps uniform is better than the guards uniform!!!! Way better! I would expect the guards costume to be more space themed" or in the color theme BD is using
  6. thedova

    2014 uniforms

    I asked my friend yesterday, "what is with corps starting to have their uniforms becoming more costume-like, similar to those you would see at WGI with the color guard or percussion groups". What do people think? Is it just a trend?
  7. thedova

    2014 uniforms

    I think it would be comfortable. if you have ever performed as a color guard, body suits type uniforms allow you to move freely, and you have cleaner looking lines.
  8. thedova

    2014 uniforms

    I agree! My biggest complaint is when people say these costumes are "too sexy" for some of the under 18 performers. Although these are clearly more "sexy" than yoga, track and field or wrestling uniforms, they cover the same amount of skin that those types of uniforms do . I think my comment was more about not seeing them as "risqué costumes" that are inappropriate and just understand that they fit within the theme and they are covered up appropriately for the show. If a someone wanted to do a show about the beach and kids were dressed in speedos and bathing suits, I would see anything wrong with that, as they are wearing costumes that fits a theme (besides a lot of members rehearse in that anyway haha) yet some people would think its inappropriate, and I just don't see why.
  9. thedova

    2014 uniforms

    I definitely can see how if they were posed differently there might be a different reaction from some people. I agree if there were side by side at attention there would be less "too sexy" comments! great assessment!
  10. thedova

    2014 uniforms

    If you would just see it as a uniform, instead of sexualizing it then you wouldn't have an issue with it. Mens costume is basically a more covered up version of a wrestling uniform, and the females uniform is very much like a dance costume you would see at any show. Shoot, make it all black and you have a common outfit girls wear to work out, or do yoga. SMH
  11. thedova

    Blue Devils 2014 Thread

    People really are making a big deal out of nothing. This male costume is basically the same cut as Cavies "Spin cycle" show!! Besides, teens and young adults in other sports wear costumes as tight as these, and sometimes more reviling than this regularly. For example: wrestling, dance, cheer, cycling, ballet. If people would stop sexualizing everything and take it for what it is, a costume, in keeping with the theme of the show, then there would be no issue I see nothing wrong with the costume!!!!
  12. thedova

    2014 uniforms

    Here they are! The BD uniforms in action
  13. thedova

    Where is everyone?

    I haven't heard any updates, or opinions about shows! Is this forum basically dead now? I hope not bc i like hearing how others feel about shows
  14. thedova

    First Flight

    Oh that is awesome! is there a reason behind it!?? I wonder if the judges notice after seeing so much guard
  15. thedova

    First Flight

    So I love their show.. But I had a question for those who have seen it live Do they perform the show two different ways?? Like in prelims they set the floor to face the back and perform the show facing the back and in finals they flip it! Doe that happen or am I crazy!? Thats what people who saw them both days at the Western regional keep telling me!