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  1. Does anyone regularly (consistently each season) rehearse on concrete for move-ins and/or camps?
  2. Does anyone regularly (consistently each season) rehearse on concrete for move-ins and/or camps?
  3. Does anyone regularly (consistently each season) rehearse on concrete for move-ins or camps?
  4. BlueStar98


    Have there been problems with finals in Indy? I guess I haven't noticed them. Is the travel the issue for you CA guys? That would be a challenge for sure.
  5. BlueStar98

    Open and Honest Question

    I buddy told me that (rumor, I know) they performed at Allentown and the judges didn't have any All-Age sheets to judge them on, so they were on World Class sheets. The sheets had them somewhere around 7th...I wasn't there...
  6. BlueStar98

    Perfect scores.

    Any teachers out there? Rubrics my friends! The sheets give numbers based on the criteria performed. In otherwords, the numbers are associated with what the box requirements are. Not all sheets in evaluation are the same. I march Star United, and we got like a 97 at mini corps. Does that mean we were that close to Bucs? I think not. If someone gets a "10" or "100", it just means they've maxed out what that box is saying they did. To me, if multiple groups are coming close to 100, then the sheets may need to be adjusted to be more stringent or specifc. I'm agreeing with some others here. 100 doesn't mean perfect, it just means they've accomplished all that is being asked. What something better? Get the sheets to be harder! edit here... This is, of course, if the sheets are being judged appropriately by someone who really understands them.
  7. I can't believe I got Rick-rolled by ALAN AUSBROOKS.
  8. I'm dipping my toe back onto the forums here... I'm a Star guy and one of the regrets I have about Friday night is that I don't really get to see too many groups. I go onto youtube and check them out later, but it's not the same of course. I have really enjoyed Mass Brass, Golden Eagles amd MB (I taught with a buddy who plays there) but haven't gotten a chance to see as much as I'd like. I guess I can't state who should be first, second or whatever. We don't talk much about competition, but when we do, it is about how everyone is likely better than last year. It's interesting to hear peoples different perspectives on the whole entertaining thing. My first year was '07 and I had guys come up to me and say how professional we looked and sounded, instead of robotic, which is just interesting to see where tastes are. I just thought I'd state that I have really enjoyed my experience in DCA. Playing in concert bands/orchestras in the area is great stuff, but not quite the same crowd reaction.
  9. BlueStar98

    Academy Equipment Stolen

    Wonder if they will come out?
  10. BlueStar98

    Top to drop

    I could be wrong, but didn't Caves also place 7th in '96 after winning?
  11. I just realized why I'm never on forums. Sorry guys. I should have known better. Good luck in your discussions. I'll take my ball and go home. Alan may have something with comparing horns though. Go check it out and see what you think. Sit down with a tuner, after warming up and see what happens. My bad on not making my point more clear...If the equipment is in better working order, you can take the kids FURTHER(what I meant), not easier(what I didn't). In my opinion, the construction of Bb's is better, and you can take them further. Man, you'd think I killed someone's dog or something. Yikes guys.
  12. If you think this is an easy button, it's time to get off the computer and start getting around town on your horse and buggy. A whole lot of kids I've taught deserve a little more than to be told what they did was easy. Nice argument.
  13. It seems like we are just talking to ourselves in this forum, but I'll throw in a thought. I certainly agree and empathize with those who desire bugles for straight volume. I am not an old school guy....I aged out in '98 with a bugle, but taught div III, II and World Class…the latter using Bb. You simply can spend less time working on tone quality and intonation with Bb's. You get a better product, faster. Ultimately, it's about the kids, but no one would come if the product was not good or did not improve. If you like the sound of G lines, more power to you. My mama always said, there is no accounting for taste. Soon though, all those Jr. Corps kids are going to come up the ranks to Sr. Corps and say, WTF is with this out of tune, dinosaur G thing? G horns were such an important part of our identity and history, but I don't see (or really want to) how they are going to survive. Not to put too fine a point on it, but anymore, G's are like an axe where a scalpel is needed. Playing in tune with yourself (use a tuner), and your part of the chord, makes you sound louder. Is this in question?
  14. BlueStar98

    DCA Mini Corps Championships

    You may want to double check the registration. Star United is from Indianapolis!
  15. BlueStar98

    2008 DCI predictions.

    Well...2 missed finals. Colts and Spirit.