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  1. Hopefully this year they’ll have a better handle on the parking situation. That was my only real complaint about the Dallas shows last year.
  2. I live in Las Colinas so none of the shows are “close” to me but I’m definitely thrilled to have so many shows within an hour’s drive! And if this summer is anything like last year’s rain won’t be a concern at all!
  3. Houstonians love to claim they’re better than us Dallasites. And yet.... 2020 DCI Summer Shows Greater Houston: 1 DFW Metroplex: 3 🤷‍♂️
  4. People have been predicting this day for at least the last decade so not sure what all the fuss is about. No point in delaying the inevitable as far as I’m concerned.
  5. Already loving their new channel! Hopefully it doesn’t go quiet during marching season but I would totally understand if it did.
  6. Probably another topic for another thread but THIS is why I tend to find alternative sources when I want to listen to my favorite shows.
  7. Congrats to BAC alumnus Corey Davis on your new job as a news reporter in Philadelphia! I’m not sure if he posts here or not, but I remember watching him on the news when he was at WYFF in South Carolina a few years ago. I had no idea he marched!
  8. I hope so too, and at this point that would be a natural assumption...but still no official announcement.
  9. True, but unless I’m mistaken there still hasn’t been an official staff announcement yet.
  10. Yeah I’m actually “impressed” with how tight lipped Crown has been lately. They used to be one of the first of the finalists corps to have leaks every year. ...I may have leaked some stuff once or twice in the past but I don’t live in the Carolinas anymore so I no longer attend camps or ST. Whoever Crown has anonymously watching this thread can rest assured I won’t be a problem anymore, LOL.
  11. To be fair, teal was always featured. They still looked like Teal Sound during a time where pretty much everyone was experimenting with different looks.
  12. Yeah I don’t see how he’s been doing it for so long. I would’ve had to take a year off to maintain my sanity. I don’t think some people realize that drum corps has virtually no off season if you work for one of the top corps. It’s gotten to the point now where some staff have openly admitted they started planing for next year’s show before the prior summer tour was even over!