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  1. Wesley Sullivan of FloSports and thus, FloMarching, sat down with me and talked about his life, his education, his marching background, and yes, FloMarching. We talked about how it started, what their goals were, and some of the trials and tribulations that came with starting up FloMarching. While the interview did have a few softballs thrown his way, we did discuss the problems and complaints from summer 2021 & before, pricing, expectations, and the background & experiences of the producers, audio engineers, & content creators for FloMarching. You can listen at the link below or on your favorite podcast platform. Sketchbook: Wesley Sullivan
  2. If anyone out there has any thoughts they’d like to share with FloMarching, specifically about the quality of the streams from this summer, this might be a good place to start: https://flosports.typeform.com/to/y1Db3HRY
  3. Average age for this summer is 19.5. Slightly older than recent history.
  4. 24 hours after moving in, the 2021 Madison Scouts participate in the first of two parades of the weekend!
  5. Today as the 2021 Madison Scouts move in to Cedarburg, WI, program coordinator Jason Robb & brass composer/arranger Daniel Montoya Jr. discuss EVERY THING you could possibly want to know about the 2020 Madison Scouts production!!! You want the show title and concept? You want music titles? You want uniforms? YOU WANT MIDIS?! YOU GOT IT!!! https://youtu.be/iiTn8GzSrgY
  6. There’s a pic of the uniform mock-up in the video right after footage of the 2015 Scouts.
  7. https://madisonscouts.org/2021/05/madison-scouts-present-between-the-lines/ The Madison Scouts are proud to present their 2021 production titled Between the Lines, a diverse array of classical melodies infused with the Latin Jazz styles of Havana, Mexico City, and Barcelona. The production features Beethoven’s Für Elise, Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s Souvenirs & Andalousie, and the traditional Malagueña Salerosa. Between The Lines draws its inspiration from the beginnings of Latin Jazz with its foray into Afro-Cuban rhythms, a hybrid of musical styles that flourished, between the lines, culturally. In this production, the Madison Scouts add the intensity of Latin rhythms and stylings into classical European symphonic pieces. Madison Scouts composer and arranger Daniel Montoya Jr. crafts well-known classical melodies with passionate, hypnotic Latin Jazz influences. He also draws inspiration from pieces like Asturias (Leyenda) by Isaac Albéniz and Caprice No. 24 by Niccoló Paganini. Montoya’s hidden gem is the use of the Mexican folk standard Malagueña Salerosa. “Our goal is to transform the field into a grand musical staff adorned with hints of Havana architecture, a nod to both the bound structure in which music exists as well as the facade and flavor of our Latin inspirations,” says Program Coordinator Jason Robb. “The ensemble flourishes between the lines of established classical literature while the vibrancy of Latin Jazz emerges and ultimately changes our long appreciation for the original material. Fans will get to experience a conversation musically between the two vastly different ideas, as well as a visual progression that merges into a harmonious celebration.” The Madison Scouts will begin their season with a parade and standstill performance in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on Sunday, July 4th. A full dress rehearsal will be held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 24th in conjunction with a live stream fundraising campaign. The Scouts will then participate in the following Midwest Combine and DCI Celebration Events: July 30 – La Crosse, WI July 31 – Madison, WI August 1 – Dubuque, IA August 6 – DeKalb, IL August 7 – Lisle, IL August 8 – Cedarburg, WI August 10 – Marion, IN August 12-14 – Indianapolis, IN Tickets for these events will be available for purchase starting June 14th at www.DCI.org
  8. Various members talk about their reactions to and feelings about canceling the 2020 season. They also look forward to 2021 and talk about their excitement for this summer! The Madison Scouts have begun a YouTube series focusing on the 2021 season. They will be giving an inside look on the design process, the MadU/camp season, and putting the tour together for this unique season. There will be interviews with design team members, admin, staff, and students. You will also get an inside look on how the show is put together and even get to see and hear real information regarding the 2021 production. Enjoy!
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