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  1. Right? It reminds me very much of Houdini. That is some intense drill!
  2. Please don't underestimate that staff change. Granted, you have to give credit where credit is due. Boston is a very good corps this year and no one can take that away with them. But they too know the pains and struggles of having to be twice as good as certain other corps before the judging community will give them that respect. I think it is logical to say that they aren't seeing that struggle this year, and are getting the credit they actually deserve, in part because of who now makes up that staff.
  3. Its at least nice to see people taking the Stars seriously, finally. Lets not act like the Stars being under appreciated by the judging community is new. I think most people agree that 2010 deserved a higher placement. When they did ReBourne, the GE judges crapped all over them for that prop and how much of the field it took up, but now groups like the Coats can come out with even bigger props and no judge seems to make a mention on how their props constrain the field. The brass line has never had the credit it deserves. The overall placement of the corps has always been a hindrance to where the guard and even the battery some years should be placing. Thankfully the folks that make up the membership understand that the scores don't dictate your hard work, because year after year, the talent keeps coming. Especially for that guard! Am I bitter? Yup... but when I see things like Blue Stars being 10th in guard? Really? And I won't go as far as to say that the Stars and Crossmen absolutely should be beating Phantom, but that gap in score? I don't see it... at all. And if we want to talk about show designs, Phantom basically married the love theme for years and were able to compete with it. So why is it suddenly a high school show when the Blue Stars do it? I just don't get it. Obviously there is work that the corps needs to do as an organization. It isn't a secret that its time to realize that the visual excellence is just not there, and it has been the caption that has been the one behind for years. Granted, the drill this year is harder than what they have been used to, thanks to Ford being back. And I'd say those transit are definitely not on par, but we aren't looking at a tragic mess either. All in all, I should probably just hit the backspace button a bunch of times until the screen goes blank. I just needed to vent I suppose, which is always a great way to reintroduce yourself for the first time in a year to DCP!
  4. The Conspiracy Prediction 1. Bluecoats-DCI realized they can't afford for this show not to win from a creative and audience aspect. They deserve it anyway. 2. Bluedevils-Lets be honest, DCI can't afford to have a televeision crew produced by the Rock and have the corps finish any lower. They deserve it anyway. 3. Crown-Didn't you know? DCI doesn't allow story telling shows to win anymore. 4. Cadets-DCI said, get your crap together. You are on "Hard Corps". 5. SCV-DCI just said, no. 6. Cavies-DCI is glad they are back. 7. Stars-DCI want this sort of a shake up. 8. Knights-It would be better for DCI if Knights lost to Stars by .000006 so there is a loud gasp during retreat by the audience. 9. Phantom-DCI is dissapointed in you. 10. Bones-Because DCI can't find anything else to do with you. 11. Scouts-DCI has to make the Academy suffer. 12. Academy-Because DCI doesn't think Academy has earned a higher placement yet. 13.Crusaders-DCI said, listen, we can't exactly have BAC over a 2 time champion corps in finals.
  5. I believe she was injured and thus integrated into the show as a character.
  6. I actually enjoyed touring with people from all over the country and the world. Wouldn't change that for anything.
  7. Cavaliers are changing things up in their admin!
  8. Let us also note the people who left and equally regretted leaving though. But yes, as I said twice, the decision is theirs. The grass is not always greener.
  9. Interesting enough, the rumors before Saucedo wen't to stars was that Gaines was the one going to Stars. Fairbanks out, Gaines and Saucedo back together at Stars?
  10. Ultimately your decision is yours alone and only you know what is best for you, but... please stay. Before you chose to march, I am sure many of you had a dream corps to be in. Maybe some of you auditioned and made it and maybe some of you were told to get some experience elsewhere and then come back next year. So you did. You went out and got contracted by a lower placing corps to gain that experience so maybe one day you could march your dream corps. The thing is; your dream corps is not your family. You just dedicated your entire life for three months to perfect a product. Your blood, tears and sweat went into the corps that you marched with. 149 other members did the exact same thing. That is family. That is dedication. That is what you did this summer. Not with your dream corps, but with your home corps, your family. Now you are faced with the decision of staying with your family, or going to your dream corps. Hopefully at least you aren't what are called a ring chaser. Hopefully this activity and your experience means more to you then a ring. If you want to win, good. If you want a medal Good. If you want a ring GOOD! Then stay. Because being a part of that with your family, taking them from bottom to top will feel exponentially better than simply going to a corps that is always in contention. These lower corps cannot progress when members keep leaving for top 6 corps. Your family cannot get there if you keep leaving them. Carolina Crown did not get to where they are now because members kept leaving for the Cadets or the Blue Devils. They stayed. They worked their butts off for each other and slowly they became a power house. Maybe they missed out on a ring or a medal by not leaving, but they still share in that success. They were selfless. So what is your experience worth to you? Would you rather win because you are expected to, or win when you weren't, with your family? I end with what I began with: Ultimately your decision is yours alone and only you know what is best for you, but it isn't just about you anymore.