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  1. Actually, even baseball scores are subjective in a way. The home plate umpire signals safe or out at home to record a run or (in some cases) an out. Most of the time it is so obvious that the call is a no brainer, but it is still the umpire call. The subjectivity is only really visible on a few occasions. A close play at the plate is one. Did the runner miss touching home is another. Did a runner at third tag up too soon might be another place the subjectivity becomes visible.
  2. Umpiring is totally subjective. Famous umpire Bill Klem was slow making a call, and one of the players asked if the runner was safe or not. Klem said..."It ain't nothin' till I call it."" Another time he was later shown a picture of a blown call he had made, and he said "Gentleman, he was out because I said he was out."
  3. I love the additional colors varied instruments bring to a show. Have not seen or heard BD, but for example I loved the Cadets violin soloist, and I thought she should have been used more in that show. Then again, with the band I used to arrange for, I used a cello two years in a row, and I always tried to have different instruments and combinations perform features. One year was a tuba and piccolo duet, and another was an English Horn/temple block duet, as two other examples. 😃
  4. Nobody near me or that I spoke to even thought of that at the theater, nor did I.
  5. Blue Stars good news/bad news GOOD NEWS - they are wearing headgear this season!!!!! BAD NEWS -
  6. Anaheim Kinsmen did back in the day....they had a deal with Disneyland. The Mickey Mouse Club theme was in their competitive show. Seemed sort of odd mixed in with King of Kings, Exodus, Ritual Fire Dance, etc.
  7. Film about a Paterson high school principal named Joe Clark.
  8. My rapidly aging memory of ESPN2 is that DCI funded most of that broadcast, with maybe some support from their normal sponsoring companies.Hence the "off time" broadcast.
  9. You ARE new to these here parts! Knocking what we have not seen is the bread and butter of DCP! 😎
  10. Not an easy one to answer. The more DCI turns into theatrics, the tougher it is to create adjudication standards that would permit comparisons (ranking and rating) between vastly different concepts. I like the idea of bringing in expertise from theater and music to assist in that area, but I also want those on the front lines to remain involved, both judges and staffs.
  11. On the field... Go 100% into theatrical style presentations, costumes, props, etc. "Felliniesque", "Relentless" and "Downside Up" are three of my personal all-time favorite shows. Create an "Anything goes" division where a corps can use any instrumentation and no limit on size.
  12. I was at that show! A LOT of "That is not drum corps" type of comments (with NSFW commentary thrown in!) from old-timers of that era. Today they are considered one of the great corps of all time. I loved them, and their 76 show was amazing.
  13. Well, I am old...marched 64-72, and I love the concept of using costuming and props to truly tell the story the designers want to tell. Now, sometimes they work and sometimes not so much, like in any artistic endeavor. BD's Felliniesque and Crown's Relentless are on my own all-time favorite list of shows going back to the first show I saw in 1963.
  14. Well then, looking at the above, I am totally against having "non drum corps professionals...create the sheets, define the interpretation of critera, and revamp the entire system". I think having music and visual people from outside the marching/music arts participate and present their own viewpoints and experiences and how they, see things is a great idea. But no, I am not so dismissive of those who work in this little world today as you seem to be.
  15. Oh, yes. One year in the mid/later 70's the GSC decided to have judges use a "National Linear" approach to judging at the annual clinic/meeting. I was judging and teaching at the time...around 76 or 77. That meant we were to evaluate all corps in the GSC against standards of the Blue Devils, Bayonne, 27th, etc...and not the "circuit linear" approach.That lasted a couple of weeks, with all sorts of incredibly low scores and zeroed out captions. The directors quietly got together and put a stop to that, and rightly so.