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  1. If the 2020 show is going to re-emerge, I think I’d rather it be in 2022 when it can receive the proper attention/appreciation it deserves. I would hate to see any corps waste a great show on a watered down season. I expect DCI 2021 to look a lot like UIL Texas did this year. Shorter shows. Shows that are mostly entertaining but clearly not as complex.
  2. Hopefully BK keeps Gilreath on staff for 2021. He's written for a number of high school bands in the southest and I've always wanted to see what he's capable of doing for a top tier drum corps.
  3. Honestly, if we can even get to a point where both DCI and Flo exist in a few years for us to b*tch about then we came out pretty good. That being said, for what we pay for a subscription Flo is a pretty sweet deal. Lots of content and they stream every sport/activity under the sun. We could do so much worse.
  4. Yeah I knew about alternates but it was always my understanding that if an alternate was put in the show, they would actually be playing and not just filling a hole. This changes everything. Even on my best day, I never had the chops needed to play with any of the big corps but I probably could’ve pulled off just the marching part. Especially since I would’ve been marching at a time when there was much less choreography to learn.
  5. Interesting. Granted, I never marched so I don’t know anything, but I always assumed a corps would sooner leave a hole on the field before they put someone out there just holding a horn.
  6. No I already knew about the lot videos. I was talking about the raw footage from the professional cameras inside the stadium during the actual performance. That footage likely doesn’t exist anymore as there really wouldn’t be any need for it 20 years later.
  7. I was thinking raw footage may be the only way of maybe seeing it. In that case, it’s probably well hidden. Maybe even destroyed. It was probably super easy to make video disappear forever back then since nothing was digital. I’ve heard this story told a million times over the years so I’ve been looking for this footage for a long time myself. Good luck, lol.
  8. If there is, it’s either well hidden or unlisted. This was before the days of camera phones so video of the incident may not even exist.
  9. I can tell you that a lot of the bands where I live in TX are definitely moving forward in planing their shows for the fall. The governor gave the green light for fall activities several weeks ago... Since then, the number of Texans testing positive continues to rise through the stratosphere and I wouldn’t be surprised to see our governor back track on a few things in the near future. My gut feeling is that there will be virtually NO Fall activities/sports this year. Our best shot at returning to normal is an effective and safe vaccine. Until then, everything is cancelled/postpo
  10. Copied directly from the official Facebook page : An update from Music for All on the 2020 Bands of America season: Surveying participating directors and consulting with the BOA Advisory Committee, we continue the planning for our 2020 Bands of America Championships. To help with bands’ planning and show preparations, Bands of America’s minimum performance time will be reduced from six (6) to five (5) minutes for 2020. Bands will be permitted a performance time from 5 to 11 minutes for the 2020 Bands of America Championship season. BOA reserves the right to any further consid
  11. Yeah Lewisville ISD is a serious band powerhouse. If you’ve ever been to that part of the DFW Metroplex it’s easy to see why. Flower Mound in particular is home to some of the largest and nicest houses I’ve ever seen. North Carrollton is also a very nice area. Those kids work incredibly hard too. I’ve sat in on a couple of Marcus’ rehearsals. I wish my high school’s band was half as efficient as theirs!
  12. On an unrelated note: I’m not sure if this has ever been brought up before but can anyone else TOTALLY imagine Bloo playing this? And the Huntertones are from Ohio!
  13. Bluecoats posted this moment ago on their Facebook page. My heart is full. 💙
  14. This is why I have to constantly remind myself not to judge camp videos too harshly. To the credit of the MMs and the staff, the finished product was much much more polished. Still cool seeing a show in its bare bones stage. Thanks for posting.