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  1. That was our '97 show - we called it the "Barfing Unit" 😉 In '96 we had a rotating steel drum set up complete with rifle exchange overhead - we were always a little crazy when it came to GE ! Mike
  2. it's not. I taught in the late '90's and we took whoever showed up - we didn't have the luxury of even ever thinking we would could have a full corps....and yet with just 68 members - we won division II and came in 15th in world class at DCI - it's not the kids that show up - its who can design and actually teach them. Later, Mike
  3. BD definitely upped their game this year - and I attribute it to Boston. I loved Boston's guard this year - there equipment skills are beyond human.....but I thought BD had a slight edge at finals due to the fact that they performed their show - I never got the same sense from Boston - they nailed everything - but I didn't see the performance qualities that BD had. I also think BD's dominance is over as more guards have started to figure it out - I'm looking at you Vanguard. Bluecoats and Cavies !!!! Later, Mike
  4. Totally agree about the judge int the box and "big effects" getting more credit - but I would think that at some point even the judges would realize that having a toss every 4 counts actually becomes less effective as it becomes expected. Not every music hit, or phrase, or solo or small ensemble needs to have a toss 😜
  5. My big concern - and its the same concern I have with WGI - is that guards now are all about the number of tosses that get incorporated into a show. It's gotten to a point where I sometimes question the musicality because all it is is a series of tosses. I miss the the more nuanced approach you could have where you could actually see an entire sequence done without a toss (or 16 tosses!!!). Boston (and previously Crown) has now pushed DCI guards to new levels of difficulty - BD had to up their game their year (Never saw them attempt a 720 before this year) and it showed. And let's no
  6. I think the guard issues also had to do with how other corps started using guards - they became integral parts of the story and were used / staged accordingly. I always felt that Cadets just kept the same formula that worked for them in the '90's where weapons were up front, flags in the back and weren't fully integrated to the theme / corps drill. They almost seemed like an afterthought - the entire "Awakening" show should have been a guard heavy concept - but it fell flat. That said, I do think the guard program is headed in the right direction and that last year and this y
  7. This is probably my favorite Crown shown since Relentless......and I love the direction of the guard this year. Definitely a big improvement over the last 2 years. Are they back to contending for the guard title.....not yet.......but I think they're finally finding what the new "Crown Guard" style is,,,,,and I like it a lot ! Also - Really glad they got rid of the plexiglass in the just wasn't adding anything. Later. Mike
  8. Congrats ! Some of my best drum corps memories were the 2 years I spent with Cavies ! Mike '88-'89
  9. Thanks - guess it isn't accessible in Canada anymore thanks, Mike
  10. I can't seem to access Marching Music Downloads anymore - I'm wondering if its because I'm in Canada ? I thought they had just taken the site down., Are any of you in the US able to access it ? Mike
  11. "Les" just means "The" in French. So it's not that all our corps names started with Les - kinda like "The Cavaliers" or "The Blue Devils"..... and yes, we are much more uninhibited when it comes to our bodies in Canada - changing outside right in the middle of a full parking lot was just normal to us - I always found it weird how Americans reacted to this - especially when I went and marched an American corps - good times - hahahaha Mike
  12. Wait....the props are doorways ? I never would have guessed that. Later, Mike
  13. Question for those who've seen them live : I've only seen the show online through Flomarching - do the guard costumes show up more in person ? Because they totally blend in with the field from what I've seen - and so do their flag color scheme choices - which I think affected their guard scores last night - you just don't see them - like at all ! Later, Mike
  14. I think if Crown wants to improve their GE they'll need to make the guard stand out more and figure out a way to incorporate their props into the show to a much higher degree. SCV, BD and Bluecoats use their props to their fullest extent and they are an integral part of the show - I feel that with Crown - they're just kind of there and used for a bit on the see saw part. Other than that, they do have one of the more difficult shows on the field - and I feel that they have the most room for improvement. Later, Mike