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  1. 1990 Phantom Regiment Saint-Saens Symphony #3, the Organ Symphony, has always been on my list of favorite symphonic pieces performed by a drum corps. Actually, their entire 1990 Saint-Saens show with Carnival of the Animals and Bacchanale is wonderful.
  2. No idea on that question. I would think they would tell the new prospective district of any "unsavory" issues with the person, but I don't know how specific they would be.
  3. I saw my first show in Sept 1963, sponsored by my dad’s VFW. Dad signed me up in the fall. I was 10. I find each decade has been amazing. The 2010’s have been the very best to me. Amazing shows from the creative staffs performed at an incredibly high level by the members.
  4. In NJ, a recent law (couple of years ago) was passed so that when a staff person has applied to a district for a position, the former districts can and must share the reason for the person leaving, even if there was no charge and conviction. Before that, many times the first district just let the person resign, especially if parents of involved students did not want to subject their children to further stress by pursuing a court case. In those days, the first district was not permitted to discuss the reason for the resignation, otherwise the teacher could sue that district, as legally all
  5. Don't forget, in this case the accused has not been charged with physically molesting anybody that will require a lot of witnesses and other up-front analysis/investigation. It is not really a GH equivalent case. or as the same type of thing some here have spun off from the OP. Not worse and not less at the end of the day, just different. The existence of child porn in the person's possession is either "yes he has it" or "no he doesn't". An IP address for the dissemination charge is also pretty cut and dried. If convicted he deserves the maximum he can get. People who possess and d
  6. Mod hat here...removed a couple of posts. Please be careful of what you post, language-wise.
  7. A live broadcast would be nice, but my guess is that movie theaters will most likely not want a niche show like drum corps in their theaters on a prime weekend date. I don't see any Fathom events on a Friday or Saturday, actually.
  8. I thought all cars have to have that feature now, with an option to turn it off.
  9. Mod hat here...Please refrain from making comments about individual posters. Keep the posts related to the topic and/or the occasional OT comments, as long as these are not derogatory comments about posters.
  10. I've been saying that since the old RAMD days. 😀
  11. I played bari sax in HS, in concert and jazz bands. Loved it! I was a percussion major in college, but I also played bari in jazz ensemble there as well. I'd love to see bari saxes and all other WW instruments in drum corps. Long overdue IMO.
  12. Anyone can look at her Yourube page. On the Videos tab, every video thumbnail/link is listed in reverse chronological order.
  13. That actually makes sense to me. "Outdoor-only" instruments would be purchased by the band program for use by the marching band program. For trumpets that are used indoors as well as outdoors, kids have their own instruments most of the time. School programs are not normally buying those types of horns, so they would be more difficult for a corps to sell.
  14. RIP Brian. I judged band shows with Brian through the 80's to the mid-90's. Brian was a great guy and excellent judge.
  15. The Broadway revival over a decade ago was directed by Arthur Laurents who wrote the original book. My daughter-in-law was a Production Assistant on that show, so we got to attend the dress rehearsal. Laurents came out to speak to the audience. His viewpoint was that there was no reason to replicate exactly what was done before, so he made a bunch of changes. One was to have some of the songs sung in Spanish. "I Feel Pretty" had an amazing sound in Spanish, just listening to the flow of the lyrics. He did recreate a bunch of Robbins' choreography. It was actually contractual; any revival