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  1. How would anyone here know the answer to that today? Also, as there are a bunch of professionals involved with this process, financial, legal, etc...don't you think that they will do what is necessary. Also, DCI is involved with all of this as well, so whatever happens I would guess they are part of the process. Those are the people who matter in creating this new organization.
  2. DCI.ORG does not show a site yet. The Cadets schedule on yea.org shows 7/29 as East Rutherford, but that may be "old news".
  3. Since that is the original Cadets FB Group, renamed by GH as the owner, I bet most of the people have no idea they are on it.
  4. YEA.org says Friday a brass camp at Bradenton, FL
  5. A for-profit corporation cannot own a non-profit as you correctly stated, but it can run and manage a non-profit corporation. It can appoint all or some of the non-profit board, and it can manage financials, as long as that is not mixed in with the for-profit financials. There needs to be a definite wall separating the two, but it is possible. For-profits often have non-profit charitable foundations, for example.
  6. Mod hat here: Please keep the thread focus on the 2020 Scouts. Do not drag in items from a closed thread.
  7. Gotta agree there based on this story!
  8. Surf ran a YEA organization show at TCNJ a few years back as well. The Cadets schedule still shows 7/29 as East Rutherford, but that may just be a placeholder.
  9. Mod hat here.... Please refrain from political posting from anywhere along the spectrum.
  10. Why? A strong Cadet organization supports that mission just fine.
  11. I would guess that would happen around 2/18.
  12. His take on 'Hey Jude' was awesome. I saw him with his orchestra in the early 70's, and that was a great chart. I saw Maynard Ferguson a month or so later, and his version was amazing as well, though both 180 degrees apart conceptually.
  13. People used to complain when GH put stuff out way too early. Now there are complaints that they are not putting out stuff too early. I for one do not want to see them throw something out until they are ready in every way.
  14. Striving to understand would be based on factual information, not aimless guesswork. It doesn’t threaten me at all. I just do not think that the Cadets need any bogus stuff right now, as they work through their business plan. I would turn it around. Why do you want to want to engage in pointless discussion negative to the organization, especially when not based on real information?