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  1. Here is another link with an explanation.“The End of Tresona”
  2. Well...take it with a grain of salt? Edited: deleted link.
  3. Said it was supposed to be news on Thursday. So it was a leak. Don’t know if it is legit.
  4. Someone posted an apparent email....didn’t know if it was appropriate to share.
  5. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I’ve been following along on this thread. Sorry if I missed it, but I don’t think that the podcast Dan Potter did regarding the new inclusion policy has been mentioned? Some of the topics covered are things I’ve seen people ask about, such as why the announcement was made at this odd time, issues regarding being competitive now, and benefits of this change. I went in very skeptical based on what I’ve read here about thoughts on the current admin and BOD but I came out of it with the sense that they are very self aware of where they are currently as an
  6. Do you happen to work for the Trump administration by chance? Edit: deleted double sentences
  7. I can respect different opinions. IMO Crown has a more challenging musical book and their visual demand is higher, while achieving at a significant level. But I’m just a slow southern boy, so what do I know 🤷‍♂️? But if I’m missing something let me know.
  8. Are you talking about this?
  9. Even if the main reason for the email was because this CA Show Choir, that still doesn't explain why it's becoming more impossible to secure mechanical and/or sync rights at a reasonable (i.e. affordable) rate so that videos can be produced once again. BTW, I need to find out how this show choir is raising $500,000. Maybe I'll be able to afford to use more copyrighted music.
  10. Yes, I am a band director. My arrangers secure licensing through them for tunes we use. If you have anything you want to say, below is their contact info, if you are interested. This was at the end of the email. "Feel free to contact us at with any questions or comments." I know we all have strong feelings here for both sides of the argument. Imho though, from a business side of things, publishers just don't get it. Educational entities are typically not making a profit from the use of this music. If anything, it is the music industry that is losing out
  11. I got this in my inbox today due to my use of their services. No doubt this is an attempt to do some major PR control. I'm not sure what specifically made them want to send this out though. Maybe issues related to DCI, WGI, and MFA? "Dear #### I would like to take this opportunity to re-introduce Tresóna: who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Tresóna was started, and is currently staffed, by musicians, educators and music fans. We have created a simple and cost-effective licensing platform and are committed to protecting the rights of songwriters to make sure that they are rightfully co
  12. I am finding out some very interesting things about drum corps' history. Thank you all for sharing.
  13. Good points. Of course, the groups that are going to go that route will have already considered those logistics. Some this idea stemmed from the Hopkins rumors last month about including woodwind instruments.