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  1. Yep, Wilder1966 is back again by popular demand! Keeping it real for the 2021 season. As for the 2020 season, an opportunity for the Madison Scouts to reorganize, and assess their plans. It may be just what was needed, and bring some matters to the table long overdue. A look back at their history could be a good starting point.
  2. Is it true Jersey Surf has it in for the group formerly known as the Madison Scouts? Yikes!
  3. Are you referring to the group formerly known as the Madison Scouts? Yes, that band may be coming to town. The real Madison Scouts are now defunct. This post will bring a ton of angry denial, but then again, the truth can be painful.
  4. Fair enough, corona reference redacted as too serious in nature and scope. All drum corps will be affected to some degree by this pandemic, but will hopefully not prevent the 2020 season from a timely start.
  5. Who appointed you editor in chief of this thread? Any member here is welcome to express a grievance is they wish to, and we often do. Spend more time at that "important" job of yours, likely saving our galaxy from imminent disaster. We do appreciate our superheros!
  6. That's great news for the fearless and incredibly incompetent MS administration cohort. They can now use the old tried and true "pandemic cost us the title" excuse to explain the coming low scores. Chalk one up for the executive team! As they say, " a pandemic in time save nine"
  7. Certainly not a threat as you chose to suggest, but a prediction that the justice comes from the judging box. Once it becomes evident that the coed diversion was not a solution whatsoever, but merely a cover up, and scores are not improved from recent seasons. The problem never was the membership after all. Most of us know well the problem is, and has long been the administrative staff itself. They can run, but they cant hide from the evidence forthcoming from the judging panel. To some who found the entire scheme to be a fraud, this is justice. Again, the unfortunate
  8. To say the glory days are over is way understated, where they were over 10 years ago. As long as the great dictator/misguided executive director remains in power, their hold on 16th-19th place holds tight. His board, a blundering band of misfits, phonies, and wanna bees is the most unqualified panel of losers to ever fill these chairs. I wish those seats were only delegated by performance so every one of them would be removed immediately, including the grand master of failure himself, the Executive Director. Poetic justice will be served this summer of 2020 to this group of
  9. On or around June 20, 2020 the cold hand of DCI judging is going to slap the silly, fairy tale ideations of the misled MS enthusiasts into reality. The entire charade gets exposed for the breach of trust that is was from the very first deceptive announcement. Sorrow? Pitty? NO. It is what the weak deserve when they do not take control of their own destiny, and decisions, but turn them over to a failing, manipulative bully. When it was time to man up, the staff instead decided to girl up. To all the misled followers; the rubber meets the road in June. The Cavaliers
  10. So let's hang our hopes on the downfall of better corps? A great plan, and the MS admins concurr. Fake optimism is ineffective. If all goes well they won't descend lower than 16th place. Great corps don't fuel on deceptive schemes. A fake board, failed director, and false narratives will yield deserved results. This you can count on.
  11. Just an FYI, my blistering remarks are no more reality based than your images of a burning clarinet. Some comments are said just to arouse a response, and apparently that worked. I'm sure a woodwind player may be deeply offended by your graphic image, but only if they took it literally, or personally. It also occurs to me that your images have again nothing to do with the Madison Scouts in 2020, which we are constantly reminded to stay centered within. This is a talk forum, not a venue for do it at home psycho analysts. Otherwise, no apologies.
  12. Only improvement here is to add ALL woodwinds, ALL band instruments, ALL band uniforms, and ALL band directors. Now that's a fire!
  13. I agree with the Cavies championship bidding, They should be in top form this year with great staffing, and some new talent on board from a troubled organization. I've been a Cavalier fan since all the way back to 1969, and know to expect them to always rise to the competition with their own brand of entertainment. I am also proud that they maintain their identity, and traditions with no apologies to the politically correct. Maybe others will learn something from the Cavaliers, but most likely wont. Long live Cavaliers!!
  14. No apologies here, and if you are offended in some way then have something to say about it. A critique of my language and intent is pointless. In other words, bring something to the table.
  15. With the "moderate Madison infusion to Rosemont" thread now forced down, I had to take my comment back here. A bit of honesty first; over many years 2 corps were my favorite for many reasons, The Madison Scouts, and the Cavaliers. Both being historical, legendary, and innovative. In the months this thread has run, the reality of the MS transformation has set in. Its hard to imagine what the MS may look, and sound like, but one would expect great change. With just one last all male corp standing, I feel compelled to protect them like an endangered species, and somewh