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  1. Mod hat here. Please do not fall into the trap of discussing political issues. Saying that the President has COVID is fine, but do not think that gives anyone the clearance to start extrapolating into the political side of this in any direction.
  2. Oh, absolutely. It was after the 71 season. We played pickup football often with the Muchachos in the fall. The two towns are very close together. Richie Chirichella, the DM, broke his leg at the game. He was a math ed major at Montclair State, a senior. I was a freshman music ed major. I would see him hobble around campus on crutches. Everything was going well until the blood clot. Absolutely awful. He was laid out in his DM uniform, and the entire corps came in to the viewing. We sang "O Holy Name" one more time for Richie. There was not a dry eye in the room. His younger bro
  3. Hopefully it won't happen, but who knows? It has in the past for sure. I can go back as far as I have memories of these things, in band and corps, and yes, people do manage to get hired again and again. More so earlier than recently, but even now it happens. In GH's case specifically I think the huge amount of publicity, the legal outcome, and the sheer volume of readily available information online will make it difficult for him to be hired, esp in a visible role, but I guess we'll see.
  4. Maybe you are correct; I hope not. I know in the past lots people who should not ever have been given 2nd, 3rd, 4th...etc...opportunities were given them. One reason I do not ever yearn for the "good old days" in many ways, be it band or corps. I am hopeful that in today's world that will not happen with someone like GH. I don't see him remaining in the background with his personality. IMO there is no way any corps or band could justify hiring him for anything. If by some awful chance he is hired, even for a background role, it would come out. I don't see him lasting long in any such posi
  5. Yeah, I took a look at his page. I know some of the people who respond to him. I marched with a couple, judged some of their bands and some of them judged the band I was with. I don't see them really being supportive of GH.
  6. Just don't hire the guy. In this day and age, I personally don't see any corps or band hiring him. Maybe I am too trusting in how the corps/band admins will behave, but there is no upside at all in bringing him on board. By the time he would be able to even try and get his record cleared, he's be in his late 70's. I think he is toast in the marching arts, thankfully. But, I was wrong one time before in my life (😎) so who knows!
  7. Oh, for sure. You can find lots of stuff online that can help guide a hiring decision like that. IMO the hiring person needs to take care in how they use what they see online, that's all. It is absolutely a valid tool to use.
  8. I guess I was thinking about official background checks like teachers, etc....go through, through the county or state (here in NJ anyway). Sure, a Google search brings up a lot of info, though people need to be careful in how they process that type of data.
  9. You should invite him over for dinner and a...er...show!
  10. Absolutely agree. In the case you quoted in your reply, however, a background check would not have "caught" anything. It does not appear the guy was ever legally convicted of anything, unless I misread the original post.
  11. One victim said it was not in her best interest to move forward with the case, so that may have played a role from the prosecution side of things and the plea deal. And as you said, the other victim said she was OK with the plea deal.
  12. Mod hat here... Please be more careful with posts wandering into the personal area. Stick to the issues in the thread, not the posters.
  13. I don't really see how that could work in this era. If the term "regional" really means "local", so that housing is not an issue...then potential members in vast areas of the country would have zero access to march DCI, and there would be few competitions for those that will exist. The infrastructure of 1971 is just not there for 2021. If "regional" is truly regional, where members still come from distances that require housing, and transportation is still a requirement, then all of the needs remain, plus still fewer performance opportunities within the region. How many regions would the