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  1. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think they have a pretty decent shot at making finals. It’s the second part of that statement that I struggle with.
  2. I remember watching a Fan Network video from one of the winter camps where the corps director basically said they just selected some music they liked and the theme/show title will be figured out later.
  3. Yes, Florida is a hot/muggy/rainy swamp but it also contributes a ton of talent to DCI. To ignore the whole state just isn’t smart, IMO.
  4. I used to live in FL. Evening storms are basically a daily occurrence during the summer months in Florida. The good news is that they rarely last longer than an hour or two. So yes it’ll almost certainly rain, but the worst you’re looking at in all likelihood is a delay.
  5. Yeah I could see that. I couldn’t see today’s Crossmen doing it but I can definitely see the 2000’s version of Crossmen doing a Jethro Tull show.
  6. 2006 was especially weird. Could you perhaps be thinking of 2007’s This I Believe?
  7. Now that I think about it you’re 100% right. That was indeed a very strange period of programming choices for Cadets.
  8. I’d love to know the thought process behind choosing Jethro Tull music for a drum corps show. Definitely one of The Cadets more forgettable shows.
  9. Cadets did a Jethro Tull show in ‘04. It was weird.
  10. Bloo LOVE the DM uniforms but corps proper is gonna take a few more reads.
  11. Looks like the rain really did a number on Crown’s uniforms. Hopefully nothing that can’t be repaired.
  12. Ok Boston! Should be exciting to see how this show develops. Overall it’s definitely got the potential to medal...but please rework the narration. It’s a little over the top.
  13. Ok dude we get it. You’re not throwing away your shot. Lol.