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  1. Given the corps recovery from GHS*, and the 50th anniversary of the first female guard, I have no issue with them to-date. Of course, I do think it is time to move onward and upward and not dwell on those things moving forward. * = George Hopkins Syndrome
  2. Please refrain from making personal attacks on other posters. I have had to clean up a small flurry just now. Focus on the subject material, not your opinions of posters. Thanks!
  3. Personally, I would say "no". YEA, for instance shows this in their Code of Conduct.... ...applies to all YEA! employees,officers, directors, volunteers, corps members, contractors, vendors and alumn... I will refrain from the use of all alcohol, tobacco, and nicotine products while serving YEA!, particularly while in the presence of youth or while representing YEA! publicly. I agree with this...and I hope they update it to include cannabis
  4. I hope somebody has a link. I lost it a few years ago. It has a lot of great stuff.
  5. Yup, I agree with that. If the person chose to join just to post what he did, fine by me. He deserves respect whatever his stance is. Everyone has their own reasons for their personal decisions.
  6. Well, there was at least one letter to the editor of Drum Corps News in the early 60's (read it on NanciD's great project to place the DCN issues online) bemoaning the addition of the contra....said it was turning drum corps into marching band.
  7. Ray, Sorry to see you leave, but you like what you like. Nobody should attack you for having an opinion, whatever it may be. I have loved every era of drum corps, starting with my first show in 1963 at almost-age 10 through the summer of 2019 at almost-age 66. But that is MY opinion. Give it some time, and maybe check back in someday.
  8. At 1971 VFW Nationals in Dallas, as we (Garfield) were waiting to enter the Cotton Bowl for prelims I overheard two stadium employees talking. One of them told the other it was 135 degrees at field level in the stadium.
  9. I understand where you are coming from, but don't forget that many DCA members are working folks who take off a couple of days now...not sure trying to wedge them in to DCI week will work for a lot of them. Even though the average members in DCA are younger, there are still many older adults. There are also corps travel costs added in for many of the DCA corps who do not travel much out of their region now. I think it would be a tough sell for them to travel to Indy.
  10. Princeton U has an alumni parade called the P-rade each spring, billed as the "biggest sloppy parade in the world". It starts on Nassau by the arches onto the ca Yompus and winds its way down the hill to the bottom. Each 5-year anniversary class has to provide some sort of music/entertainment unit. The 25th anniversary year leads off the parade. The band I was taught from 94 through 2017 almost always marched for a class. Both my son and daughter marched it several times in their HS eras. I marched it in Garfield in 1970, which made it neat for me to have both my kids march it decades later. I marched it during the height of the anti-military hippie era. We got off the buses in our Cadet unis....you can just imagine the reception we got on a campus like Princeton! You would have thought our buses had run over all of their cats or something! 😲 It was as if we were aliens landing from Mars. We started to warm up with our opener, Gounod's "Queen of Sheba", which went over as well as you might expect. Our DM then had us play our Peace Sign drill number, "White Rabbit"....the students who were looking at us with disgust all of a sudden started to groove to the tune..needless to say, that was the ONLY tune we played that day! 😀
  11. I have not heard of outside activities like marching band being allowed to use the Princeton stadium. Close to Princeton (which is indeed a nice stadium with terrible parking,) is the stadium at TCNJ in Ewing. USBands used to run the Central Jersey Regional there; the band I taught went there each year. There are lots of great restaurants in Princeton on Nassau St, Witherspoon St and Palmer Square. Rt 1 has tons of hotels and restaurants as well. Edit: Both of the stadiums noted are close to I95/I295.
  12. Not foot safety, but certainly safety related... I was judging at a HS band show in Connecticut back in the early 90's, and the theme from Robin Hood was a biggie for bands. One band was using it their opener, and somebody on the band staff had a "GREAT" idea.... As the band was starting their show with the theme from the film, a band parent dressed as Robin Hood shot a LIVE hunting arrow from one endzone over the top of the band, the arrow luckily landing well beyond the band. 😲 The chief judge ran as fast as he could (not very 😀 ) over to the director and read him the riot act...never saw them do that again at subsequent shows.
  13. Debbie "Blondie" Harry was born and raised in Hawthorne. She used to listen to the Cabs while growing up. Excerpt from the article: "The future rockstar’s first home was on Cedar Avenue by Goffle Brook Park. She would play in her very own “enchanted” forest (inhabited by migrants) and leave the window open so she could hear the drum and bugle of the Hawthorne Caballeros. Harry’s baseball fan mother would kick her out of the house during games. Her father worked for a silk label manufacturer that had a mill in Paterson." Debbie Harry interview