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  1. The first one is a Ludwig actually and the second is a Getzen.
  2. How much are you asking for the 4 baritones? On another note, the link sent my Antivirus off big time so I had to disable it to get to the page.
  3. I think I am going to have to just sit down with a tuner and write out a fingering chart.
  4. They are 99% Getzen and a couple Slingerlands
  5. So if I'm reading this right, the rotor is basically 2nd valve meaning (in treble) first space f would be just piston, g would be open and second space a would be piston and rotor engaged?
  6. I am in a position to acquire a bunch of valve rotor baritones for my mini corps project but the issue is, I have never played a piston rotor horn and do not know what notes they are capable of (or not rather) and how to get the pitches. If anyone is fluent with this type of instrument and can give me a basic walkthrough so I can see if I can write horn charts around the missing notes, I would appreciate it.
  7. With the NY Skyliners we used to go to Giants Stadium on Friday nights and use one of the lots. Several times the Raiders (DCI) were in an adjoining lot. We also did a round in Mount Pocono and used the high school band lot.
  8. Class A: White Sabers 82.40 Open Class: Caballeros 92.60 Buccaneers 92.55 Fusion Core 89.85 Cadets² 87.35 Bushwackers 83.85 Hurricanes 81.20 Skyliners 73.30
  9. I always liked our little mini tour for 4th of July weekend. We would have to do a parade in uniform and the next without jackets so the sweat could evaporate a little though. The only bad memory I have from the Maryland tour is trying (unsuccessfully) to convince the bus driver that the bay door wasn't latched on the trip home one year. (2004 I think.) He figured it out when the door flew open on the highway and 2 snares met their maker in front of a truck...Twisted Metal
  10. I thought those rights were intended for recording purposes at mini corps. That was the impression I was under when I was in charge of getting them for Sky in '07. The way I always understood the laws is that you have to have the rights to perform the song for a paid performance (I.e. admission charged to the event) or if it is going to be recorded and sold. We were able to use the Sky Signature in 2005 for on field warmup without getting rights to it because it was not part of the performance that the fans paid for. Technicality I know. Since I and E is free to attend and there will be no re
  11. This sounds oddly familiar to the stories about Jim Laab's Music in Wisconsin. Except their cheap trash drums with Trixon stickers are no better than their service skills.
  12. I wanted to post and get some ideas for a piece to play for mellophone for DCA I&E this year. I was originally going to do Don Ellis' Loss on soprano but I couldn't get it to sound right unless it was on my trumpet which I don't want to take. So I have a 2 valve G mello and I want to do some sort of ballad type number. I don't care about how technical it is since I have no shot of winning, I just want to play. Any ideas?
  13. Tomorrow is the open house. The staff is really excited to begin working with the battery and we are looking forward to a great turnout!
  14. Can anyone point me to where I can get an entire brick of snare sticks? We are looking to get wood tip Hardimons but can only find them in single pairs at all the regular places.