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  1. I was retired from my last company after a total of 38 years in IT, back in Feb 2018
  2. I was talking about the general cases, not specifics. Of course there were exceptions and variations in looking at individual corps. I stand by my comments in the general sense.
  3. No, not "us vs them". The sponsors were not evil;. Times changed. That's all. Posts and churches that sponsored corps at every level were pulling back. You place the blame on the corps, most of them small local corps. I don't "blame" anybody as you look to do. It was just how time evolved. The Cadets story is hardly as you describe it, but believe what you wish. You can put whatever spin you want on it.
  4. Yup. That is part of what I was thinking of in mentioning societal changes of that timeframe. VFW and AL post memberships were primarily WWII and to some extent Korean conflict vets. Their kids made up a good chunk of the small local VFW/AL corps. The kids got older, as did the post members. Those organizations were really hurting for members, so corps they sponsored were folded or cut loose. The Viet Nam returning vets were treated very poorly by society, and many just kept their service hidden and did not join posts. Those organizations are suffering to this day.
  5. More than 50% of the total were gone by the end of the 80's. My marching career was 64-72, taught in the Garden State Circuit mid-70's and judged mid-70's to early 80's in the GSC. The circuit was thriving when I marched in it 68-69. By the mid 70's corps were merging with other corps just to remain afloat for another year or two and by the mid 80's the GSC was a shadow of its forner self struggling to stay alive. Many GSC shows had zero audience, with a few lucky ones attached to a community event having decent crowds, especially by the late 70's into the 80's. Corps at ALL levels were dying out as sponsors like the Catholic Church and Veteran organizations pulled away, starting before DCI came along. Class "A" corps in my area like St Joe's from Newark, St Lucy's, St Vinnie's in my area alone never made it to the DCI era, and BS limped into that era in 72 as they moved to Union their final season, when the church pulled away from them, just to name a few close to me. Smaller corps died out throughout the 60's and 70's, and into the 80's, having little or nothing to do with DCI. As others have mentioned, the rise of the corps-style marching bands played a large roll in the demise of the local corps. Why spend a summer NOT making much money when you could march and compete in your HS Band, taught and judged by drum corps people? Especially with a lousy economy and huge inflation of the later 70's. In NJ, circuits like TOB and later EMBA were run by judging associations that saw the corps market drying up. These corps failures were not caused by touring, instruments, etc, as you mention. They were victims of changing times.
  6. Agree. Corps always came and went as far back as you want to look. As societal changes and national economic issues increased, fewer and fewer corps sprung up to take their place. In my area, the huge rise of the corps-style bands, taught by corps people, took the place of the smaller local corps. As they folded, few started up to take their place.
  7. Most of the hundreds of corps that folded did so long before Bb/F horns, electronic instruments, amplification, props, even the rise of the front ensemble. They folded prior to the need for the modern rolling stock to move the corps around.
  8. I think that the huge decline in corps had more to do with larger societal and economic changes than the cost of an amp or marimba.
  9. If that is what you heard, you are listening to the wrong groups.
  10. Right, judges evaluate what is presented. For example, if a mallet section is not micced and the overall sound suffers as compared to one that is amplified, then the sound the judge hears will drive what the judge hears and evaluates. My comparison is assuming both are presenting as best they can. If a micced section is poorly balanced, then it should suffer, of course. IMO a properly amplified mallet section permits better selection of mallets and provides the players with the ability to play with better technique, resulting in a better sound. So yes, the judges' job is to evaluate what is presented. Everybody followed suit along the way. Corps that folded for whatever reason are besides the point.Corps have come and gone forever. That is irrelevant to this.
  11. As has always been the case, corps believe they should remain current with the activity. Corps added contras, mellos, multi drums, marching timpani and later mallets, 2- and then 3-valve horns, etc.....and just about everybody followed suit. Would a corps sound inferior today without electronics? IMO yes. I know from the band I taught that when we did not micc the mallets in early rehearsals or when there was no source to plug into (practice field), the sound suffered greatly.
  12. Corps admins create many different ways of looking for donations. A targeted one like you describe is just one of a variety of campaigns. It allows people to donate to a specific cause, as opposed to a general donation. It also means that if the corps gets $X in a targeted campaign to fix a truck or whatever it is needed for, it means the corps does not have spend $X from their general revenue. At the end of the day, it is all one big pot of dollars raised to run the corps. People have different triggers to make donations, so it makes sense.
  13. Mod hat: I just hid a few posts. Please refrain from making comments about individual posters.
  14. Yes, if the corps themselves decide that a particular item is ok to use.
  15. They have even titled their final camp the April Camp and Guard Final Audition in honor of Ms Gilligan. It is being held next April 24th....hmmmm.....uhhhhh...eerrrrr.....never mind!