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  1. Copied directly from the official Facebook page : An update from Music for All on the 2020 Bands of America season: Surveying participating directors and consulting with the BOA Advisory Committee, we continue the planning for our 2020 Bands of America Championships. To help with bands’ planning and show preparations, Bands of America’s minimum performance time will be reduced from six (6) to five (5) minutes for 2020. Bands will be permitted a performance time from 5 to 11 minutes for the 2020 Bands of America Championship season. BOA reserves the right to any further considerations if conditions warrant. We will continue to address appropriate modifications to operations in terms of safety guidelines for participants and spectators.
  2. Yeah Lewisville ISD is a serious band powerhouse. If you’ve ever been to that part of the DFW Metroplex it’s easy to see why. Flower Mound in particular is home to some of the largest and nicest houses I’ve ever seen. North Carrollton is also a very nice area. Those kids work incredibly hard too. I’ve sat in on a couple of Marcus’ rehearsals. I wish my high school’s band was half as efficient as theirs!
  3. On an unrelated note: I’m not sure if this has ever been brought up before but can anyone else TOTALLY imagine Bloo playing this? And the Huntertones are from Ohio!
  4. Bluecoats posted this moment ago on their Facebook page. My heart is full. 💙
  5. This is why I have to constantly remind myself not to judge camp videos too harshly. To the credit of the MMs and the staff, the finished product was much much more polished. Still cool seeing a show in its bare bones stage. Thanks for posting.
  6. The record setting attendance would suggest that it was an evolution. Band/drum corps is more popular now than it’s ever been and it’s trending upward despite funding cuts to music education.
  7. Bands of America is as close to “professional” high school marching band league as you can get. Some bands are better than others but the top bands could probably give some of the smaller corps a run for their money.
  8. DCI will continue to evolve because BOA and WGI continue to evolve. The most dramatic change on the field you might see is corps going back to 3-4 year cycles with the same uniform with slight alterations to fit each year’s show. The corps already own all the electronics and effective props aren’t as expensive as you might think. Ask BD.
  9. If you’re looking for a “simple” and “less produced” show then I don’t know what to tell you. The activity evolved from that decades ago and it’s not going back now, nor should it.
  10. I hope they’re just doing some standard fundraising and they aren't really in danger of going under. If Crown disappears I’m seriously going to weep.
  11. I’ve had similar thoughts as well. As this pandemic continues on and we’re still nowhere close to a readily available could be a very long time before any of these organizations can resume operations of any kind. I hate to say it, but I don’t think I see a scenario where the drum corps world looks exactly like it did in 2019. There will almost certainly be casualties both figuratively and literally.
  12. I wasn’t suggesting that they should offer anyone a refund. Flo’s revenue stream is about to dry up pretty soon since there’s literally no reason for anyone to renew their subscription. With no new money coming in, I can’t see them surviving much longer.
  13. I realize that Flo has is flaws, but I think you’ll find that we could do a lot worse.
  14. I’ll take FloMarching over going back to Periscope any day.