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  1. Wow! How did they get scheduled if they are not in the high priority group here in NJ? Lucky them! I am scheduled for my first shot in late February, as I am over 65. Friends in my 55+ development can't get appointments, as they are all booked up near me.
  2. My annual demand...er...request for Phantom Regiment to perform Janacek's "Sinfonietta". Been asking for them to play it since before DCP even started...and they have been ignoring me since before DCP even started. 😎
  3. Marched a Giant's 1/2-time in fall of 1971 when they were at Yankee Stadium...that was cold! I have judged band shows in a pretty decent snow, one notable show in Billerica, Mass. I was on field music, and I had to go into a van after each band to fill out my sheets, as it was snowing too hard. The band I taught for 25 years here in NJ, West Windsor-Plainsboro South, played a Giant/Charger 1/2-time in 1995. It was the famous ice ball game, and our kids were the 1/2-time targets of the "fans" who were throwing ice balls from the top level of Giant's Stadium. The stadium crew had done
  4. Mine was from 1961. I marched 70-72. Oh, yes, LOTS of baby powder! At the 71 VFW Nats in the Dallas Cotton Bowl, it was 135 degrees at field level for prelims. Our unis were already damp, as the week before VFW's we had done a Dolphin/49'er preseason game 1/2-time in Miami, televised on NBC with no commercials I was told. It POURED on us, as can happen in Miami.
  5. The article says A safety pin....my entire uniform was held together with a PACK of safety pins, put in place by Aunt Nellie. 😃
  6. Yeah, the show underwent a large number of changes. Some were due to judges not getting it, especially George's percussion score. Some of the older judges just did not get what he wrote, so he had to water down and redo some of our favorite parts. Example: The drum line spilt into two pieces for the British/Colonist parts noted above, half with the lower brass (British) and half with the sopranos (Colonists). The British did the minuet in 3/4 while the colonists did a hoe down in 2/4 simultaneously. Drum judges killed us in demand because each half was playing different music at the same
  7. Here is the Haas family video from the World Open of the show... 1971 Garfield Cadets
  8. We have a few neighbors who have had Covid on my street. I live in an "Active adult" community here in NJ. One guy and his wife 3 doors up were just tested a few days ago prior to their kids coming over for Christmas, and he tested positive, so he and his wife are in quarantine. He has absolutely zero symptoms; they were amazed he tested positive. His wife tested negative. Further up the street, another guy was tested at work; he works for the Township. He too tested positive, while his partner tested negative. She lives in the same house with him and also works for the Township. The guy
  9. The VA hospital where my son works as an OR Nurse started vaccines today. My son will be getting it soon. He just returned to work after having COVID the past couple of weeks.
  10. Best of luck to you! It will be different, that's for sure! But have a great time whatever you do!
  11. Yeah, if there is a real "season", it would be different.
  12. Possibly, but this is just my guess based, as I said, on nothing. If all they have is this event, I would not want it scored as a competition if I was part of a group that attended, but that is just me, not DCI.
  13. I'm with you on that. My own best guess is that DCI may try and put on a "Celebration of Drum Corps" kind of event, more like a festival than a competition. There will be large variation in how the various organizations are able to prepare, so a true competition may be out of the question. We'll see. Just a guess with nothing behind it other than gut feel. 😀