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  1. Correct. And I feel like I get my money’s worth and then some. DCI, BOA, and WGI all for one annual sub is a #### good deal in my book. That’s in addition to all the other sports they offer.
  2. I know it’s cool to hate on Flo, and I’m NOT saying they’re perfect, but it’s probably the best/most affordable option we’re gonna have for watching shows. The Fan Network wasn’t sustainable and if memory serves correctly, the quality wasn’t really all that great there either. Again, I’ll be the first to admit that Flo has #### the bed on a few occasions BUT some of you take the b*tching a little too far. Let’s just be happy we don’t have to settle for watching a vertical Periscope video of a show with Nancy screaming “wooooooooo” every time her child does something cool.
  3. Yeah Pouncey is the new BD at Ashley Ridge HS in Summerville if I’m not mistaken. I can’t wait to see what he does with that program. The school split from a very strong Summerville HS band program a little over a decade ago so his cupboard should be pretty full as far as talent is concerned.
  4. Crown’s first home show is still in SC. In fact, it’s so popular that I wonder why they haven’t moved it to a larger venue. FWIW, with the exception of a few power programs in the Raleigh area, SC is home to far more excellent band programs than NC. York County alone (Fort Mill) is home to FIVE band programs that have won state championships since 2000.
  5. Depends on which side of the state line we’re talking about. Two totally different styles of BBQ.
  6. Sooo I’m just gonna go with the assumption that all the key players are returning in 2020? Unless someone knows otherwise? Crown threads are never this quiet. It’s making me anxious.
  7. No worries, you’re in good hands with Gilreath! He’s done some amazing work with his HS band program in South Carolina and I’ve lost count of how many other bands I’ve heard playing his arrangements over the years.
  8. We’re roughly the same age. I was a rising sophomore in college summer of 2007. #TeamMillennial
  9. Well, yes and no. Because if it took getting a perfect finals night brass score in 2013 to inch out a 1st place finish, most of us knew the percussion would have to drastically improve for Crown to have a realistic shot at ever winning it again.
  10. They got new ones somewhere in between the Denton and Mesquite shows. Looks much better IMO. The old ones were all scratchy.
  11. We’ll see but I have a healthy amount of skepticism. Probably best I leave it at that. On the positive side, IMO the show reads way better in person. Some of my concerns were put to rest when I finally got to see everything live.
  12. Aren’t their Memphis rehearsals always closed to the public?
  13. Phantom Regiment posted from the DrumScorps app