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  1. Colts....much improved, but way too mic’d up for me. Loud...but mainly due to amplification. And recorded vocals/music was way too loud.
  2. After attending yesterday’s rehearsal, one would never know these guys are hovering at 16th place. Lots of energy...lots of positive reinforcement/teaching. In fact, I will tell that this year’s energy is much better than the past two. Now, maybe they are playing more relaxed knowing they won’t make finals? I don’t know...but the effort was outstanding.
  3. You hit the nail on the head! The best part of their show is Meghan! A really good female brass player/musician! Time to jump the shark for real and go coed! Scouts need a bigger talent pool...especially after the last 3 years!
  4. 2015 was great! Why they didn’t continue down that path is odd. Old look worked just fine. 2016 to present....all head scratchers.
  5. Time for more money...much more. And a new management/outlook. Take them over when they’re down and make them big again. Not AOL!
  6. Like the stock market crash...this is the time to “buy in” to the low and aim high!
  7. They would if they got paid accordingly! It’s all money. They had Colin McNutt...likely lost due to money woes. He goes to Cadets (great drum line). to Boston Crusaders. (Another great drum line). All made possible by paying decent money.