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  1. I was in Atlanta for a business meeting way back in the late 80's. In a bar/restaurant outside of the city I was having dinner and playing shuffleboard. One woman sitting at the bar overheard me talking, turned to her friend and said "Oh, a d**** Yankee" and went back to her drink. 😀
  2. Back left snare was one of my former students in the marching band I arranged for and taught! Great person and marvelous drumming skills.
  3. In honor of the 4th, and also friend Ironlips who arranged the music, here is the 1971 Garfield Cadets at Dallas VFW prelims. Show titled "America, the Brave" about the Revolutionary War. America, the Brave
  4. NY Knickerbockers opened with the theme from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" around 1970. A GREAT opener with a very cool mellophone wail on the "whistle" part of the melody, if I recall.
  5. I think that happens a lot in many industries. How many people really want the headaches, time requirements and lack of a "real" life that happens to people who are at the top of an organization/corporation.
  6. OT....when I saw the thread title, I wondered why Bank of America is offering free music downloads. 😎
  7. I know what you mean, but for good or bad, our legal system does not work that way. And as I know you understand, but just for general commentary here.... Once an accused is indicted, the case becomes the Government versus the accused. The victim is not named at all. That's why the title of the thread is what it is.
  8. The speedy trial term applies to protecting the rights of the accused, not the victim(s).
  9. In addition, the location of those earlier incidents with GH may not have taken place in PA.
  10. What may be interesting is the current appeal by Bill Cosby. I think one of the appeals revolves around permitting the testimony of the women from the past, who were not part of the charges against Cosby. That might have some impact on the Hopkins case, one way or the other, depending on the appeal outcome.
  11. NJ posted rules for reopening schools in September. Some of them are strict “must” and others are “should” types of guidelines. The state is giving local districts flexibility since there are wide variations in capabilities and district makeup across NJ. The document seems pretty good.
  12. NJ has removed Washington State from the list, as of my morning paper. However, unlike NY, the NJ quarantine is not being enforced or punished by any kind of fine...it is up to people from the states noted to self-quarantine when they arrive. Anecdotal reports from arriving flights is that nobody was even told about the requirement, again according to my paper this morning. Maybe it was too soon to get something specific in place that fast; we'll see.
  13. Mod hat here... Please refrain from crossing into the political area with posts.
  14. More accessible to try out, but don't forget there are a finite number of available marching positions. Also, some corps have already stated that those who make the corps this year are guaranteed spots in 2021. What would be interesting is to see what happens to current members and 2020 members if the season is reduced in scope/duration in 2021. Would the 2020 roster members think it is "worth" marching if that reduction happens.
  15. Interesting... The EU is in discussion with J&J to reserve some portion of the billion doses of s vaccine J&J plans to produce of its product currently in trials. The US already has a similar deal with AstroZeneca.