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  1. Wish MS good luck? Winning isn't a game of luck, not to worry, 17th place is held just for you.
  2. I hope they will find sympathy, kindness, and a very warm welcome from their new cohorts in the open class.
  3. Hello Drum Corp Fans! Wilder1966 is back again to keep it all real here. Now comes a new marching band from Madison. Exciting! Can we hope for floats, batons, piccolos, tubas, and high stepping drum majors? One can only wait with bated breath for the big moment. Question: Where are the Real Madison Scouts?
  4. There is still an enormous presence of Covid 19 on all levels, not to mention its variants. A 2021 season is not practical, or possible. It may serve your organization (formerly known as the Madison Scouts) best to use this spring/summer season to create a unique identity for your upstart organization. In each of the series, you are focused on the image, and history of the World Class Madison Scouts. This upstart group needs to find their own way, in all ways. The real Madison Scouts have their own identity. Wishing you well with your musical upstart.
  5. Have they turned off the comments on the Behind the Fleur series? Kind of strange that would happen so early on. Does this organization (formerly Madison Scouts) intend to compete in the World Class? Reflecting on what made the real Madison Scouts the legend they were wont go far in defining this new upstart. Try to find an original direction for your organization, and create an identity of your own.
  6. Yep, Wilder1966 is back again by popular demand! Keeping it real for the 2021 season. As for the 2020 season, an opportunity for the Madison Scouts to reorganize, and assess their plans. It may be just what was needed, and bring some matters to the table long overdue. A look back at their history could be a good starting point.
  7. Is it true Jersey Surf has it in for the group formerly known as the Madison Scouts? Yikes!
  8. Are you referring to the group formerly known as the Madison Scouts? Yes, that band may be coming to town. The real Madison Scouts are now defunct. This post will bring a ton of angry denial, but then again, the truth can be painful.
  9. Fair enough, corona reference redacted as too serious in nature and scope. All drum corps will be affected to some degree by this pandemic, but will hopefully not prevent the 2020 season from a timely start.
  10. Who appointed you editor in chief of this thread? Any member here is welcome to express a grievance is they wish to, and we often do. Spend more time at that "important" job of yours, likely saving our galaxy from imminent disaster. We do appreciate our superheros!
  11. That's great news for the fearless and incredibly incompetent MS administration cohort. They can now use the old tried and true "pandemic cost us the title" excuse to explain the coming low scores. Chalk one up for the executive team! As they say, " a pandemic in time save nine"
  12. Certainly not a threat as you chose to suggest, but a prediction that the justice comes from the judging box. Once it becomes evident that the coed diversion was not a solution whatsoever, but merely a cover up, and scores are not improved from recent seasons. The problem never was the membership after all. Most of us know well the problem is, and has long been the administrative staff itself. They can run, but they cant hide from the evidence forthcoming from the judging panel. To some who found the entire scheme to be a fraud, this is justice. Again, the unfortunate victims are the hard working, high hopes recruits, many of whom have no real knowledge of what brought this on to begin with.
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