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  1. MikeD

    Then vs Now

    Personally, I still love drum corps, since seeing my first show in Sept of 1963.
  2. MikeD

    Then vs Now

    GE and performance are and always have been subjective, even in the old tic era.
  3. You are free to believe what you wish. i have removed bunch of posts that make personal comments on posters, regardless of who they are. If you feel there are some that have been missed, just hit the report button, and a forum admin will take a look.
  4. Please refrain from personal derogatory comments about posters. The thread is still open, but if the personal comments continue, it will not be open for long.
  5. The women going back 30+ years kept what happened to them secret for all these years to avoid the publicity and reliving of what happened to them being brought out in public. It is only now that they are coming forward. Outside of the two women who are still within the statute of limitations that the State of PA used to charge GH with sexual assault, there is NO benefit to the rest of the victims.
  6. A preemptive warning on making sure posts are not aimed personally at the poster and remain focused on the subject and material of the posts. The poster who started the thread has been a member of DCP since 2010.
  7. Isn't that about dancing cats??????
  8. Yeah, a lot of terrible stories in North Jersey from my past. It was more a "Wild West" kind of attitude back then. Hopefully as school administrators retire, new people won't have that lousy history in their minds. Another of the "good old days were not always so good" things people sometimes don't think about.
  9. I know here in NJ, any time people are in the building a black seal custodian must be present. Black Seal refers to being certified to operate the heating system, i.e. the furnace.
  10. The band I taught tried under two different band directors over time to host a corps, and the admin always had an excuse reason why that year was not good.
  11. I left with the rest but I came back and picked up baritone for 72, since I had brass class coming up in the fall of 72. Being taught by Don Angelica and Frank Levy was also a great experience.Tour was indeed crazy.
  12. I have been demanding...er...suggesting that Phantom do the Janacek for over 10 years, if not longer. ๐Ÿ‘ Shows how much they listen to me! ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Regarding Dennis, they also followed him to Bayonne from the Muchachos before that. A good piece of the Garfield drumline went to the Cabs after the 71 season, because Garfield let George Tuthill go, and he was at Hawthorne already. I mean, who would want to play for the new guy at Garfield in 72, Fred Sanford. ๐Ÿ™„
  14. LOTS of internships are not paid. Sometimes the student pays tuition to the college and then performs the internship as part of their major, so paying for the privilege is hardly unknown. I'm not sure how many these days do drum corps JUST for the resume credit though. It can actually be a drawback in some scholastic situations, based on perceptions of hiring managers in music ed who may not be big fans of drum corps.
  15. Thank Heaven For Little Girls